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Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals, 7th Edition (online access included).


Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals, 7th Edition (online access included)

Agnes G. Loeffler and Michael N. Hart

Jones & Bartlett


592 pages



This textbook introduces the basic principles of disease to allied health professions students. It explains fundamental vocabulary and concepts, including a broad analysis of the most common and significant diseases, and a discussion of the tools and processes of diagnosis; basic types of human disease, namely reaction to injury, neoplasia, genetically determined disease, and intrauterine injury; diseases of specific organ systems, with discussion of anatomy and physiology, the most frequent and important diseases, diagnostic techniques, and the consequences of failure of the organ to function; and diseases that affect multiple organs and share causative mechanisms within each group, such as infectious and immunologic diseases, physical and chemical injury, and nutritional disorders. This edition has new and updated clinical information, including general and specific treatment for diseases; new art and photos of diseases; new and updated animations; added illustrations; integration of the chapter on hyperplasia and neoplasms with the chapter on cancer; and separation of the chapter on the kidney, the lower urinary tract, and male genital organs into two new chapters. Online access to an ebook and other resources is included. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Dec 1, 2018
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