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Introducing ... Coffee & Tea in the New Europe: the first ever international coffee & tea exhibition & symposium to be held in Vienna, 1994.

Imagine standing in a massive exhibition hall comparing industrial sized roasting machine to tabletop roasting machines, then strolling over to the packaging suppliers to see how the various laminates come off a form, fill, and seal machine, and not just from one machine but from numerous machines. Your eyes will catch the teabag machines running at speeds that aren't even visible--where are you?

You're at Coffee & Tea in the New Europe, the premier international coffee and tea Exhibition & Symposium, to be held at the Austria Center, Vienna, Austria, September 20-22, 1994. Sponsoring the event is the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.

For the first time ever in Europe an Exhibition & Symposium will be devoted exclusively to the coffee and tea industries. The importance of this Exhibition and Symposium has been stressed by major industry members who have urged the magazine to combine the coffee and tea industries within one hall. The event will be for the large, medium, small, regular, and specialty roasters and packers, and for the coffee and tea retail and service industry.

More than 2,000 people from all over Europe and the world are expected to visit the Exhibition and Symposium, and more than 80 companies (who will take between 2,500 and 3,000 square meters) are expected to exhibit. The Exhibition will present all the latest equipment, goods, and services available to the roasters, packers, and the specialty, retail, and service segments. The Symposium will offer the latest technologies and strategies necessary for companies to grow and prosper in the new Europe.

Even though Coffee & Tea in the New Europe is the first exhibition for the European coffee and tea industries, already tentative agreements to exhibit indicate that it will be over-subscribed. To date, keen interest has been shown by about 30 companies whose exhibits would occupy more than half of the exhibition hall.

There will be industrial exhibits showing roasting, grinding, conveying, and packaging equipment. Green coffee, instrumentation, and all types of service companies, roasted, decaf, and soluble coffee manufacturers, tea merchants and packers, and all the services used in the tea packing process will be on-hand. In addition, there will be many service and retail orientated exhibits, such as brewing devices, espresso/cappuccino machines, and in-store display systems.

Tea & Coffee Trade journal's objective in hosting the event is to offer the trade the opportunity to evaluate almost every piece of equipment manufactured for the industry without travelling to the numerous suppliers around the world. Several major industry manufacturers have already indicated that they will be exhibiting complete lines of machinery at their booths. Europe is home to many of the world's finest manufacturers of tea and coffee equipment and most are expected to be exhibiting their industrial machinery amidst an array of flavor suppliers, color sorters, brewing equipment manufacturers, etc. For the first time ever, packaging laminates and foils will be shown on packing machines alongside paper manufactures, bulk handling services, etc.

Coffee & Tea in the New Europe is not just another coffee congress. It is truly an integral trade show. The Exhibition will provide an excellent educational opportunity for roasters and packers throughout Europe to send employees from all levels of the company, as well as their cafe, hotel, restaurant, and store customers. Visitors will experience, first hand, all the various types of equipment and technology available today to serve a quality cup--from the raw product to the cafe/bar. With entrance to the Exhibition just US$ 10, over 1,800 people are expected.

In conjunction with the three day Exhibition, the Symposium, with expected attendance of over 250, will highlight the recent developments in all phases of coffee and tea production, processing, packaging, and marketing. The business sessions will be held daily and will educate each industry segment on what new developments are occurring. A noble roster of technical experts and consultants are currently being prepared to report on the recent technologies. The burgeoning specialties segment of the market, which is steadily increasing in the U.S. and Europe, will be emphasized during the final session.

An impressive social program has been planned, enabling business contacts to be made in a more relaxed atmosphere. The official airline of the event, Austrian Airlines, is offering attractive packages from points in North America, Europe, and the Far East.

Those involved in the coffee and tea trade welcome this opportunity to view the latest in equipment, services, and technology offered to the industry. No longer is there need to travel around the globe as every major equipment and service supplier is sure to be represented in the coffeehouse capital of the world--Vienna.

The staff of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal looks forward to providing the opportunity for the trade to convene for Coffee & Tea in the New Europe, the premier all-encompassing Coffee and Tea Exhibition and Symposium.

For more information on the event, contact the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal at: 130 West 42nd Street, Suite 2200, New York, NY 10036. Tel: (212)391-2060; Fax: (212)827-0945 or your nearest representative.


Three days will be alloted for coffee and simultaneously, two days will be alloted for tea. Separate sessions on raw materials and product manufacturing will be held for tea and coffee, while marketing, distribution and sales, and specialities will be held jointly.

Day 1: Coffee Raw Materials

1. Daily Coffee Cupping Sessions (open participation)

2. Coping with Green Contracts (terminology and protection)

3. Using the Futures Market (strategies for various size roasters)

4. Materials Handling (break bulk, containers, bulk warehousing, logistics, stock control, new handling technology to cut costs)

Day 2: Coffee Product Manufacturing

1. Design & Equip Roasting Facilities to obtain optimum efficiency (design needs for various size roasters)

2. Trends in Technology - A Futuristic Look at roasting, grinding, packaging

3. Packaging Disposal (new environmental regulations within the EC, consumer concerns, packaging materials available)

4. Profile of Decaf & Soluble technology

Day 2: Tea Raw Materials

1. Daily Tea Tasting Session (open participation.)

2. Material Handling (break bulk, containers, warehousing, logistics, stock control, new handling technology to cut cost, new methods to pack tea)

Day 2: Tea Product Manufacturing

1. Design & Equip Packing Facility to obtain optimum efficiency (design needs for various size packers)

2. Trends in Technology - A Futuristic Look at packing, tea bags, and packaging

3. Packaging Disposal (new environmental regulations within the EC, consumer concerns, packaging materials, new tea bag materials available)

4. Profile of Decaf & Soluble Technology

Day 3: Marketing Distribution & Sales

1. Packaging Design and Market Response (fads in packaging, different packaging to appeal to different geographic and market segments)

2. Type and Quality of Coffee or Tea to offer to the Market to address National and Regional Preferences as well as Market Segments

3. Getting Product on the Shelf (how do small, medium, and large roasters or packers deal with the wholesaler, large supermarket, hotel, restaurant, institution, small retailer, and specialty shop)

4. Use of Private Label and Own brands

5. Marketing Effectiveness (Point-of-Purchase, TV, radio and print media, pricing, quality factors)

6. Relating to your Bar/Cafe clients (Competing for supply contracts, new strategies, espresso machine use and distribution)

Day 3: Specialties

1. Designing and Equipping the New Coffee & Tea Shop

2. The Rise of Gourmet Style Imagery of Coffee & Tea Products

3. Blends versus Single Origins (strength of each country's product)

4. Espresso (market segment, growth in sales)

5. Flavored Teas, Flavored Coffees (market segment, growth in sales)

6. Herbal Tea Blends/Fruits Teas and their Market

7. Organic Coffee & Tea


The exhibition space will be sold at the rate of US $280 per square meter (1 sq mt=10 sq ft) The minimum space available is 9 square meters (100 sq ft) costing $2,520. This includes free entry to all social events and a reduced entry fee to the Symposium. There are three days set-up time and two days for breakdown.

Fee for delegates to the conference, including all social functions of that day and evening before, along with entrance to exhibition, are: 1-Day, $250; 2-Days, $425; 3-Days, $550. Visitor to exhibition only, $10 for all three days.
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