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Invest in clothes that flatter your body shape!

Body shape is really all about proportion. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. Learn about how to cover up imperfection and balance your body shape. Below are the five different types of body shapes and the clothes that fit them.

Pear Bodyshape:

The characteristics of a pear body shape are; narrow shoulder with smaller bust, well defined waist, full hips and thigh with rounded bottom.

Your styling goal is to enhance your waistline, add volume to your shoulders and upper body for a balance. You must therefore stay away from clothing that draw attention to hips and thigh.

The looks to invest in are: Boat, cowl, ruffled, wide U and V Necklines as well as high waist pant and skirts. Also, a line dress and skirts, flat front wide leg or straight leg jeans will work perfectly for you.

Keep away from: Bias cut dress and skirts, baggy tops and tunics, pencil, fishtail, tight tube skirts, low waist and skinny clothes.

Apple Body Shape

The characteristics of an apple body shape are; average to big bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips and less defined waist (full around the waist).

Your styling goal is to elongate the torso, draw attention to your legs and create an illusion of a waist. So you have to opt for structured pieces as they will add definition and hide the extra weight.

Looks to invest in are: V and wide necklines, Empire cut top and dresses, Knee length A line skirt, Wrap dress with A line or slightly flared bottom as well as boot cut and straight legs jeans and pants.

Keep away from: High waist pant and skirts, heavy detailing around the waist, bodycon, shapeless and boxy cloth. Also avoid tiered, gathered and ruffled skirts.

Rectangle Body Shape

The characteristics of a rectangle body shape are; small to average bust, undefined waist, straight hips and bottom, not too many curves, well aligned shoulder and hips.

Your styling goal is to create the illusion of curves and defined waist and to flaunt your lean arm and legs.

Look to invest in are: Scoop, off shoulder, round open necklines, tops and dresses with collars, ruffles, embellishments or bow. Also go for, skinny jeans, bias cut dresses and belt to define the waist, pencil, a line and tulip skirts.

Keep away from: Squared necklines, Crop tops, drop waist dresses and jackets, straight dresses and skirts as well as baggy or boxy tops and tunics.

Hourglass Body Shape

The characteristics of an hourglass body shape are; full bust, well defined narrow waist, proportional shoulder and hip, rounded bottom and curvy body.

Your styling goals is to highlight your natural curves and proportionally balance both the upper and lower body at the same time as well as to flaunt your well defined waist.

Look to invest in: Scooped and V necklines , tops that sit at the waist, pencil skirts and A line skirt, generally fitted top and dresses.

Keep away from:

Higher necklines, shapeless cut and overly short skirts.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The characteristics of an inverted triangle body shape are; the upper body is wider than lower body, average to big bust, strong looking shoulders, little to no waist definition.

Your styling goal is to add more volume and width around your hipline and thighs to balance up your silhouette make your waist look smaller and defined as well as to create illusion of a waist with waist details.

Looks to invest in: V necks and other open necklines, strapless or asymmetric tops, empire waist dress and tops, A line skirt and dress, Also go for boot cut jeans.

Keep away from: Wide necklines, boat, big straps and halter necklines tops, styles that extend or accentuate shoulders, styles that hide your silhouette, shoulder pad or capped hips and small prints and horizontal stripes.
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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Nov 7, 2018
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