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My aspiration to become NBA president 'll not sabotage Yoruba interest -Ajibade. Interview Jul 21, 2020 1274
The Final Word. Galvano, Bill Interview Mar 1, 2020 693
A sidebar with Mark Lezotte. Franz, Thomas Interview May 10, 2019 792
A sidebar with Alan Shamoun. Franz, Thomas Interview May 3, 2019 796
Rainmakers: Maryland lawyers at the top of their game discuss their journey. Interview Apr 12, 2019 3340
A sidebar with Daniel Quick. Franz, Thomas Interview Apr 5, 2019 624
A sidebar with Richard Hillary. Franz, Thomas Interview Mar 15, 2019 772
A Digital Archive Is Making History in African-American Studies. Ballard, Terry Interview Mar 1, 2019 1076
A sidebar with Michael Schloff. Interview Feb 22, 2019 677
A sidebar with Mahesh Nayak. Franz, Thomas Interview Feb 15, 2019 700
A sidebar with Megan Norris. Franz, Thomas Interview Feb 8, 2019 901
A sidebar with Brent Seitz. Interview Feb 7, 2019 749
Expert Ponders California Wildfire Commission, Other Solutions to State's Severe Seasons. Interview Jan 29, 2019 1293
A sidebar with Jim Cleland. Franz, Thomas Interview Jan 25, 2019 805
A sidebar with Brent Seitz. Franz, Thomas Interview Jan 18, 2019 750
A sidebar with Will Thompson. Franz, Thomas Interview Nov 26, 2018 704
A sidebar with Scott Mandel. Franz, Thomas Interview Nov 16, 2018 788
From the beginning, to the end. Chaney, Matthew Interview Nov 5, 2018 1254
A sidebar with John Allen. Franz, Thomas Interview Nov 2, 2018 662
Finding faith, fitness and fellowship: David Redding is NCLW Lawyer of the Year. Cresenzo, Bill Interview Oct 30, 2018 851
A sidebar with Louis Szura. Franz, Thomas Interview Oct 19, 2018 687
Savaria Harris: Focused on the End Goal. Oct 11, 2018 400
A sidebar with Robert Kaplow. Franz, Thomas Interview Sep 14, 2018 834
A sidebar with Mike Roth. Franz, Thomas Interview Sep 7, 2018 750
Attorney Hunter wants Douglas District Court seat. Begin, Gary Interview Sep 1, 2018 1926
A sidebar with Brad Fowler. Franz, Thomas Interview Aug 24, 2018 780
Fred Bartlit, Steven Droullard, and Dr. Marni Boppart, authors of Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging. Messick, Garry Interview Aug 1, 2018 1685
A sidebar with Susan Paletz. Franz, Thomas Interview Jul 27, 2018 656
Tony Pham: The only lawyer in Virginia running a jail. Chaney, Matthew Interview Jul 16, 2018 1487
A sidebar with Jim Parks. Franz, Thomas Interview Jul 13, 2018 623
Technology's trustbuster: Big-money politics is making it harder than ever to tame Big Tech. Giles, Martin Interview Jul 1, 2018 829
A sidebar with Randall Velzen. Franz, Thomas Interview Jun 8, 2018 845
Manchester attorney George Bruno. Kenny, Jack Interview Jun 8, 2018 722
A sidebar with Greg DeGrazia. Franz, Thomas Interview Jun 1, 2018 759
A sidebar with Bill Mathewson. Franz, Thomas Interview May 4, 2018 881
A sidebar with Andy Goldberg. Franz, Thomas Interview Apr 20, 2018 952
Lincoln probate judge balances bench and bar. Bridges, Barry Interview Apr 12, 2018 1010
Robert Bourgi: Dishes the dirt on Francafrique. Ouattara, Junior Interview Apr 1, 2018 1829
A sidebar with Joy Fossel. Franz, Thomas Interview Mar 23, 2018 701
A sidebar with Robert Riley. Franz, Thomas Interview Mar 16, 2018 818
For UHIP special master, a 'simple' objective but difficult task. Interview Mar 15, 2018 1141
A sidebar with Nino Green. Franz, Thomas Interview Mar 9, 2018 795
A whole new game: A Q&A with esports attorney Ryan Fairchild. Donovan, David Interview Mar 9, 2018 1335
A sidebar with Deborah Brouwer. Franz, Thomas Interview Mar 2, 2018 882
CONTROLLING BODIES: An Interview with ANDREA J. RITCHIE. Hutchinson, Sikivu Interview Mar 1, 2018 1575
With recent wins, lawyer sees trend emerging in teacher terminations. Bridges, Barry Interview Mar 1, 2018 1056
A sidebar with Madelaine Lane. Franz, Thomas Interview Feb 23, 2018 928
A sidebar with John F. Schaefer. Franz, Thomas Interview Feb 16, 2018 842
Mansfield attorney achieves dream in boxing ring. Olson, Kris Interview Jan 25, 2018 653
A sidebar with Kimberlee Hillock. Franz, Thomas Interview Jan 19, 2018 736
Mansfield probate lawyer splits his time as psychic medium. Murphy, Pat Interview Jan 11, 2018 647
Insights and tips from legal professionals: Gary P. Lilienthal. Keiley, Ellen Interview Dec 28, 2017 683
A sidebar with Fred Lauck. Franz, Thomas Interview Oct 27, 2017 677
A sidebar with Bonnie Mayfield. Franz, Thomas Interview Oct 20, 2017 674
Mantese wins top State Bar honor. Dryden, Lee Interview Oct 9, 2017 733
A sidebar with ... Ron DeWaard. Franz, Thomas Interview Oct 6, 2017 962
Speech highlights dynamic between lawyers, media. Franz, Thomas Interview Oct 5, 2017 888
'Internet of Things' lawyer examines practicing law in a connected world. Bridges, Barry Interview Sep 21, 2017 1332
Inquiry into state capture allegations should not be delayed: African Business speaks to the woman behind South Africa's explosive "state capture" report into allegations of possible high-level corruption. Thomas, David Interview Jul 1, 2017 1045
A View from the CT Foxhole: An interview with Bernard Kleinman, Defense Attorney. Cruickshank, Paul Interview Apr 1, 2017 4156
Attorney Ovide Lamontagne. Rajala, Liisa Interview Mar 31, 2017 838
EXIT, LEFT: For the president's Longtime senior advisor - and LGBT ally - Valerie Jarrett, the end (and future) is in sight. Hicklin, Aaron Interview Feb 1, 2017 1913
There's a new paper in town: Texas lawyer launches the Navasota star. Stroh, Sean Interview Nov 1, 2016 452
Wayne Hamilton. Interview Nov 1, 2016 887
Mitch Frank. Interview Nov 1, 2016 1206
Defending the whistleblowers. Gillespie, Nick Interview Feb 1, 2016 606
A view from the CT Foxhole: an interview with Zainab N. Ahmad, Asst. U.S. Attorney. Cruickshank, Paul Interview Nov 1, 2015 3330
Criminal defense attorney: Mark Sisti. Kenny, Jack Interview Oct 2, 2015 763
Ted Olson: 'the American public now sees this as a matter of liberty': Ted Olson, former U.S. solicitor general, was joined by David Boies in a suit for same-sex couples, which ultimately overturned Prop 8. Johnson, Ted Interview Jun 29, 2015 417
George Clooney dines out with wife Amal because she's a "bad" cook! Interview May 13, 2015 306
Talking shop: an interview with Mortimer M. Caplin. Shashy, Steve; Yamauchi, Devon Interview Jan 1, 2015 4760
Jill Beall. Interview Oct 27, 2014 500
Azibo interviews Attorney Paul Harris on Black rage disorder. Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya Interview Oct 15, 2014 963
Clients'resilence bolsters lawyer's human rights work. Mcconahay, Mary Jo Interview Sep 26, 2014 1932
Sotoudeh unhappy that she is one of few freed from jail. Interview May 9, 2014 694
Ahmed Ezz's lawyer publicly humiliates Zeina on Live TV! Brief article Mar 23, 2014 296
Bus ride to justice: a conversation with Fred Gray. Entin, Jonathan L. Interview Mar 22, 2014 10420
Swami Assemanand's lawyer rubbishes reports of him giving RSS-linked interview. Interview Feb 7, 2014 333
Getting the best deal for rugby internationals; Robert Llewellyn Jones talks to Rhys Parsons, lawyer turned rugby agent who represents Welsh rugby internationals who play for clubs in France THE BIG INTERVIEW ROBERT LLEWELLYN JONES. Interview Feb 5, 2014 1530
Politics has no place in ICC decisions ... says Chief prosecutor fatou bensouda. Eze, Mercy Interview Feb 1, 2014 2309
Balancing the scales: moved by sit-ins and the work of Thurgood Marshall, Wendy Greene has risen to prominence as a professor of law at Samford and sought-after speaker nationally. Roach, Ronald Interview Jan 2, 2014 835
Consider this before serving on a board. Waldron, Amy Interview Jan 1, 2014 1520
Q&A: Attorney Jack Sanders. McCord, Michael Interview Sep 6, 2013 601
Inside Air Travel. Interview Aug 19, 2013 714
Moving in the right direction. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Jul 18, 2013 716
Myth busters. Interview Jul 1, 2013 408
High profile brings high risks: handling cases like the Tennessee minister's wife can be tricky for Ashland lawyer. Lofton, Lynn Interview Apr 19, 2013 661
Lionsgate's law man: Variety's 2013 Legal Leadership honoree has guided the mini-major's growth since 2000. Johnson, Ted Interview Apr 16, 2013 608
Eye for genius: Nina Shaw is Beverly Hills Bar Assn.'s 2013 Entertainment Lawyer of the Year. Longwell, Todd Interview Apr 16, 2013 508
Watkins is confirmed to succeed Rosser at helm of CBI; Don't miss tomorrow's 20-page Business in Wales supplement for an interview with Cardiff-born leading City of London corporate lawyer and chairman of Glamorgan Cricket Club Barry O'Brien. Interview Jan 8, 2013 414
"It goes to the first amendment. whether you're pro-gun or anti-gun, everyone has a right to speak.". Caranicas, Peter Interview Jan 1, 2013 746
Show of hands. Brief article Oct 19, 2012 128
'We are not against Africa': but can she bring any real change to Africa-ICC relations? Eze, Mercy Interview Aug 1, 2012 3420
A conversation with ... Bernice Bacharach. Interview Jul 1, 2012 446
North Country attorney Paul Chant. McCord, Michael Interview Jun 15, 2012 627
Two States, No Solution. Hoffman, Allison Interview Jun 12, 2012 1077
'The financial crisis was the result of government housing policy': the American Enterprise Institute's Peter Wallison on how government, not greed, was the essential ingredient in the 2008 meltdown. Randazzo, Anthony Interview Jun 1, 2012 3330
Migron Lawyer: 'It's Our Brown v. Board'. Tracy, Marc Interview Mar 27, 2012 841
"Now I see it for what it really is": the impact of participation in an innocence project practicum on criminology students. Ricciardelli, Rose; Bell, James G.; Clow, Kimberley A. Mar 22, 2012 11236
Bandanna Energy Limited (ASX:BND) Tess Lye appointed Company Secretary and General Counsel. Interview Mar 14, 2012 387
Patent attorney Bill Loginov. McCord, Michael Interview Nov 4, 2011 623
US Colleges Could Get Sued for Tolerating anti-Semitism. Interview Sep 12, 2011 103
Activism gets rolling in Taiwan. Jennings, Ralph Brief article Jun 8, 2011 201
Excluding coerced witness testimony to protect a criminal defendant's right to due process of law and adequately deter police misconduct. Sheridan, Katherine May 1, 2011 22437
An overview of the capital jury project for military justice practitioners: jury dynamics, juror confusion, and juror responsibility. Carpenter, Eric R. May 1, 2011 17734
Renewed focus on loss contingency disclosures: SEC official shines spotlight on limitations of AICPA-ABA "treaty". Nilsen, Kim Interview Apr 1, 2011 1314
NB access to information & privacy commissioner Anne E. Bertrand, Q.C. Interview Dec 22, 2010 1105
Lawyer listened to his Kohkom. Pogorzelski, Roy Interview Oct 1, 2010 420
Supreme Court prediction market. Root, Damon Interview Sep 10, 2010 604
I want that job! Andrew Wetzhr argues legal cases on behalf of the planet. He's an environmental lawyer. Peretsman, Natalie Brief article Jan 6, 2010 307
Tampa's Kantor balances law with training MMA fighters. Jones, Annie Butterworth Interview Dec 1, 2009 510
Volatile conditions set stage for 24th WGC. Share, Jeff Interview Aug 1, 2009 1551
Drug decriminalization in Portugal. Gillespie, Nick Interview Jul 1, 2009 620
One-on-one with Post & Schell Attorneys Steven Fox & Edward Shay. Interview May 1, 2009 93
Bringing her over. Peoples, Katie Interview Apr 1, 2009 349
A giving family: LA parents teach kids how to give back to their community and feel good about it. Sklar, Debbie L. Interview Mar 22, 2009 1155
How do tax laws reflect American values? Wilkins, William J. Interview Mar 1, 2009 2396
Dietary supplements under the Obama administration: Revici treatment available in New York City office. Cohen, Marcus A. Interview Feb 1, 2009 1723
In profile: Richard A. Malone. Interview Oct 1, 2008 571
Raising the roof a mile high: attorney Steve Farber helped bring Democratic Convention to town. Cote, Mike Interview Jun 1, 2008 1290
Freeing the innocent. Balko, Radley Interview Jun 1, 2008 683
A fighter for the people: Frank Herrera, Jr.: founder, the Law Offices of Frank Herrera Chairman and President, HERO Assemblers & HERO Logistics. Ferraez, Jorge; Pedrero, Wendy Interview May 1, 2008 1898
Deconstructing Islamization in Pakistan: Sabiha Sumar wages feminist cinematic jihad through a documentary lens. Imran, Rahat Interview May 1, 2008 21071
Helping 'home losers' in the 'Predator-Free Zone'. Pudlow, Jan Interview Mar 1, 2008 1384
The banker who finds herself running a 108-lawyer firm: 'what I have learned is what a fantastic, fabulous experience it is'. Pudlow, Jan Interview Mar 1, 2008 851
Laurence E. Platt--veteran industry attorney. Wisniowski, Charles Interview Mar 1, 2008 2206
A spotlight on individuals who are moving onward & upward. Samuels, Adrienne Interview Nov 1, 2007 701
E-mail ethics: an audience with the wizard: what if you misdirect a strategy-disclosing e-mail? How do you keep from revealing embarrassing metadata? Todd Flaming, ISBA's lovable lawyer geek, tells all to Karen Erger, ISBA's lovable malpractice-prevention guru. Erger, Karen Interview Oct 1, 2007 1678
Oakland's neighborly lawyers. McGrath, Michael Interview Sep 22, 2007 1268
Q&A with ... immigration attorney Ron Abramson. Kenny, Jack Interview Aug 31, 2007 1198
Can a disbarred lawyer be paralegal? Interview May 1, 2007 652
Ladies' man. Schley, Stewart Interview Apr 1, 2007 751
Representing veterans in the battle for benefits: they risked their lives for our country. But when it comes to getting benefits they're entitled to, veterans face an array of administrative hurdles that only trained advocates can overcome. Jablow, Valerie Interview Sep 1, 2006 2670
Ten questions for Maria Durant: defense attorneys 101. Interview Aug 1, 2006 689
Another viewpoint. Gander, Lois E. Interview Jun 1, 2006 1595
Pipeline project has plenty of potential obstacles in its path. Share, Jeff Interview Dec 1, 2005 1222
Property seizures and the New London tea party: homeowners' attorney Scott Bullock talks about the Supreme Court's Kelo v. New London decision and America's brewing revolution against eminent domain abuse. Cavanaugh, Tim Interview Nov 1, 2005 3120
Spokesman for speech. Sanchez, Julian Interview Aug 1, 2005 446
Alan B. Bookman: president of The Florida Bar: "intelligent, hardworking with a good and friendly spirit". Pudlow, Jan Cover Story Jul 1, 2005 6442
Career spotlight ... Interview Mar 22, 2005 2854
"You're only as good as your last piece of advice.". Interview Feb 1, 2005 577
Governing product safety: are government regulatory agencies doing enough to ensure that consumer products are safe? Two attorneys from Consumers Union discuss the system's weaknesses and needed improvements. Interview Nov 1, 2004 3276
Kelly Overstreet Johnson, president of the Florida Bar: "a woman of her word, a builder of consensus". Pudlow, Jan Interview Jul 1, 2004 8380
Slovakia: the lawyer of hearts. Whiting, Alex Interview Jun 1, 2004 1624
The truth about med-mal premiums: a former insurance commissioner explains how the current 'crisis' came to be and what we can do about it. Porter, Rebecca Interview May 1, 2004 4144
Need a lawyer? Rybicki, Richard C. Interview Mar 22, 2004 1802
Time to share: timeshare advocate Mitch Imanaka says more boom times are ahead. Trifonovitch, Kelli Abe Interview Mar 1, 2004 1166
Franchising welcomes 2004 ringing in the New Year! Franchising World asked several IFA leaders to evaluate the overall state of the franchise sector as we ring in the New Year. Larson, Polly Interview Jan 1, 2004 1771
5 questions for: Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Interview Nov 1, 2003 334
Best of both worlds: Shelby Anne Floyd finds balance between Waimea's serenity and the bustle of Honolulu. Youn, Jacy L. Interview Oct 1, 2003 658
Partners in life and law. Hellwege, Jean Interview Jul 1, 2003 1968
Downtown perspectives. (Profile of the Week). Brief Article Aug 21, 2002 759
Barbara Bagnasacco. (People). Sweeten, Liz Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 601
An interview with Iain Benson. Goodden, Herman Interview Apr 1, 2002 1556
Still Time to Impeach the Supreme Court Five. Nichols, John Brief Article Dec 3, 2001 583
John P. Kellogg. (Author Spotlight). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 276
The fine art of lawyer interviews. Jones, Ken Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 799
Why the Boy Scouts Case Went Down. Interview Jan 1, 2001 3795
Privy Counsel. Doherty, Brian Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 508
Janell Byrd-Chichester Segregation: Then and Now. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 1018
Mr. Jordan goes to Wall Street. Jones, Joyce Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 442
THE RIGHTS STUFF. Ross, Andrew Interview Nov 1, 1999 1408
Martin Lipton: for the defense. Kaback, Hoffer Interview Jun 22, 1999 6740
Harmonizing business law in Africa. Interview Jul 1, 1998 964
Taking aim at the gun makers: an interview with David Kairys. Interview Jun 1, 1998 3200
A colloquy with Jack Greenberg about Brown: experiences and reflections. Sobel, Richard Interview Jun 22, 1997 7662
A lawyer without precedent. Interview Jun 1, 1997 657
Leonard Weinglass. Ervin, Mike Interview May 1, 1996 3015
Robert Kennedy, Jr.: the riverkeeper who makes polluters pay. Leonetti, Carol Interview Nov 1, 1995 2503
What's a partner to do? Craig, James L., Jr. interview Apr 1, 1991 2285

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