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Introductions pay homage to history.

Buyers arriving at this week's Atlanta International Rug Market are seeing a diverse array of designs and colors. Persian styling is always an important part of the market, and one significant trend in that category is the intro- duction of designs based on museum exhibits and ancient masterpieces.

At the same time, rug vendors are also committed to developing unique products that offer design exclusivity for their customers. Rug producers are taking greater risks to broaden the scope of their products and attract a wider retail base.

Retailers will be seeing more florals, contemporary designs, bold tribal motifs and patterns based on fabric textures as well as re-interpretations of the classics. Here are some of the new offerings. Suggested retail prices are approximate and are for 6-foot by-9-foot size, except where noted.

American Rug Craftsmen. American Rug Craftsmen will give its Atlanta showroom a revamping and will introduce new patterns in several product categories.

Tufted Oval collection is an alternative to traditional rectangular. They are stain, fade and flame resistant. Suggested retail price is $79.

Duo-Weave collection is constructed of 100 percent heat-set olefin and offers the look and feel of handmade rugs. Suggested retail price is $249.

An Anti-Fatigue Mat group is a new product entry for American Rug. It features a variety of bright patterns and colors. The mats are treated with an antimicrobial agent that resists odor, bacteria, mold and mildew. Suggested retail is $9.99 for 18- by 30-inch size.

Atiyeh International will introduce a line of tea-washed programmed rugs in two patterns. Agra and Mogul are handknotted and made of wool. Suggested retail price is $3,250.


Avalon is introducing three new rug programs constructed of the Decorwool Rug brand of wool from New Zealand. All collections are available in custom sizes.

Artisinal Collection is an assortment of rug designs finished with wool rope and braid. Suggested retail is $1,250.

The Embroidery Collection has four new patterns. They are overtufted to create a variety of designs. Suggested retail is $1,000.

The Handcrafted Collection consists of six carved and hand-crafted rugs in natural colorations. Suggested retail is $1,000.

Concepts International. The company is introducing two new wool collections.

Aztek Collection is a group of reversible rugs, hand woven in Austria. Pat- terns and colors are researched from native American handiworks. In standard and cus-tom sizes. Suggested retail is $799.

Vineyard Collection features two bordered geometric designs, Chardonnay and Souvignon. Woven in Belgium in high-low Wilton construction. In four standard sizes. Approximate retail price is $599 for 5-foot 7-inch by 8-foot size.


Couristan is introducing Tigani, a rug collection that makes use of new weav- ing technology. The rugs in this group are completely recyclable and washable. They are made of 100 percent heat-set polypropylene and are hypo-allergenic. The patented crystal-point finish involves a new weaving technique that makes each yarn stand erect. Suggested retail price is $299. There will be five pat- terns in the initial collection.

Alexander Julian Collection. For more details on this designer line, see related story on page 40.

Company C. This company specializes in decorative area rugs and home furnish- ings and will be adding two new hand-hooked wool rugs that are manufactured in India.

Starfish is designed by Shelagh Costello and features beach elements of sand, seashells and a starfish border. Suggested retail price is $750.

Pinecone, with its pattern of pine needles, conifers and forest fauna, evokes the feeling of an Adirondacks lodge. Suggested retail price is $750.

Ebisons Harounian will show a cross-section of programmed and one-of-a-kind products that include both hand tufted and handknotted goods in classic Per- sian, savonnerie and transitional designs.

Tara is a group of wool hand-tufted rugs having a suggested retail of $299 for 5-by-8-foot size.

New Wave is a programmed group of hand-hooked Chinese rugs with a suggested retail price of $299.

Maharaja is a group of promotionally priced Indo-Persians with a suggested retail of $349.

Ethnic is a programmed group of handmade nomadic rugs which use traditional tie-dye techniques. Suggested retails begin at $749.

Heirloom is a program of antique reproductions of designs from northwestern and central Persia. Suggested retail prices begin at $749.

Viceroy features decorative motifs, handknotted in India. Suggested retail price is $1,249.

Emperor is a program of 90-and 120-line Chinese rugs with retail prices start- ing at $599.

Golden Horizons is a group of Sino-Persians in 160-, 200-and 230-line qualities. Suggested retail prices begin at $999.

Ebishah is a group of one-of-a-kind Turkish pieces using vegetable dyes. The suggested retail prices start at $2,200.

Potpourri are fine Paki-Persian designs with a suggested retail price starting at $1,899.

Kathmandu is a collection of transitional, Savonnerie and wild life motifs with retail prices starting at $1,199.

Feizy. Feizy continues its long-time commitment to traditional forms, updated and colored to conform to modern taste levels. Prices are in the mid-to-upper price range.

Savonnerie Collection reproduces the heritage of the 19th Century French pat- terns which feature a rich black field combined with the delicacy of floral and swag motifs. Suggested retail price is $2,200.

Alton Collection of vegetable-dyed rugs is a group of handknotted wool rugs in nomadic tribal designs.

Fresco Collection is a group of handknotted Nepalese rugs in retro-look designs.

Traditions Collections revives the classic art forms from the golden era of Persian rug design.

NeoClassical Collection recreates the highly ornamented period of 18th Century architecture and design.

Sasha Collection is a group of flat-woven designs borrowed from nomadic weavers.

Dover Collection is a group of antique-finish handknotted designs which use vegetable-dyed colors.

Damask Hooked Collection of petit point rugs is derived from the rich look of upholstery.

Victoriana Collection of petit point hooked rugs has the graceful, feminine gestures of The Age of Innocence.

New designs will also be added to Feizy's Mount Vernon Collection and Historic Natchez Collection.

General Industries. Known for its collections of interactive Fun Rugs, General Industries will introduce three new rugs based on some of the greatest games of all times.

The game board designs are licensed from Hasbro and feature the playing fields of Monopoly, Scrabble and Twister. All are printed on cut pile nylon with serged edges and ActionBac. The Monopoly and Scrabble rugs are 78 inches square and have a suggested retail price of $99. Twister is available in 39-by-58-inch size at $60 and 51-by-78-inch size at $70.

Global Home. The company is adding the Pecos design to its Santa Fe Wool Col- lection.The reversible wool dhurrie weave features bold, brilliant colors. Suggested retail price is $415.

Harounian Rugs International. Harounian will be introducing new rugs that range from the opulent to the promotional. The broad range of prices covers the gamut from $249 to $3,500.

The Alpine Collection is a new premium quality that reflects the restrained elegance of classic patterns combined with the antiqued look of aged colors ranging from burgundies to golds. Suggested retail is $3,500.

The Aspen Collection captures the subtle elegance of Aubussons and Savonneries in a thick handknotted cut pile. Suggested retail is $1,500.

The Empire Collection is composed of designs inspired by history. Suggested retail price is $1,300.

The LaFayette collection is inspired by French motifs that are interpreted in a Nepalese weave. The patina wash gives it a subtly antiqued look. Suggested retail is $1,500.

The Museum Collection emulates historic antique rugs. Suggested retail is $1,900.

The Giovanni Collection is a promotionally priced group aimed at multi-unit department, furniture and floor-covering stores. Suggested retail is $299 for 5-by-8-foot size.

The Chelsea Collection is a group of natural and colored sisal rugs with upholstery tapestry borders. Suggested retail price is $249.

Tribal Kilim Collection is richly covered and woven in Afghanistan in the tribal tradition. Suggested retail price is $299.

The Pak-Persian Collection features fine 16/18 quality in seven non-traditional designs ranging from floral to sunbursts. Suggested retail price is $2,999.

Six patterns have been added to The Ashley Collection, a wool petit point group. Suggested retail price is $320.

InnerAsia. New design directions are being featured by this importer of authentic Tibetan rugs.

Folk Arts of Tibet is a line of one-of-a-kind pieces based on ancient weaving techniques. A 3-by-6-foot rug will retail between $1,500 and $1700.

Cultural Tibet features vignettes depicting Tibetan life. They are handknotted with hand-spun wool. The limited products will retail for approximately $2,500 for 5-foot by 5-foot 6-inch size.

InnerAsia's programmed Gangchen Carpets of Tibet will get several designs which explore new motifs. The suggested retail price for these handknotted wool rugs ranges from $6,480 to $8,640 for 9-by-12-foot size.

International Craftsmen. International Craftsmen Rugs will be adding new groups of handtufted and sisal and jute products to augment its traditional strengths in braided and hand-loomed flatweave rugs.

Handtufted Wool Rugs are made in India of 100 percent wool and feature the looks of classic Tibetan designs and William Morris florals. Suggested retail price is approximately $1,200 for 7-foot 9-inch by 9-foot 11-inch size.

Indian sisal and jute rugs feature canvas or tapestry borders. Suggested retail price range is $180 to $625 for 8-foot by 11-foot size.

The Farata collection is a group of chenille tapestry rugs that are made in Belgium in folkloric, contemporary or Egyptian patterns. Suggested retail price is $475 for 4-foot 7-inch by 6-foot 7-inch size.

Jaunty. Jaunty Rug Co. Inc. will be introducing four new collections which are made in China of 100 percent wool.

The Nomad Collection is a Soumak design with a suggested retail price point of $899.

Paradise Collection is a hand-hooked rug available in round shape as well as traditional rectangles. Suggested retail price is $249 for 5-foot 3-inch by 8-foot 3-inch size.

Konya Collection features two kilim designs retailing for $299.

Lamontage. New designs utilizing this patented production process focus on two groups which will be on view in the Trans-Ocean showroom.

Lamontage Accents is a group of 16 small rugs designed especially for decora- tive use in small spaces. The designs are inspired by antique floors all over the world and feature fruit, landscapes and animal scenes. The suggested retail price for 3-foot round size is $650; the 30-inch by 40-inch size has a suggested retail of $600 and the 40-inch by 50-inch model retails for $850.

Lamontage Impressions is based on modern geometric compositional elements softened by a brush stroke finish. Suggested retail price is $3,500 for 6-by-9.

Louis De Poortere. Louis De Poortere is adding new shapes and sizes to several lines.

Two large rounds are being added to the Khorsabad and Galileo Qualities. The diameters range from 11 feet 6 inches to 20 feet.

The king-size Kadjar rug measures 12 feet 8 inches by 23 feet 8 inches and has a suggested retail price of $5,499.

Two square sizes are also being added to the Samarkand range.

Milliken. Milliken rugs is introducing a new concept in rug marketing which ties directly to its broadloom carpet. The company is introducing "Rugets" which are fabricated from Milliken patterned broadloom and carry a 2-inch solid border.The nylon tufted rugs are patterned using the Millitron dye-injection method. Suggested retail price is approximately $200.

Momeni. Momeni is adding to its existing collections as well as introducing a new machine-made group of rugs from Turkey.

The Hereke Collection of machine-made rugs complements the company's promotionally oriented Rainbow collection. In classic designs and traditional colors, the 5-foot by 8-foot size retail for approximately $399.

Three new patterns are being added to Momeni's micro-hook Filagree Collec- tions.The designs include a classic Baktiarai, a neo-classical design based on a Greek vase and a delicate Savonnerie. Suggested retail price is $799 for 6-foot by 9-foot size.

Ribbons and Roses is a new pattern being added to the company's Botanica col- lection of 100 percent wool Indo-tufted rugs. Suggested retail price is $599 for 5-foot by 8-foot size.

Nourison. Nourison will be making large-scale introduction of handmade rugs which focus on the medium to medium-upper price ranges.

Folk Art Treasures Collection is a group of Tibetan weaves that feature primi- tive border designs that offer design versatility for both traditional and contemporary furnishings. Suggested retail price is $799.

The Julian Collections are hand-tufted and hand carved in four designs, including two Aubussons, one crewel pattern and one butterfly motif. Suggested retail price is $499.

The Vellore Collection is a group of five new hand-tufted rugs which feature Arts & Crafts designs. Suggested retail price is $999.

The Millenia Collection is produced with the Nourmak weaving technique but with a higher knot density than the Nourmak Collection. The designs and colors are based on antique and museum pieces. Suggested retail price is $1,900.

In addition, Nourison has added six new designs to the Nourmak Collection. The suggested retail price is $1,200.

Additions to the Euro-look Barcelona Collection of hand-tufted wool rugs include a peacock design and an allover leaf design. Suggested retail price is $499.

The Serengetti Collection is hand tufted in India of 100 percent wool and fea- tures skin motifs and folk art designs. Suggested retail price is $499.

The Madrid Collection is a group of hand-tufted wool designs based on mosaic patterns. Suggested retail price is $599.

Oriental Weavers/Sphinx. Oriental Weavers' Sphinx division features rugs that are imported from Egypt.

Scheherazade is a cross-woven polypropylene design that features the lustrous quality and delicate surface texture of fine silk. It retails for approximately $299.

Floating Botanical has a tapestry look in the rich dark colors of European fabrics. Of woven polypropylene. Suggested retail price is $299.

Animal Kingdom is a collection of machine-woven polypropylene rugs that are reminiscent of 16th century Belgian tapestries combined with some of the clas- sic tree-of-life motifs and Persian hunting scenes. Suggested retail price is $299.

Oriental Weavers of America. Claire Murray Collection -- see page 38

Omega Rug Works. The company will introduce it new Mattlasse collection. Sug- gested retail price is $299.

Pande Cameron. Pande Cameron will showcase its Home collections of rugs that are oriented to the medium to upper price points.

The Sienna Collection of handknotted rugs features a new construction developed by designer Liora Manne. The rugs feature a supple hand and ultra-low pile in traditional designs. Suggested retail is $1,195 for 5-foot 6-inch by 8-foot 6-inch size.

The Mugul Collection includes two designs, one inspired by flowers and the other by trees The intricate detail is achieved through the 10/56 quality of he handknotted rugs. Suggested retail price is $2,695.

Ikat is a group of hand-tufted rugs from India offering tribal-inspired designs and unusual textures. Suggested retail prices are $599 to $699 for 5-foot 6-inch by 8-foot 6-inch size.

Peel & Co. Peel & Co. specializes in fine quality needlepoint rugs. Summer introductions will include May/Yellow a floral interpretation of an Eastern European Maypole celebration. Handmade in China of 100 percent wool, it has a suggested retail price of $3,450 for 9-foot by 12-foot size.

Damask/Blue has the more quiet feeling of a rich blue tone-on-tone pattern inspired by upholstery weaves. Suggested retail price is $3,450 for 9-foot by 12-foot size.

Rug Market. The Rug Market is aiming its three product lines at distinct seg- ments of the market. The core Home/Gift Division; the Kitchen and Bath Collec- tion and the recently introduced Shabati Division, which is aimed at tradi- tional marketers of area rugs.

The first introduction for the Shabati division is The Venezia Collection which is hand crafted in wool and silk. In addition to standard rug sizes,this group of area rugs is also available in rounds. Suggested retail price is $595.

Wilderness Run is a new offering in the Natural collection. It is constructed of coir and has a suggested retail price is $178.

Monticarlo is also being offered in the Classic Natural collection. It is made of jute and is hand-loomed and hand-stenciled. The suggested retail price is $395.

Rug One Imports. This U.S. division of Belgotex Industries will be presenting two new wool rugs which retail at two popular price points.

The Tabriz pattern is machine made of 100 percent worsted wool and is avail- able in 6-foot square shape as well as standard sizes. Suggested retail is $199 for 6-foot by 9-foot size.

Shiraz Royal is a heavyweight rug of 100 percent worsted wool which will retail for $339.

Shaw. The Shaw Rugs division of Shaw Industries will be introducing the Legacies Collection, a group of adaptations based on traditional themes and motifs. The designs include both Persian and floral patterns and represents a return to classical influences.
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