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Inventors devise solderable thick-film circuit.

HAVERHILL, MA - A US-based research firm and a Japanese PWB fabricator have reportedly developed a solderable thick-film circuit system on a thin flexible substrate. The ability to solder the substrate enhances its potential for use as a basic technology in printable flexible electronics, the inventors say.

According to DKN Research ( and Ohtsu, Japan-based NY Industries, the new thick-film circuit system uses a specially formed conductive paste on heat-resistant substrates such as polyimide and PEN. The circuit system can be used in single, double and multilayer circuits with various types of vias, the companies say.


Thick-film circuits could be considered the basic technology for printable flexible electronics because the advanced printing processes can provide fine patterns for not only conductor materials, but also dielectric materials and other functional materials through few simple steps. However, traditional thick-film circuits cannot be soldered due to the plastic binders in the conductor paste. This restricts the applications in electronics packaging.
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Title Annotation:Industry NEWS
Author:Buetow, Mike
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:May 1, 2009
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