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Introduction to WLLs: Application and Deployment for Fixed and Broadband Services.

Introduction to WLLs: Application and Deployment for Fixed and Broadband Services

Raj Pandya

Wiley-IEEE Press

243 pages; $79.95

ISBN: 0-471-45132-0

The primary objective of this book is to provide a system level view of the technical, planning and deployment aspects of wireless local loop (WLL) systems. It also includes an overview of broadband wireless access (BWA) systems that are emerging as an important alternative to fiber, cable modem and copper (digital subscriber loop or DSL) systems to meet the demand for such devices as video on demand, Internet access and high speed data services. Chapter 1 covers the background material including terminology for wireless access systems, history and forecasts for worldwide WLL deployment, advantages and disadvantages of wireless access, and comparison between WLL and cellular mobile systems. Chapter 2 provides some background on fundamental aspects of radio systems relevant for wireless access systems, including such topics as radio spectrum and frequency bands, principles of duplexing and multiple access schemes, source and channel coding, and interleaving. Chapter 3 offers a systems level description of digital cellular mobile and cordless telecommunication systems that provide technical underpinnings for many commercial WLL systems. Chapter 4 covers the system components and interfaces that are generally associated with a WLL system. Chapter 5 addresses the radio design aspects of WLL systems, which cover the radio propagation characteristics, radio path loss and radio link availability. Chapter 6 provides a description of the necessary steps in the planning and deployment of a WLL system, frequency planning and reuse for WLL systems. Chapter 7 is intended to describe a sample of commercially available WLL systems based on existing cellular mobile and cordless telecommunication system standards. Chapter 8 provides a comprehensive overview of currently deployed broadband wireless access systems such as LMDS (local multipoint distribution system) and MVDS (multipoint video distribution system) as well as emerging BWA systems such as IEEE 802.16, ETSI-BRAN HIPERACCESS and satellite-based BWA systems.

To order this book, contact: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (201) 748-6000.

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Author:Masse, Dan
Publication:Microwave Journal
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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