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Invention: Creating new solutions.

Approaching a problem from first principles often throws up ideas that are not in manufacture. It is one of the pleasures of our job to generate new designs for products and systems to meet a particular brief or ambition.

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This system turns a raised office computer floor into a heating element The floor tiles rest on flat heating elements in the floor cavity. The heat is conducted through the metal casings of the tiles to the floor surface. The system can also be used for cooling.

Kuwait Market. Evaporative cooling is well understood in dry climates. However, very humid air, albeit cooler, can be equally unpleasant. For this Friday Market in Kuwait, hot dry external air is humidified with jets of atomized water, and cooled to near wet bulb temperature. The cool damp air is contained above a light fabric velum across the ceiling and does not cross into the occupied zone. The space below is cooled by radiation and convection from the underside of the fabric. The patch of sun lights the market below and creates a plume of hot air that is drawn out by its own buoyancy through the roof light. Drawing: Gabriel Tang.
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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