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Investing Systems: 'Software that Forces Investors to Buy Low & Sell High is Perfect for Trading ETF's, IShares and Index Funds'.

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- Investing Systems Inc. announced today technology for strategic buying and selling of the newest ETFs.

"The major market indices now have a great new way to trade and our PCA users worldwide are poised to receive strategic buy and sell orders from the software when they trade these new ETFs," said William McKinley, President of Investing Systems. "When the market goes up our users will get sell orders and when the market goes down, they will get buy orders. It really captures the buy low, sell high goal of most investors."

The Position Cost Averaging stock trading system is a software tool based on the book "How to Make $1,000,000 In the Stock Market Automatically", by Robert Lichello.

Originally printed in 1977, and re-printed several times since, the book contains an algorithm designed to help investors eliminate risk in the equity markets. The system is now a stand alone software application for all Windows based operating systems.

Position Cost Averaging is a system for systematically buying into price weakness and selling into price rallies automatically compounding portfolio.

"Buying low and selling high has been reduced to a mathematic certainty," McKinley continued. "Now we have the new ETFs available to further mitigate risk and make it even easier to manage your own portfolio."

The Position Cost Averaging system can be applied to any price traded equity, index, mutual fund, ETF and even commodities.

Position Cost Averaging is a software system shipped on CD ROM along with a copy of the book that it is based on. Users in more than seventy countries use PCA to manage their investment portfolios.

To learn more about the compounding algorithm used in Position Cost Averaging visit:

To read the full report about the new ETFs visit:

Investing Systems Inc. is the world's largest retailer of investing software in terms of variety and offers systems for all kinds of investors. ISI operates a network of more than 100 websites focused on the benefits of disciplined systematic investing.
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Date:Jul 8, 2006
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