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Intervista Software Introduces The World's Fastest 3D Plug-In For Web Browsers; New 3D Web Site Demonstrates the Power of VRML 2.0 Technology.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 1996--Intervista Software, Inc., the leader in three-dimensional (3D) technology for the Internet, today announced the availability of WorldView 2.0, the fastest VRML 2.0 plug-in for Netscape Navigator Web browser software.

WorldView 2.0 for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT is designed with the industry standard VRML 2.0 (virtual reality modeling language). WorldView 2.0 empowers users to easily navigate 3D spaces with more animation, multimedia and interactive capabilities. WorldView 2.0 is available from the Intervista Web site (

Intervista also announced its new 3D World Wide Web site that allows viewers to experience the power of interactive, 3D multimedia computing, while learning about WorldView 2.0 software and VRML 2.0 technology. The Web site will provide forums as a resource for VRML developers to exchange ideas, information and software, and will facilitate interaction within the growing VRML community.

"The Internet Will Become A Network Of People, Not Just of Information"

"WorldView 2.0 is a breakthrough product that will enable serious applications of 3D on the Internet for businesses and consumers," said Tony Parisi, founder and chief technical officer at Intervista, and co-creator of the original VRML specification. "The plug-in software combines VRML 2.0 with our own functional and performance enhancements to deliver a robust product that will help pave the way to a 3D centric Internet offering new forms of information visualization and interaction. The Internet will become a network of people, not just of information." Parisi believes that a 3D Internet will bring communities of computer users together in visually compelling, highly interactive virtual environments that are much easier to understand and vastly richer in content than 2D environments. And, network computing in 3D will give rise to an explosion of new possibilities for content providers and ease-of-use for computer users.

WorldView 2.0: The Fastest 3D Plug-In Application Available

Designed for developers and all networked computer users, WorldView 2.0's architecture has been optimized for 3D rendering, making it the best performing 3D plug-in application available. WorldView 2.0 performs 16 percent faster than other VRML 2.0 browsers when loading large scenes and performs fluidly and quickly when rendering complex objects while other plug-in products give up.

For optimum performance, WorldView 2.0 supports the Microsoft DirectX and Direct3D APIs (application programming interface) and a fast VRML reader. By supporting the Microsoft APIs, Intervista not only gains the fastest possible access to the Windows graphics systems, but also will be able to immediately take advantage of new graphic accelerators and multimedia-enhanced processors as they are available. The result of these optimizations are that not only is WorldView faster than the competition today, but it will automatically take advantage of improvements in future display systems.

"WorldView 2.0 performs significantly faster than any other current VRML 2.0 plug-in I've evaluated," said Scott Morrison, with Kinetix and author of the VRML 2.0 exporter for 3D Studio MAX. "I'm impressed with the ease-of-use of the navigational modes and the high quality rendering versus competing VRML 2.0 products on the PC," he added.

Adherence To Industry Standards

For optimum compatibility, WorldView 2.0 closely adheres to the VRML 2.0 specification. VRML 2.0 makes it possible to experience seamlessly integrated 2D, 3D and other multimedia. Sound capability is also supported in the specification and WorldView has incorporated Intel's RSX spatialized audio technology.

Additionally, interactivity is enhanced with the new specification. In a VRML 2.0 world, objects may dynamically react to other objects and to the user. The VRML objects enable "links" to other Web sites in the same fashion as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) text, but in a far more compelling, visual way.

Support for Scripting

WorldView 2.0 is compatible with other standards such as Java and JavaScript. WorldView 2.0 includes integral support for the Internet standard scripting language, JavaScript, used by content developers to write object behaviors such as animation. The software also has an extended API to enable extensions via other languages, including Java. The extended API opens up many types of applications to Java developers. For example, stock analysis can be output in 3D graphs that change dynamically through Java driving VRML.

Enhanced User Interface

WorldView 2.0 has an intuitive, simplified user interface with powerful navigational tools that include new speed settings and sensor triggers. In addition to standard navigation modes including walk, pan, tilt and examine, WorldView 2.0 includes functions such as "go to" and "straighten up" to assist software users. The enhanced user interface offers end users increased ease-of-use and an improved ability to explore 3D worlds that go well beyond traditional point and click.

WorldView 2.0 Availability

Unsupported versions of WorldView 2.0 software can be downloaded from Intervista's web site,, at no charge. Intervista also offers flexible redistribution options and pricing for supported versions of the plug-in software. For information about redistribution options, contact Intervista Software at 415/543-8765.

System Requirements

WorldView 2.0 for the PC requires a minimum 100 megahertz (MHz) Pentium processor with 16 Megabytes (MB) of memory; standard Windows display driver and graphics card; and a 14.4 Kilobytes-per-second (Kbps) modem. For optimum performance, Intervista recommends using a 133 MHz microprocessor and 16 to 32 MB of memory. WorldView 2.0 requires either Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 or Microsoft Windows 95 operating system.

About Intervista's 3D Web Site

Intervista's 3D Web site demonstrates the power of 3D interactive, multimedia space while introducing users to Intervista technology and products. It is a fully-developed three dimensional environment that adds enhanced interactivity to the browsing experience. The Web site will host "The Business Center," an environment which features data visualization, a conference center and a commerce section. Through The Business Center, viewers can experience first hand the practical applications of VRML technology and how it can benefit their business.

About Intervista Software

Intervista Software, Inc., the leader in 3D technology for the Internet and Intranets, designs, develops and markets 3D interactive software. The company is committed to designing products that make it easy to create and deliver 3D multimedia material on networked computers. Intervista Software was the first company to create VRML-based 3D Internet browser software for all Windows platforms and the first to develop the core technology for Microsoft's Internet Explorer VRML plug-in application. Intervista has developed relationships with industry-leading companies including Microsoft, Macromedia, Silicon Graphics, SOFTBANK, Simply Interactive, UMAX and Ziff-Davis Interactive. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: WorldView is a trademark of Intervista Software Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Intervista Software, Inc.

Barbara Tallent, 415/543-8765, Ext. 241



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Stephanie Campbell, 510/253-8401

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Date:Nov 11, 1996
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