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Since publishing the last Muller Dairy Market Report in 2007 the [pounds sterling]2 billion-plus * Chilled Yogurts & Pot Desserts (CYPD) category has moved on significantly in very challenging times. The economy, changing consumer attitudes to health and environmental sustainability have all been key drivers during the last three years.


The global economy has suffered the worst recession since the 1930s with businesses facing volatile commodity and utility costs.

More positively, health has moved up the agenda for both the Government and consumers with the move towards a balanced diet benefiting yogurt sales.

Reducing the impact businesses have on the environment through local sourcing, reducing food miles, carbon emissions, packaging and food waste has also come to the fore. Muller Dairy has led the way in a number of areas and our achievements have been recognised by winning the Gold Award for Environment Business Initiatives in the Food & Drink Federation's Community Partnership Awards 2009.

Amidst this, the CYPD category has continued to flourish and grow steadily year on year.

As market leader accounting for over a quarter of the CYPD sales *, Muller Dairy is continually seeking to develop the category. There are big gains to be made by yogurt tapping into more usage occasions such as breakfast and snacking, and there's a great deal more which can be done in all channels of the trade to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales at point of purchase.

This report aims to provide an insight into the key dynamics operating in this proactive category, whilst sharing some of our research findings to help retailers and foodservice operators maximise CYPD sales. I hope you find this a useful and thought-provoking read.

Gharry Eccles CEO, Muller Dairy
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Author:Eccles, Gharry
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Date:Apr 10, 2010
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