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Introducing the Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse.

[[para]]Helping to Alleviate RSI by Providing a Universal Hand Ergonomic Mouse Solution[[/para]]

CEDAR PARK, Texas, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Goldtouch Corporation, the industry leader in desktop ergonomics, announces the arrival of the newest addition to their expanding mouse library: The Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse. The Goldtouch Ambidextrous Mouse series is the best in fully customized mousing, empowering users to enjoy ergonomic comfort with their dominant hand, or to switch mousing hands throughout the day to alleviate the risk of developing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

"Many ergonomists recommend changing your mouse from left-to-right or right-to-left handed use throughout the day to relieve strain and share the mousing burden," says Mark Norwalk, CEO of Goldtouch. " The Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse is intended to be a Universal Left/Right Handed mouse solution that is very comfortable and wireless. It works for either right or left handed individuals within an organization so an unintended benefit is that it removes the burden for purchasing departments that are stocking specific right and left handed mice for their majority user base in an organization."

Goldtouch designers were eager to tackle the unique challenge of creating a tangle-free, wireless mouse that was big on convenience, while also providing ample support for all users. The result is an ambidextrous mouse that cradles the hand naturally, while keeping a slim profile and also allowing for different weighting options. The release of the Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse is part of a larger company mission dedicated to offering a wide variety of mousing solutions to fit every type of user. This is a key part of any ergonomic program, as it enables companies to create customized solutions for their unique employees.

Features of the Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse

* Easy to use: Easy click buttons and a scroll wheel allow for simple navigation. It also features a textured anti-slip side and base grips for maximum comfort.

* Long lasting: Functions with one or two AA batteries. Estimated battery life is two months for use with one AA battery, and four months for use with two AA batteries.

* Plug and play technology: Just plug in the Wireless USB 2.4 Gh receiver and you're good to go!

* Unparalleled quality: Smooth and precise cursor control from a 1000 dpi optical sensor.

About Goldtouch Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, Goldtouch manufactures ergonomic comfort peripherals, including the world's only self-contained adjustable keyboard. Through extensive 3rd party studies, and over a decade of use, the Goldtouch product line has been tested and proven to help prevent and reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), increase productivity, lower absenteeism, and bring greater comfort to computer users across the globe. Goldtouch products are utilized by many of the Fortune 1000, including Chevron, Google, Apple, Yahoo, eBay, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Toyota.

For more information about Goldtouch and its products, call 1.855.633.3138 or email or visit us at

For more information, please contact: Catherine A. Simoneaux Tel: 512.259.5688 | Fax: 512.259.6599 Email:

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Date:May 5, 2015
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