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Introducing, "The Earth Thermometer".

Melbourne, Australia, June 27, 2012 --( Targeted to the geophysical exploration, geothermal and soil science sectors, the Earth Thermometer is a 1.6 metre long needle probe that can be used for short or long-term deployments. Data can be stored for up to one year and the probe's durable construction allows it to be re-used multiple times. Temperature readings are taken at 30cm and 110cm below the surface.

“The Earth Thermometer is another piece of equipment for the geophysicist's toolbox. Because it is reusable and easily deployed, we expect to sell units to geophysical rental equipment companies worldwide,” said Graeme Beardsmore the device designer and Hot Dry Rocks' President.

It is designed for monitoring ground temperature in and around thermal hot springs, volcanoes, geothermal reservoirs, buried infrastructure or radioactive waste - any buried heat signature. This device will be of interest to geophysicists exploring for hydrothermal resources to volcanologists monitoring fumaroles. Larger markets include; coal seam fires, hydrology, agriculture, soil science, climate monitoring and smart grid.

Hot Dry Rocks is marketing the product globally with a focus on Japan. “As it is passive and largely non-invasive it is ideal for Japan's exploration in national parks and proximal to their onsens (hot springs),” said HDR's Technologist Lawrence Molloy. For the onsen market it can be used for long term monitoring with regard to larger geothermal developments.

Because it is designed to detect differences in temperature drift of the ground from one location to another, units are deployed in pairs, transects or arrays. Data are recorded at selected intervals and stored in solid state memory at the surface. Different thermometer models provide precision of 0.1, 0.01 and 0.005C.

Hot Dry Rocks is one of the leading geothermal technical firms in Australia. Since 2005 HDR has provided the industry with the technology and services needed to advance the exploration of geothermal energy. In 2008 they introduced the Portable Electronic Divided Bar - the industry standard for measuring geothermal rock properties.

For further information contact: Lawrence Molloy, Technologist at +61 (0)4 02 069 853

Video 1: Deployment of Earth Thermometer (

Photo 1: The internal sleave is inserted into the 1.5 metre rod (

Photo 2: The Earth-Thermometer during a long term deployment in South Australia (

Photo 3: 50 days of data at 30 cm and 110 cm respectively. The daily temperature swings and seasonal warming is clearly displayed. (

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Date:Jun 27, 2012
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