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Inverter chokes.

SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus (SMP) (Munich, Germany) now offers chokes for inverters in photovoltaic systems. The new low-loss chokes meet the requirement for solar power inverters. Features include:


* An encapsulated design that ensures that the power converters emit only low-intensity stray fields.

* Inductive components for frequencies up to 200 kHz, current up to 1,000 A.

* Construction either as single-conductor chokes, single-phase individual chokes, 3-phase choke modules or LC filters.

* RoHS- and REACH-compliance, UL-listed.

Why Would I Specify?

* The inductive components feature low losses, low stray fields and a compact design, which increases the choke's energy' efficiency.

* The core materials are made of powder composites with low magnetostriction that have been purpose-designed specifically for photovoltaic systems.

* Usability in wind turbines, railway engineering, drives, power electronics, power generation and instrumentation and control.

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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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