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Introducing Knover- The Ultimate Place to Learn About People.

New Knowledge Roving Technology Facilitates Research into Personal and Professional Connections

NEW YORK -- On October 24rd, Knover launches the world's first consumer knowledge rover. The technology offers a whole new outlook on the old adage, "it's not what you know; it's who you know." Sure, social networks of average Joes, local bands, and alumni are all the rage. But who would have thought Hollywood stars, political leaders, musicians, and puppeteers would have ever started their own little community? Well, they didn'teI[logical not]but Knover did, leaving these busy folks to entertain, lead nations, write music, and... puppeteer. Knover envisions not only a social network for the famous and infamous, but also an entirely new way to learn from and be entertained by the Internet.

One part search engine, one part social network with a dash of artificial intelligence, Knover is a hybrid technology that organizes information around notables and their relationships. "Relationships are the undercurrent of society and history," notes co-founder and CEO John Collier. "Miles Davis and John Coltrane, both connected as jazz musicians. Yeah, we know. But how about discovering the players involved with immigration reform? Or better yet, how about the relationship between John Kerry and Genghis Khan? Knover is poised to reveal these relationships."

Previous social networks function with a user creating a personal profile with varying purposes. In contrast, Knover's technology uncovers relationships between people and topics based on the mass of existing online documents. Knover is an algorithmically-generated social network, a new way of mapping the world through web text.

Knover, taking its name from the site's underlying innovation as a "knowledge rover," brings the best of text mining, associative search, and artificial intelligence to the average internet user. "Before Knover, these particular technologies were confined to enterprise search and other non-consumer purposes," explains co-founder and Director of Research and Development Brian Lima. "By coupling the associative search engine with this social network, users can leverage a whole new tool to overcome the shortcomings of keyword search."

Users of Knover essentially begin by asking, "who is associated with my topic or query?" as opposed to searching for a direct keyword match. Knowledge roving is a two step process yielding results that differ from a typical list of links. First, Knover presents a mapping of people associated to a user's query. Second, the user can access the source documents that triggered the association.

Knover's reach is broad, encompassing everyone from Olympians to philosophers, terrorists to cartoonists, Nobel laureates to super models, and everyone else in between.

The Knover Six Degrees game presents visitors with a unique, powerful way to become acquainted with knowledge roving technology. A user can select any two people, click "How?," and see the connections. "Forget Kevin Bacon," boasts Lima, "for the first time a person can discover relationships between any two notable individuals throughout history."

Not only does Knover organize online content around the individuals in its social network, but also aggregates biographies, multimedia, and products associated with these notable nodes. "We bring everything together for the user," says Collier. "We allow you to search our network, discover who relates to whom and how, find and read relevant articles, reference Wikipedia biographies, all while watching a YouTube video about the person. We make search a dynamic and multifaceted experience that a person can absorb all at once instead of bit by bit."

About Knover

Knover, the first consumer knowledge rover, was founded in 2005 by John Collier and Brian Lima. Based in New York, NY and New Haven, CT, Knover is operated by FreshNotes, LLC and is privately funded. The ultimate place to learn about people, KnovereIUs patent pending technology harnesses the best of text mining, associative search, social networks, and artificial intelligence. For more information or to explore Knover please visit
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Date:Oct 24, 2006
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