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Intrusion Inc. Automates HIPAA Compliance Monitoring.

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HIMSS 2004 Annual Conference

RICHARDSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 23, 2004

Intrusion SecureNet HCM HIPAA Compliance Monitor Provides Extreme

Accuracy, No Signature Updates and Centralized, Scalable Management

Furthering the commitment of providing enterprises and governments with the first Common Criteria certified, best of breed network intrusion detection and prevention systems, Intrusion Inc. (NASDAQ: INTZC), a leading provider of regulated information compliance systems for the information-driven economy, today announced the SecureNet HCM, HIPAA Compliance Monitor that provides real-time, full-time, full-coverage network monitoring for HIPAA policy violations and can stop violations from leaving the network.

The Healthcare Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 mandates strict controls in the access and transport of patient information within and between healthcare providers and payers. Recently an oversight body has assigned auditing responsibilities with both financial and procedural penalties to provide compliance incentive. This overarching law affects all healthcare providers, payers and medical device manufacturers that house patient information.

The Intrusion SecureNet HCM, HIPAA Compliance Monitor is an invisible network monitor that provides real-time alerting and auditing of any kind of network traffic, with extreme accuracy in detecting electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI). The SecureNet HCM can be simply deployed and easily managed with minimal impact on IT and audit resources.

-- Real-Time Monitoring

The Intrusion SecureNet HCM is a real-time monitoring and auditing system so you know what is happening in your network before anyone else does, and you can proactively prevent violations. The SecureNet monitor detects ePHI at wirespeed and notifies you within seconds of detection with details of source, destination, ePHI identified and how it was transferred. Real-time alerts can also be sent to pagers, email accounts, mobile telephones and SNMP systems.

-- Full-Time Monitoring

With superior throughput and detection capabilities, the SecureNet HCM watches every port, every protocol, all the time! Unlike other systems that intermittently scan, "sample" traffic or narrowly focus on only a few communications protocols - the SecureNet HCM can detect ePHI across all ports and all protocols, even attachments, database access and file transfers. SecureNet HCM sees anything that violates HIPAA by being unprotected while traveling the network.

-- Full-Coverage Monitoring

The myriad ways to communicate with computers expands almost every month. Today's risks come from the common web-based email or email applications, and instant messengers to the new peer-to-peer applications that not only connect users, but also provide broad avenues for HIPAA violations. The SecureNet HCM monitors all ports and all protocols in the network to provide coverage of any type of data communication.

-- Extremely Accurate Monitoring

Using Intrusion's advanced D3 technology, the SecureNet HCM automatically stays in sync with your ePHI to provide exact matches. Unlike other systems that find patterns or trends that waste analyst time and can cause political issues within the organization, the SecureNet HCM finds only exact matches to your ePHI.

-- No Signature Updates

The SecureNet HCM D3 technology is completely automatic and once set up, you will never need to update, tune or tweak signatures. D3 allows you to determine how often the system synchronizes with your ePHI, increasing your confidence in policy compliance. SecureNet HCM is a real-time, full-time, full-coverage HIPAA compliance monitor with an exceptionally low total cost of ownership - protecting your information assets without impacting your IT resources.

"Intrusion Inc. has been working extensively to provide monitoring and enforcement technologies for HIPAA regulated customers. Our new D3 technology is a milestone in the industry and provides the highest level of accuracy with no ongoing cost of tuning and tweaking the sensor," said Ryon Packer, vice president of product management, business development and marketing for Intrusion Inc. "SecureNet HCM is the only fully automated system for healthcare providers and payers to provide evidence of constant, thorough monitoring of their network for HIPAA compliance."

Pricing and Availability

The Intrusion SecureNet HCM will be available early second quarter 2004 and can be purchased as either a Software-Appliance CD for approved leading server and workstation platforms or as an integrated Hardware-Software Appliance. North American Prices range from $14,995 to $24,995 per Monitor.

The Intrusion SecureNet HCM comes with web browser management software free of charge, providing complete management and monitoring for easy configuration in large deployments or standalone productivity for smaller deployments.

The Intrusion SecureNet HCM reports to the Intrusion SecureNet Provider three-tier management system along with the SecureNet intrusion prevention and detection Sensors and SecureHost Agents. SecureNet Provider is available for Windows 2000 Server or as a bundled Hardware-Appliance.

About Intrusion Inc.

Intrusion Inc. is a leading global provider of the Intrusion SecureNet(TM) line of leading network intrusion prevention, intrusion detection and regulated information compliance products, as well as deployment technologies and security services for the information-driven economy. The Intrusion SecureNet(TM) family of network security products for governments and enterprises help protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding to attacks and the misuse of classified and regulated information. Associated Intrusion SecureNet(TM) Intrusion Detection(R) services provide unique value to governments and enterprises in protecting information assets. For more information, please visit
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