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Intrepid hero of Falklands conflict makes final voyage... to Mersey scrapyard.

FALKLANDS War veteran HMS Intrepid was completed in 1967. She was saved from the scrapyard by the 1982 conflict.

She will make her final voyage to the Mersey for scrapping by Leavesley Interational, in Bootle, as part of a new initiative.

Intrepid, an amphibious assault landing platform ship, was specially recommissioned for Operation Corporate to help retake the Falkland Islands from the Argentinian invaders.

Commanded by Captain Peter Dingemans, Intrepid took part in the landings at San Carlos Water.

She came twice under heavy air attack in San Carlos Water in May, 1982, sustaining a few fatalities, mainly Royal Marines.

She was also the main warship in the Bluff Cove landings on June 6. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Task Force commander Sandy Woodward commended her efforts.

Intrepid was also used for imprisoning the Argentinian prisoners of war.

Commodore John Madgwick, RN Northern England commander, said: "Intrepid could arrive on the same tide on Friday, September 12 as Manchester.

"Interestingly, Intrepid's fleet replacement is Albion which will be with us on Friday."


HMS Intrepid, now to be scrapped
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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