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Into the minds of readers.

Most subscribers of Health Management Technology probably do not know who Henry Luce was, but a famous quote of his has been posted on my office walls for literally decades. Luce--the founder of Time, Fortune, Life and Sports Illustrated magazines--said many years ago:

"Getting ideas on paper is not the purpose of publishing. Getting ideas off the pages and into the minds of readers is the purpose of publishing."

Hello. I'm the new publisher and editorial director of Health Management Technology. Today, of course, there are a lot of ways to get those ideas into the minds of readers, this magazine being just one method. Given all the research I've seen, however, the magazine format--the printed page--remains the most effective.

For that reason, we have begun a number of structural changes to the magazine that readers will see evident in this issue. For regular readers, the design changes will be most evident, as we attempt to make the pages more inviting.

The actual content also is under construction. Articles will be shorter and more to the point. Additional articles and columns about the network that enables healthcare IT applications to work will be added to the mix. First-person accounts are being phased out, as are opinion articles except in designated areas. More product information will be provided.

Our goal is to bring you more detailed information about solutions for your healthcare IT needs, while presenting it in a quicker-to-read format. This is an evolving process, with this issue just the beginning.

Getting ideas into your minds through digital means is also a top priority. Our regular iHMT monthly e-newsletter, which includes original articles not seen in the magazine, is being augmented by a monthly Product & Services Spotlight e-newsletter, bringing important product and services information into your mailbox. If you want to receive these, please go to the newsletter signup form at

Shortly, we will be launching our new, interactive Web site, complete with LinkedIn and Twitter communities, as well as discussion groups to share ideas and solve problems. All of this is an effort to get ideas into your minds in whatever ways you most want.

For those of you who were looking for Editor-in-Chief Michael McBride in this space, Mike's column will return in August, when he will shift his attention to government-related healthcare IT information--an area Mike is particularly knowledgeable in. Meanwhile, let us know if we are improving your Health Management Technology experience (or not).

By Ken Anderberg, Publisher/Editorial Director

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Title Annotation:Viewpoint
Author:Anderberg, Ken
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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