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Investing errors: three common mistakes that will cost you money.

One of the objectives of the Center for American Nurses (an associate organizational member of ANA) is to help nurses be better prepared for retirement, no matter what your age and tenure within the nursing profession.

At the October 2007 Annual Convention, Wylecia Wiggs Harris came and spoke to Iowa members of the Center for American Nurses. She pilot tested a survey document with Iowa members for preparation for use with nurses nationwide. The Center for American Nurses has partnered with a nonprofit organization, Women's Initiative for a Secure Retirement (WISER) to develop educational materials. INA staff hopes to help spread the word to Iowa members about this project.

A recent newsletter from WISER discussed "investing errors." The main point of the article was that "Investment accounts need to be reviewed regularly for fund performance and asset allocation." The three errors noted are:

1. Many investors do not review how their money is allocated and they do not make changes over time.

2. Not paying attention to fees can be a costly mistake.

3. Not adjusting the amount you save to reflect changes in your income and personal circumstances will not maximize your savings potential.

To learn more about becoming "wiser" about your financial future, go to to get a copy of the newsletter.

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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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