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Intuitive Software releases Dos-Mate.

Intuitive Software Releases Dos-Mate

Intuitive Software has introduced Dos-Mate, a DOS enhancement tool for PC and MS-DOS based computers. Dos-Mate augments the traditional user-tolerant DOS command line with a menu bar consisting of commonly-used DOS functions and system information and a directory window which visually displays the user's files and subdirectories and other useful features.

Features of Dos-Mate include the ability to selectively copy, move, rename, delete, print, or get information on some or all files using either function keys or a mouse. Users are also automatically promoted before a questionable activity occurs (i.e., overwriting an existing file), or when a disk becomes full while moving or copying a file.

Dos-Mate offers floppy-and hard-drive management in a number of ways. Besides the commands for creating, renaming, and deleting subdirectories, the menu bar also lists remaining disk space and directory size. Files and subdirectories are always shown in the ever-present directory window, and users can navigate through the displayed directories by pointing to them with either a mouse or the arrow keys.

The attributes of the files and directories are also customizable. They can be hidden or protected, and for those more technically inclined, the archive flag can be set, and the system bit can be changed. Users can also opt for password protection when changing this information. Finally, the files listed in the directory window can be sorted alphabetically by either name or extension.

"One of the most impressive features of Dos-Mate," said Timothy Brewer, sales manager for Intuitive Software, "is Quick Load. With it, a user can simply `click' on a data file, the appropriate application will be run, and the data will be loaded automatically. This makes the creation of turnkey computer systems easier, and alleviates the need for the user to have to search for the apropriate .COM or .EXE file."

To aid in the creation or viewing of a file, Dos-Mate also provides a complete text editor as a function on the menu bar. Features include the ability to perform search and replace; block copy, move, and deleting; and block read and write. If preferred, an alternative editor of the user's choice can be substituted.

Intuitive Software intends for Dos-Mate not to replace the DOS command line, but to be an extension of it. The command line always remains at the bottom of the screen, showing the user what drive is currently selected and the current pathname. Normal DOS commands can still be entered and a command history for repeating previously-entered DOS commands is also provided.

The portion of the screen that's not covered by the menu bar or the directory window functions as a viewing window for previously entered commands. When necessary, the menu bar and directory window can be "lifted off" to view information which may have scrolled underneath.

"The net effects of using Dos-Mate, are three fold," said Robert Parker, Intuitive's manager of product marketing. "First, the time necessary to learn how to perform DOS commands is substantially reduced. Second, the user becomes more productive in their execution of DOS operations because the program allows for greater flexibility in performing these functions. Lastly, the computer system as a whole becomes easier to use with features like Quick Load, easy subdirectory navigating, online help, functional displays, and optional mouse control."

Dos-Mate will work on any IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, 386, or compatible, and on Novell networks. A minimum of 256K of RAM is required, as is PC-DOS or MS-DOS version 3.0 or greater. VGA, EGA, MCGA, CGA, and monochrome displays are all supported, and drivers are available to support both the Microsoft and Logitech mouse. Dos-Mate uses approximately 40K of RAM.

The retail price for Dos-Mate is $49.95, which includes the program, documentation, and appropriate mouse drivers.
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Date:Jun 1, 1989
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