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Articles from Investigate HIS (October 1, 2013)

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"Selfies" are changing the way we communicate. Humphrey, Katie 1175
1 Airocide. 112
1 VAIO Pro 11. Brief article 123
2 Bose QC 20. 121
2 Galaxy S4 Mini. Brief article 102
3 Scanadu Scout. Brief article 120
3 Sony HX50. Brief article 127
4 fitbit flex. Brief article 157
4 Unit Portables. Brief article 140
A vested interest? Wishart, Ian 757
Chicken little losing cred. Harvey, Doug 115
Easy money is a painkiller, not a cure. Morici, Peter 637
Get a better speech writer: for generations, eminent New York Times wordsmiths have swooned over foreign strongmen, from Walter Duranty's Pulitzer-winning paeans to the Stalinist utopia to Thomas L. Friedman's more recent effusions to the "enlightened" Chinese Politburo. Steyn, Mark 1258
Going cool on climate change: a response to the UN IPCC report. 3454
Good health or good fortune? The conundrum of heart health medicine. Swale, Brian 3256
Google's new tablet outshines Samsung's. Wolvcrton, Troy 1074
In good Stead. Morrissey, Michael Book review 1689
On the edge of tomorrow: around this time 14 years ago, a group of journalists and investors gathered in a suburban Auckland home to discuss their vision for a new current affairs magazine in the New Zealand market. The premise was simple: a serious gap in the market existed for a magazine that carried out serious investigative journalism. 555
Prison does work: notwithstanding a recent spate of murders, violent crime in New Zealand is falling, for the first time in more than a generation. This has prompted renewed calls from the left to reduce our supposedly high rate of imprisonment--it actually isn't that high, but more of that later. Garrett, David 1264
Scientists connect two brains via the Internet. Doughton, Sandi 827
Shame on church schools selling out: once there were standards, genuine standards. The puppeteered ministry of miseducation has seen to removing these. But worse, the compliance of what should be genuinely conservative organisations who used to know what standards were--such as the church schools--has let us all down. Brooke, Amy 1182
Someone's watching in Closed Circuit. Phillips, Michael; Covert, Colin Movie review 973
The cross is in the crosshairs: I've sat in countless church pews, all over the world. I've listened to homilies in French, Spanish, English, Italian and--the most beautiful of all--Latin. I've spent hours gazing at the refraction of light through stained glass windows, lighted countless candles, and knelt on so many kneelers that my shins carry the permanent indentation of the lifelong Catholic. Flowers, Christine M. 763
The old dog. Greagg, David Poem 124
Whose side is the US on? American foreign policy in the Middle East is on track to install Islamic extremist regimes in power throughout the region. Obama is backing Syrian fundamentalist rebels who have even beheaded the children of Syrian Christians. Hal G. P. Colebatch examines the events that began in Egypt and have rapidly spiralled out of control. Colebatch, Hal G.P. 1886

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