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Intoxicated, troubled, and inside the house.

An apparently intoxicated young man broke into his elderly neighbor's house, causing his neighbor to shoot him.

Initially, 19-year-old John Lusk got into a dispute with his 76-year-old neighbor Norman Bright when Bright accused Lusk of stealing money from him. After being accused of stealing, Lusk left Bright's residence for a short while before returning to confront Bright. At Bright's house again, Lusk found himself locked out, and so he proceeded to use a concrete block to break a window out of the front door and enter the house.

Inside, the two men apparently argued and then fought. An article in the June 13 Tampa Tribune indicated that Bright told authorities that Lusk stole his wallet while they tussled. Bright then retrieved a .22 caliber rifle and told Lusk to leave. When Lusk acted belligerent and refused, Bright shot him, killing him.

Lusk was described by his Winterhaven, Florida, neighbors as a basically good person who had a troubled past. He had previously been arrested on multiple drug-related charges, and a neighbor claimed that he was under the influence on the night he was shot.

Charges against Bright are unlikely in the case because Florida state law allows the use of force to prevent forcible felonies, such as home invasions and robbery.
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Author:Williamsen, Kurt
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Date:Jul 25, 2005
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