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Introduction to Kinesiology.

Introduction to Kinesiology

Shirl J. Hoffman

Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc.

PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61820-5076

9780736076135, $37.75,

Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity provides a powerful survey highly recommended for any studying the evolving science of kinesiology, with top kinesiologists in the field discussing physical activity that goes beyond exercise and into the realms of philosophy, history and sociology alike. Job descriptions of professionals in the different fields discuss teaching, coaching, sport management and other opportunities while students can use this as a text for reviewing topics, considering key points in kinesiology, and more. An integrated companion online study guide accessible by key code included with the book provides further study opportunities, provides multimedia interactive activities, and supports all the text in the book with additional background and tips. Activity feedback provides students with plenty of self-assessment opportunities, making this a fine introduction for any college-level discussion of the topic.

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Publication:California Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2013
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