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Intrusion Inc. Offers ID Theft Compliance Assessment to America's Community Bankers; Twenty-Page Report Identifies Key Network Vulnerabilities Based on Two-Week On-Site Compliance Commander Deployment.

RICHARDSON, Texas -- Intrusion, Inc. (Nasdaq:INTZ) ("Intrusion") announced today that it is offering its highly acclaimed ID Theft Compliance Assessment to America's Community Bankers association members. The twenty-page report, prepared by a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), is available at no cost to qualified institutions. The report results from an on-site, two-week deployment of the Compliance Commander Data Privacy System from Intrusion. E[acute accent]Acting as the bank's information "safety-net," Compliance Commander instantly monitors and blocks unencrypted personal information from leaving the financial institution's network. Detailed real-time reporting of all alerts is sent to the Compliance Commander web-based management system for IT Staff analysis. E[acute accent]"Within minutes after Intrusion installed Compliance Commander, we began to see security alerts," explained Chris Hendricks, IT Security Engineer with Texas Bank and Trust. "The system monitored all modes of the bank's network communications including emails, file transfers, instant messages and even custom applications. After the system was installed for about two weeks, we received a full ID Theft Compliance Assessment Report documenting all alerts and details about them and assisting us greatly in proactively mitigating a lot of potential ID Theft vulnerabilities." E[acute accent]Positioned next to the bank's perimeter firewall, Compliance Commander inspects all clear-text packets and protocols exiting the network. Because Compliance Commander sources its detection criteria from the financial institution's database, there are no false alerts. When a match is made, the communication containing personal information is blocked and the event is reported to the management system and recorded into the ID Theft Compliance Assessment report. E[acute accent]Ron Haynie, SVP for Membership and Sales of America's Community Bankers association commented, "Identity Theft is a persistently large and growing threat to all community banks and the customers they serve. Nothing can prepare your account holders for the frustration and time required to regain their identity if it is stolen. Bankers are looking for products that can help them deal effectively with these types of threats." E[acute accent]The Intrusion ID Theft Compliance Assessment report contains both an executive summary and full alert details along with regulated information compliance reference information in the Appendix. In addition, the report contains a detailed recommendation based on the findings of the report and an optional Compliance Commander purchase proposal. E[acute accent]"Intrusion began doing these no-cost compliance assessments late in 2004," explained Ben Bittle, Intrusion Director of Product Management. "So far, with all of the reports we've completed, we've always found violations or potential vulnerabilities." Mr. Bittle added, "Given the scope of this threat and the rate at which it's growing, we're pleased to be able to now extend this no-cost assessment offer to ACB members."

E[acute accent]About Texas Bank & Trust

E[acute accent]Established in 1958, Texas Bank & Trust today stands as one of the state's strongest independent financial institutions. Texas Bank and Trust's goal has always been to establish a brand of banking that is recognized and respected for leadership, integrity and quality service. They pride themselves on providing technologically advanced products and competitive pricing while retaining their commitment to providing personalized attention and flexible and reliable customer service. They encourage you to visit any of their branch bank facilities or visit their website at

E[acute accent]About America's Community Bankers

E[acute accent]America's Community Banks represents the nation's community banks of all charter types and sizes. ACB members pursue progressive, entrepreneurial and service-oriented strategies in providing financial services to benefit their customers and communities. ACB employs a broad range of advocacy and service strategies to enhance our members' ability to compete freely and fairly in their marketplace with their choice of charter and products.

E[acute accent]About Intrusion Inc.

E[acute accent]Intrusion Inc. is a leading global provider of regulated information compliance, entity identification systems, data privacy protection products along with network intrusion prevention and detection solutions. In addition, Intrusion Inc. offers deployment technologies along with security services for the information-driven economy. Intrusion's product families include the Compliance Commander(TM) for regulated information and data privacy protection, TraceCop(TM) identification and location service, Intrusion SpySnare(TM) for real-time inline blocking of spyware and unwanted P2P applications, and Intrusion SecureNet(TM) for network intrusion prevention and detection. Intrusion's products help protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, protecting, analyzing and reporting attacks or misuse of classified, private and regulated information for government and enterprise networks. For more information, please call 1-888-637-7770 or visit
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Date:Oct 17, 2005
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