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Introducing Naturally Iowa.

Naturally Iowa is a fully certified organic dairy processor that produces organic and all-natural fluid milk, ice cream, and drinkable yogurt. Naturally Iowa distinguishes itself from other dairy processors and producers by offering the highest-quality organic and all-natural dairy products, packaged in environmentally friendly containers that completely biodegrade in 60 to 100 days in an industrial compost facility.

Naturally Iowa just signed a distribution agreement with Organic Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary of CROPP Cooperative, to coordinate logistics for Naturally Iowa's organic and all-natural products. This milestone contract gives Naturally Iowa the ability to deliver products to organic, natural, and national grocery chains across the United States, with weekly services to all points of logistic networks nationwide and twice-weekly service to major markets. CROPP Cooperative is comprised of a consortium of 1,170 farms and is one of the largest producers and distributors of organic dairy in the United States. Organic Logistics' facility centers an ecologically balanced business community, creating and utilizing renewable energy from Best Energies.

Naturally Iowa was founded in 2003 by William Horner and Steve Williams. The company developed a working partnership with Natureworks and became the world's first and only dairy to use NatureWorks Polylactic Acid (PLA) bottling. Organic milk in PLA bottles landed on grocery store shelves in October 2005. Naturally Iowa operates its state-of-the-art, 28,000 square-foot, dairy-processing facility in Clarinda, Iowa. For more information about Naturally Iowa and its products, please visit

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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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