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Intrepid iguana hot foots it out of her enclosure.

SHE'S three foot long, can run at 30mph and is pretty hard to miss but an intrepid iguana is still on the loose at a Swansea tourist attraction.

The green iguana slipped out of her enclosure after arriving at the city's Plantasia centre last month and seems to be having a whale of a time in the attraction's hothouse. She's been spotted several times during the last month but has always been too high up for animal handlers to safely reach her.

An the one Swansea Council, who own Plantasia, has now decided the person whose sighting leads to her capture will get the chance to name the iguana.

The creature arrived at Plantasia from a rescue charity.

Maria Bowen, Swansea Council's Education Officer at Plantasia, says the iguana is harmless enough and that many other similar attractions across the UK allow their iguanas to wander freely among the visiting public.

She said: "The iguana has been generating a lot of interest in Plantasia with people of all ages coming in to see if they can spot her in the hothouse.

"Several members of the public have seen her but she seems to be spending most of her time quite high up in the vegetation and that makes her quite hard to safely catch.

iguana like missing "But she's got a plentiful supply of food in the hothouse and appears to be very happy in her new environment.

"We expect she'll start spending more time closer to the ground near to the radiators in the hothouse when the weather gets colder and then we'll then have more of a chance of returning her to her enclosure."

Visitors to Plantasia have the chance to see a selection of exotic reptiles, fish, birds and plant life.


An iguana like the one missing
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 23, 2011
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