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Waste Land: This issue's dramatic cover image was designed to highlight the overwhelming problem of garbage pollution in our planet's seas. We caught up with Karl Taylor, the photographer behind this shot, to see how and why the image was created. Interview Jan 1, 2020 432
Juffling it all. de Voss, Vida Interview Oct 1, 2019 1206
In Conversation with Zack Arias: How to improve and grow as a photographer. Interview Jul 30, 2019 1115
Bringing the Desert Home: A Southern California adventure led to this couple's love affair--with cactus. Orr, Thad Interview Jul 1, 2019 1243
Finding balance and reflection in life during ramadan through the lens. Brief article Jun 2, 2019 214
Photo festival looks beyond Beirut. Interview Apr 26, 2019 746
Show the Beauty and the Heartbreak. Mitra, Maureen Nandini Interview Mar 22, 2019 2289
Jim Norrena. Crowder, Marcus Dec 1, 2018 416
'It's hard at this moment to be optimistic': Edward Burtynsky on the future of the planet: The Canadian photographer talks to Fatema Ahmed about The Anthropocene Project two exhibitions, a him and a book recording man's effect on Earth and capturing the spirit of what some scientists consider to be a new geological epoch. Ahmed, Fatema Interview Oct 1, 2018 1010
THE VIEW FROM ABOVE: A Montana artist breathes new life into the things adventurers carry. Seely, Kim Brown Interview Aug 1, 2018 898
Moments captured in the lives of extraordinary families raising children with rare diseases. Haberberg, Karen Interview Aug 1, 2017 1628
Choosing photographs over paintings. Interview Jun 22, 2017 721
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Israeli Photographer Elinor Carucci. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Jun 14, 2017 138
'These works resonate in America now'. Interview May 1, 2017 1282
Gone for a ride. Granada, Stephanie Interview Mar 1, 2017 724
The new look: art and fashion photography. Interview May 1, 2016 7536
Faded glory in full color: Russia's architectural history. Brumfield, William Craft Interview Mar 22, 2016 10146
Different beliefs, shared love. Montemayor, Maria Interview Jun 19, 2015 645
Close looking. Ahmed, Fatema Interview Jun 1, 2015 2140
Takeoff: Heidi Klum has soared from model to mogul. Malanowski, Jamie Cover story May 1, 2015 3056
A family portrait, in words and pictures: Sally Mann. Mudge, Alden Cover story May 1, 2015 1150
Winters' wildlife: the photography of Aaron Winters. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 270
Seeing like a camera. La Force, Thessaly Interview Feb 1, 2015 1839
David Bailey and the Stones: working-class heroes: celeb photographer and his rocking subjects defined London's swinging '60s with pop art that endures. Chagollan, Steve Interview Jan 6, 2015 405
Change how you see, see how you change. Matejka-Grossman, Liz Interview Oct 1, 2014 1872
A life less ordinary. Interview Sep 1, 2014 1095
On gendered ground: a photographer captures the realities of gender identity. Johns, Merryn Interview Oct 1, 2013 652
Our camera man. Interview Sep 1, 2013 661
Introducing Angele Etoundi Essamba: the photography of Angele Etoundi has garnered international acclaim. In this wide-ranging interview for New African, she explains to Femi Akomolafe something of her childhood in Cameroon before moving to live in France, and what currently motivates her amazing work. Akomolafe, Femi Interview Aug 1, 2013 1308
About the artist: Jonathan Castellino. Interview Jul 1, 2013 780
Faces of survivial: a photographer converts self-destruction into strength. Nguyen, Elizabeth Interview Jun 1, 2013 684
A profile of Vik Muniz. Klein, Michele Gerber Interview Jun 1, 2013 1602
Through the looking glass: photographer Michael Falco captures dreamy Civil War landscapes using a device even older than the battles themselves: the pinhole camera. Kirkwood, Scott Interview Mar 22, 2013 748
I'm a geographer. Edward, Olivia Interview Mar 1, 2013 1005
The eyewitness. Interview Feb 1, 2013 1531
James Balog. Edward, Olivia Interview Jan 1, 2013 956
Candid shots: rather than risk his life to get close-up photos of wildlife, a photographer sends a robot in his place. Hamalainen, Karina Interview Aug 21, 2012 596
Perfect imperfect. Peters, John Francis Interview Oct 1, 2011 1550
Sue Flood. Edward, Olivia Interview Jul 1, 2011 915
Giving new eyes. Munoz, Danny Interview Jul 1, 2011 779
Lucky Jim, still working at 81: there is an old African proverb that says: "when an old man dies, a library burns to the ground." Thankfully, the London-based, Ghanaian-born photographer, James Barnor, 81, a sprightly octogenarian, is belatedly being "discovered". His first major exhibition of 60 years of work has received rave reviews in Britain. Kwaku reports. Kwaku Interview Apr 1, 2011 1517
On the move with Alexander Aleman. Interview Dec 1, 2010 428
Candid camera. Interview Jun 22, 2010 1829
Celebrating our "down there" diversity. Schroeder, Stephanie Interview May 1, 2010 252
Gina Figueira: looking through a macro lens. Interview Apr 1, 2010 496
Picture of health: Henry Domke on his new 'blog book'. Peck, Richard L. Interview Dec 1, 2009 936
Salah Haidar to the Yemen Times: - "The country needs more Yemeni photographers to show the world the beauty of the country and the kindness of its people." (Report). Interview Aug 30, 2009 776
Salah Haidar to the Yemen Times: - "The country needs more Yemeni photographers to show the world the beauty of the country and the kindness of its people." (Report). Interview Jul 29, 2009 776
Arrested Photographer Says Iranian Officials Harassing Journalists. Hughes, Holly Stuart Interview Jun 18, 2009 891
The fighting cameraman. Collins, Elizabeth M. Interview May 1, 2009 1784
Shanci Robinson: Sharpsburg, Georgia: wedding photographer. Interview Jan 1, 2009 162
The art of Bradford Scott Stringfield. Franklin, Deeanna Interview Sep 1, 2007 480
An interview with Reggie Scanlan. Tuley, Laura Camille Interview Jun 1, 2007 1823
1000 words: Cindy Sherman talks about a Play of Selves, 1976. Burton, Johanna Interview Jan 1, 2007 1206
Opie's America: in two new shows, photographer Catherine Opie provides a very personal take on the country today, examining her own family as well as whole cities. Terrell, Kellee Interview Oct 24, 2006 594
Jo Sargent in conversation with ... Sargent, Jo Interview Oct 1, 2006 881
Photographer takes note. Tiffin, Lisa Interview Jul 1, 2006 1194
Who do you love? Isa Genzken in conversation with Wolfgang Tillmans. Genzken, Isa Interview Nov 1, 2005 2811
Phil Stern. Advertisement May 9, 2005 444
The kid is alright: 25-year-old art star Ryan McGinley went from skate punk to photographer, but his worldview remains the same. (art). Simpson, Les Interview Mar 4, 2003 403
Mi tierra. Griffin, Martin Interview Jan 1, 2003 222
The art you (almost) didn't see: Tim Miller talks with the author of Outlaw Representation. (Interview). Miller, Tim Interview Jul 1, 2002 1961
Nick Danziger Q&A. (In conversation). Liesenfeld, Winnie Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 652
Emerging artists. (trendsetters). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 658
Hallway, Roy DeCarava. (Looking and Learning). Montford, James Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 1181
DIRECT TO FILM. ROSEN, MIRIAM Interview Feb 1, 2001 3805
Hot shot. Ferber, Lawrence Brief Article Feb 15, 2000 572
Zoe Leonard talks about her recent work. Interview Jan 1, 1999 1069
Ron Zak. Walker, Larry Interview Apr 1, 1997 851
Herman Leonard: making music with light. Salaam, Kalamu ya Interview Jun 22, 1995 3409
Naked city. Goldin, Nan Interview Jan 1, 1995 3286
Thin air. Frailey, Stephen Interview Nov 1, 1993 567
Karsh: master of portrait photography. Barrett, Wayne M. Interview Jan 1, 1993 2489

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