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Introducing a Practical Guide for Preparing and Mastering Financial Budgets.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of E-Learning Course - Budgeting to their offering. E[acute accent]Modern businesses are an epitome of uncertainty and complexity. Over the period, this uncertainty and complexity in business has led to the development of various managerial tools, techniques and procedures useful in managing business successfully. Of all these, budgeting is the most common and widely used standard device for planning and control. This course provides fundamental understanding of budgeting, budgeting process and includes a practical guide for preparing and mastering financial budgets

E[acute accent]Themes of the course:

E[acute accent]- Understand the basics of Budgeting

E[acute accent]- Create a budget in simple-to-follow steps

E[acute accent]- Case study approach for understanding budgeting process

E[acute accent]- Effective management of financial resources

E[acute accent]After completing this course you will be conversant with:

E[acute accent]- Overview of budgeting

E[acute accent]- Different types of budgets

E[acute accent]- Different approaches to budgeting

E[acute accent]- The process of preparing budget and budgetary control

E[acute accent]Every professional involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from our innovative solutions.

E[acute accent]Supervisory Agencies

E[acute accent]Central Banks

E[acute accent]Financial Institutions

E[acute accent]Commercial Banks

E[acute accent]Investment Banks

E[acute accent]Housing Societies/Thrifts

E[acute accent]Mutual Funds

E[acute accent]Brokerage Houses

E[acute accent]Stock Exchanges

E[acute accent]Derivatives Exchanges

E[acute accent]Insurance Companies

E[acute accent]Multinational Corporations

E[acute accent]Accountancy Firms

E[acute accent]Consultancy Firms

E[acute accent]Law Firms

E[acute accent]Rating Agencies

E[acute accent]Multi-lateral Financial Institutions

E[acute accent]Others

E[acute accent]Course Level & Number of Courses: Basic & Intermediate Level, Library of 5 Courses

E[acute accent]Instructional Method: Dynamic, Interactive e-learning

E[acute accent]Recommended Background: Familiarity with basic financial concepts

E[acute accent]Library of 5 Courses

E[acute accent]Time taken to complete each Course: Two - Three hours

E[acute accent]1. Overview of budgeting

E[acute accent]- The basic concepts of budget and budgeting

E[acute accent]- Budgeting and forecasting

E[acute accent]- Budgeting and management

E[acute accent]- Budgeting and planning

E[acute accent]- Budget procedures and budget administration

E[acute accent]2. Types of budgets

E[acute accent]- The components of operating budget like sales budget, production budget, production cost budget, ending inventory budget, cost of goods sold budget, selling expenses budget, administrative expenses budget and budgeted income statement E[acute accent]- The components of financial budget like capital expenditure budget, cash budget, budgeted balance sheet, and cash flow budget

E[acute accent]3. Approaches to budgeting

E[acute accent]- The various approaches to building budgets like - fixed budgeting approach, flexible budgeting approach, incremental budgeting approach, kaizen budgeting approach, zero base budgeting approach and others.

E[acute accent]- The distinctive features of each approach to budgeting.

E[acute accent]4. Preparing a budget

E[acute accent]- The preparation of operating budgets

E[acute accent]- The preparation of financial budgets

E[acute accent]5. Budgetary control

E[acute accent]- The basic concepts of budgetary control

E[acute accent]- The process of budgetary control

E[acute accent]- Budgetary variance

E[acute accent]For more information visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 8, 2005
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