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Invensys' SimSci-Esscor announces upgrade to next-generation dynamic process simulation solution.

SimSci-Esscor, an operating unit of Invensys plc, has announced the release of Dynsim 3.1, its powerful, state-of-the-art dynamic process simulation program.

A cost-effective improvement over traditional legacy dynamic simulators, Dynsim 3.1 enables today's process industry plants to meet the dynamic challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably. Powerful new features and significant improvements made to Dynsim 3.1 offer customers improved refining and upstream modeling and faster execution of simulation applications.

"SimSci-Esscor continues to lead the industry in providing an economical dynamic simulation solution that customers can easily implement to face the changing nature of their operating plants, and deal with the variances of internal and external environments," said Ken Brown, SimSci-Esscor's vice president and general manager. "The significant improvements we incorporate into SimSci-Esscor's high-performance solutions are in keeping with our commitment to provide state-of-the-art, real-world solutions."

Enhancements to Dynsim 3.1 include a new VLE flash that quickens application execution. The new feature adds a simplified flash layer between the rigorous flash and the local flash to further enhance the simulation speed. Customers can realize increases in simulation speed that are up to three to five times faster than ever before.

The upgraded solution improves refinery modeling by adding a fired heater model that simulates a direct-fired process heater. Used for a variety of applications in the process industry such as crude column furnace and vacuum charge heater, the fire heater model simulates both the radiant and convective heat transfer to one or more tube passes.

Also included in the new version is a separator with weir designed to improve upstream modeling. Often used in the process industry when hydrocarbon-water separation is needed, the separator can now accurately simulate the presence of a weir in its internals.

Enhancements to the tools in Dynsim 3.1 include a data historian, which enhances trending by allowing users to save the points at different intervals and durations of time. The data can then be exported for review or analysis. The network statistics tool has also been improved, enabling the operator to obtain a broader spectrum of information regarding the flow-pressure network structure and behavior. Along with the upgraded features, SimSci-Esscor is offering customers an installation option that enables use of a USB hardware security key for improved accessibility.

Dynsim 3.1 takes full advantage of modern open software standards, leveraging dynamic simulation model equity to interface with other critical plant applications such as steady-state simulators and control system emulators. The solution improves on other market offerings by enabling plants to use the same model in multiple applications such as process design studies, control evaluations and checkouts, operator training and operational analysis.

With less time needed by engineers to redevelop models for each application, plants can significantly reduce costs and increase engineering productivity. In addition, by incorporating the same model in each application, users also can avoid discrepancies in their data, thereby improving technical accuracy and producing reliable results.

Dynsim 3.1 can be used by engineers and operators to perform basic design studies, operational troubleshooting, control system checkouts and comprehensive evaluations of standard and emergency operational procedures. Operators can also use it to improve emergency response procedures and prevent expensive equipment damage.

The solution enables timely response to dynamic change requirements of all kinds in the plant. It enables superior control system design and revamp with minimal risk while it shortens the time requirements for safe plant startup and shutdown procedures. It also can routinely help prevent production interruptions.

Dynsim 3.1 is an integral component of SimSci-Esscor's Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), which delivers the full power of rigorous dynamic simulation and control emulation for plant engineers, operators and managers. All DSS programs, including Dynsim, FSIM and TRISIM, can communicate easily among themselves, enabling seamless integration options for meeting specific plant requirements. In addition, Dynsim 3.1 continues to easily interface with other industry standard applications.

Dynsim is cast in SimSci-Esscor's SIM4ME user environment, which established new standards for openness and ease of use. The architecture benefits from SimSci-Esscor's 35 years of experience in providing simulation and optimization products and services to the process industries. The environment is designed to help companies build open computing solutions for the process industries. Based on a model-centric design, SIM4ME hosts SimSci-Esscor's comprehensive process simulation, optimization and control system emulation programs.

The new Dynsim 3.1 solution is now shipping and is available through SimSci-Esscor's distributors worldwide.
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