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Introduction of labour laws in EPZ demanded.

Pakistan Trade Union Co-ordination Committee (PTUCC) is an alliance of seven Labour Federations of the country. PTUCC recently held its meeting in Karachi which was addressed by veteran trade union leaders of the country which included Nabi Ahmed, Mohammad Sharif, S.P. Lodhi, Kaneez Fatima, Mohammad Iqbal, Haji Muhammad Younus, Yusuf Rizvi and Chairman of APNEC Abdul Qudoos Sheikh.

The PTUCC has urged the government to take notice of the high-handedness committed by various organisation against workers. The leaders of the seven federations of workers expressed their concern over the pitiable conditions of the workers and unsympathetic attitude of the managements to ameliorate their conditions. The Committee made a number of demands including abolition of the NIRC.

The committee announced some demands, on which it would launch a campaign for the welfare of workers. The major demand is fixing the minimum salary of a worker at Rs. 3,000 per month. Some of the other demands include automatic increase of wages proportionate to the price hike, introduction of labour laws in export processing zones to safeguard the interest of workers there. It urged the government to make laws for the implementation of a package announced by former prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in July 1992. It also demanded that the package be implemented from July.

The committee demanded abolition of contract system introduced in organisations where persons could be employed on regular basis against regular vacancies. Stress was also laid to do away with the privatisation policy where no proper planning was done affecting workers adversely. It demanded that the rights of affected workers be restored in those organisations where privatisation was carried out.

The PTUCC stressed the need for making agreements irrevocable by the managements with various CBAs. It asked the federations to bring all problems of the workers to its notice for solution. It also urged the media to highlight the problems of workers for their solution.


- Fixing the minimum salary of a worker at Rs. 3,000 per month.

- Automatic increase of wages proportionate to the price hike.

- Introduction of labour laws in EPZ.
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Title Annotation:Pakistan's export processing zone
Publication:Economic Review
Date:May 1, 1993
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