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Introduction to Plant Diseases - Identification and Management.

Just because so much new information is being produced, so the earlier book became somewhat dated and hastened the publication of this second edition. New information has been included on the precise identification of diseases and the phatogens that cause them, the development of epidemics of plant diseases, the application of biotechnology in plant pathology, the use of alternative methods of crop production and disease management that help protect the environment, and diseases that have become more important since the last edition came into being.

The text, which is aimed at students of the world's crops, runs to 19 chapters and their titles are self-explanatory. They run: Agriculture, plant diseases and human affairs; Causes of plant diseases; History of plant pathology; Development of plant diseases; Integrated pest management; Management of plant diseases; Chemical management of plant diseases; Biotechnology; Nematodes; Diseases caused by nematodes; Fungi; Diseases caused by soilborne fungi; Diseases caused by airborne fungi; Fungal diseases of shade and forest trees and decay in wood; Bacteria; Diseases caused by bacteria and mycoplasmas; Viruses; Diseases caused by viruses; Disease caused by parasitic plants; and Abiotic agents. There follows a useful glossary to the terms used and a list of suggested further readings.

Throughout the text one finds illustrations of the effects of diseases on various crops. Even mistletoes are considered in this text. Often associated with the Christmas festivities, they are also a parasite as far as the tree host is concerned and can cause considerable nuisance. More popular problems are mildews, and these are discussed in detail. However, the importance of this text is that it describes the problem, identifies the causal agent and sets out the remedy or control regime to be used.
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