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Investigators charged in kidnapping of Japanese exec.

MANILA, July 17 Kyodo

Crime force officers filed kidnapping charges Monday against six agents of the government's National Bureau of Investigation and two civilians for allegedly being behind the abduction of a Japanese executive two months ago.

The Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force filed the charges before the Ombudsman against special investigator Romeo Aradanas Jr. of the NBI Special Task Force and five of his men. Two civilians, identified as Myla Mayores and Loreta Ollada, were also charged.

The task force had earlier filed charges against two other suspects identified as Noli Kalingking, 26, and Nilo Cabaltera, 28, in connection with the abduction of Takayuki Umeda.

Umeda, assistant manager of Japan Enterprises Corp., with a business office in Saipan, a United States territory, was abducted May 16 by at least seven armed men in the vicinity of the Philippine Village hotel near Manila's international airport in Paranaque City, Metro Manila.

Umeda, of Asahikawa in Hokkaido, was in a rented utility van driven by Isabelito Sarmiento when the kidnappers struck. Umeda was on his way to the airport when a car and another van with government plates blocked his rented vehicle's path.

The suspects introduced themselves as NBI agents, then snatched Umeda. Sarmiento, the driver of Umeda's vehicle, later filed a complaint before the presidential task force.

Task force investigators said the kidnappers initially demanded $50,000 but settled for $10,000.

Three days later, a task force team swooped down on a room in another Manila hotel where the victim was being kept. Kalingking and Cabaltera were arrested during the raid.

During the confrontation between the task force operatives and the NBI men last week, the NBI agents claimed Umeda was the subject of at least two complaints for illegal recruitment filed by the women, Mayores and Ollada.

But the task force said they found the complaints were fabricated by the suspects to extort money from Umeda.

The NBI is the country's equivalent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States and is under the Department of Justice.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Jul 24, 2000
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