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Intravenous vitamin C as cancer therapy: free access to 21 expert video lectures online: orthomolecular medicine news service.

Scientists have long studied the effects of megadoses of vitamin C to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Research documents vitamin C as one of the best antiviral agents available. Vitamin C has been shown to neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins, and to enhance host resistance, greatly augmenting the immune system's ability to neutralize bacterial and fungal infections. Most importantly, there is extensive published research demonstrating vitamin C's anticancer properties. (1)

In the 1970s, Hugh D. Riordan, MD, and colleagues began studying the underlying causes of cancer and ways to treat cancer in a nontoxic fashion. From this research came the Riordan Intravenous Vitamin C Protocol for Cancer. (2) This protocol is widely recognized in the integrative and orthomolecular medicine community and is commonly used as an effective adjunct to conventional oncologic therapy.

Oncologist Victor Marcial, MD, has experience using it. He says: "We studied patients with advanced cancer (stage 4). 40 patients received 40,000-75,000 mg intravenously several times a week ... In addition, they received a diet and other supplements. The initial tumor response rate was achieved in 7519/0 of patients, defined as a 50% reduction or more in tumor size ... As a radiation oncologist, I also give radiation therapy. Vitamin C has two effects. It increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. But this is not a subtle effect, is not 15-20%, it's a dramatic effect. Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it." (3)

In 2009 and 2010, Riordan IV-C and Cancer Symposiums brought together medical professionals, researchers, and IV-C practitioners from the US and abroad. The latest advancements in intravenous vitamin C cancer therapy were presented in detail, recorded on video, and are now available for free access at: (12 lectures) and (9 lectures).

OMNS readers are urged to have their physicians (especially oncologists) watch these important presentations.

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1. Video de los comentarios del Dr. Victor Marcial:

2. Presentan primera gula ortomolecular para el manejo del cancer:

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(1.) Free access to full text papers at: and also

(2.) Download the Riordan protocol free of charge at: or

(3.) Presentation at the Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico, April 12, 2010, Also of interest: video clip, "Is Vitamin C Better than Chemo for Cancer?" or

YouTube access to Riordan IV-C Symposium Videos:

If your hospital or doctors say that they cannot obtain injectable vitamin C: or

If your hospital or doctor says that the hospital will not allow IV vitamin C:

If your hospital or doctor says that IV C is illegal:
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