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Introduction to the Special Issue on New Case Studies for Technical and Professional Communication [Special Issue].

Introduction to the Special Issue on New Case Studies for Technical and Professional Communication [Special Issue]

J. M. Williams and J. B. Strother, eds. 2004. IEEE transactions on professional communication 47:229-232.

"This special issue focuses on developing new case studies for use in technical and professional communication courses.... ['Case studies' refer] to descriptions of real world events that illustrate particular communication problems through collections of primary document and secondary materials. While case study pedagogy provides students with many benefits, such as concrete applications of technical communication theory, there are distinct challenges that may prevent instructors from developing case studies, such as collecting primary documents as they become available in the media. The case studies treated ... focus on ... the crash of Air Midwest Flight 5481, the accounting scandals of the Enron corporation, the communication crisis at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the leaking of nuclear material at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant, the Texas A & M bonfire collapse, and airline press releases in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center."

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Title Annotation:EDUCATION
Author:Tovey, Janice
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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