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Introduction to general relativity and the cosmological constant problem.


Introduction to general relativity and the cosmological constant problem.

Berman, Marcelo Samuel.

Nova Science Publishers


213 pages




Berman (Instituto Albert Einstein, Brazil) writes for undergraduates who need an introduction to general relativity theory and the cosmological constant (lambda) problem. He takes an openly didactic approach, and does not hesitate to make those new to the theory as comfortable as possible, covering the mathematical preliminaries first by describing tensors in amorphous spaces and tensors in Riemann spaces, then introduces general relativity in terms of basic theories, Schwarzchild's metric, classical texts and complements of tensor calculus and general relativity. He then covers relativistic cosmology, working through the philosophical and mathematical matters and Robertson-Walker's metric, then to the energy of the vacuum and the lambda universe, delineating the lambda problem and its solution, the energy of the universe and the lambda problem, and miscellaneous cosmological models. He concludes with remarks on the present century's developments and a review of the text.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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