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Into the breach at Pusan; the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade in the Korean War.


Into the breach at Pusan; the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade in the Korean War.

Estes, Kenneth W.

U. of Oklahoma Press

194 pages



Campaigns and commanders; v.31


Estes, a historian and marine lieutenant colonel who served from 1969 to 1993, draws on combat records, command reports, war diaries, and the army official history to document the mobilization, organization, and operations of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade during the first three months of American participation in the Korean War. He focuses on the battalions, companies, and platoons to detail how the 1st Brigade participated in an effort by US and South Korean forces in 1950 to turn back the North Korean invasion of the Republic of Korea, and how contrary to marine lore, they did not save the US 8th Army, which had been pushed back to the Pusan Perimeter at the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. He credits the 8th Army with saving itself, but also illustrates the contributions of the 1st Brigade. He assesses the state of the Marine Corps at the time, the conduct of the month-long campaign, and the story in official narratives. (A[c] Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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