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An Interview with Kate Brown. Interview Jun 22, 2019 3827
Georgetown's Jackson Jazzed' About History. Jones, Lamont, Jr. Interview May 2, 2019 803
The Men Who Sold the War: Among Washington's hawks, there is no penalty for being wrong. Carlson, Tucker Jan 1, 2019 2094
Four score. Hopkinson, Deborah Interview Oct 1, 2018 551
An Interview with Lewis H. Siegelbaum. Interview Sep 22, 2018 3278
An apt surname. Cary, Alice Interview Jul 1, 2018 586
A reckoning with racism. Araujo-Hawkins, Dawn Interview Feb 9, 2018 1532
Rescuing Forgotten Voices: An Interview with Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim. McCaffrey, Katherine T. Interview Sep 22, 2017 5456
A people's historian: talking about the past and the future with the Park Service's new chief historian. Scharper, Julie Interview Jun 22, 2017 1197
'Black radical'. Morris, Catherine Interview Feb 9, 2017 932
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Holocaust Historian Deborah Lipstadt. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Oct 28, 2016 120
Academic activist: Dr. Rodolfo F. Acuna, the 2016 recipient of the John Hope Franklin Award, continues his legacy of protest and being a champion of Chicano studies. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Mar 10, 2016 1389
An Interview With Slovak Historian Pavol MeA!A[yen]an, Director of the Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava. Pfeifer, Karl Interview Aug 27, 2015 116
Part of our lives: a history of the public library: an interview with Wayne Wiegand. Hill, Rebecca A. Interview Jun 1, 2015 1686
An interview with Laura Engelstein. Interview Sep 22, 2014 6618
Clearing the air: allied air campaign paves the way for D-Day success at Normandy. Crane, Ryan Interview Jun 1, 2014 1023
Civil war speaker. Stuart, Reginald Interview Mar 27, 2014 699
Dorothy Cummings McLean, a Canadian Catholic writer living in Scotland, recently interviewed Rev. Doctor Athanasius D. McVay who specializes in twentieth-century history of Vatican diplomacy and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Interview Mar 1, 2014 271
Native narrative: William J. Bauer Jr.'s Wailacki and Concow background has inspired his work to preserve California Indian history. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 2, 2014 653
Postcards from Switzerland and Holland. Gerstenfeld, Manfred Interview Dec 1, 2012 2249
Borderland conditions between the united states and Mexico: a conversation between Rachel St. John and Natalia Mendoza. Interview Sep 22, 2012 4177
The global presence of African civilizations: an interview with Runoko Rashidi. Balola, Lola Interview Dec 1, 2011 5021
Interview with Professor Alter L'vovich Litvin: (Department of History, Kazan State Federal University). Eklof, Ben Interview Sep 22, 2011 11594
A conversation with Dr. Monroe Fordham. Richardson, Jean Interview Jul 1, 2011 8560
An Interview with MLB's New Official Historian, John Thorn. Brown, Maury Interview Mar 7, 2011 571
Mad men? Hugh Thomas tells Paul Lay about his unparalleled research into the lives of the extraordinary generation of men who conquered the New World for Golden Age Spain. Lay, Paul Interview Mar 1, 2011 2380
Young Adam Smith. Cavanaugh, Tim Interview Jan 11, 2011 622
Jo Urion. Majher, Patricia Interview Jan 1, 2011 1097
The sceptical realist: the acclaimed historian Michael Burleigh talks to Paul Lay about his influences, working methods, the need for historians to engage in public policy and why he is relieved to be free from academic bureaucracy. Lay, Paul Interview Sep 1, 2010 2556
Balancing act: an education historian argues that too much focus on testing may send schools on a race to the bottom. Interview Sep 1, 2010 1667
An interview with Edward L. Keenan. Interview Jun 22, 2010 4315
Sir Martin Gilbert on Israel, Britain and Map-Making. Interview Jan 25, 2010 86
Interview: Israeli new historian Avi Shlaim. Gaess, Roger Interview Sep 22, 2009 5351
The good companion: nonagenarian historian and polymath Charles Arnold-Baker talks to Paul Lay about his extraordinary life and his equally remarkable life's work. Lay, Paul Interview Jul 1, 2009 1791
High art. Riggs, Mike Interview Mar 1, 2009 667
Marty Blatt: Boston National Historical Park. Interview Mar 1, 2009 1260
A historian's historian: an unorthodox traditionalist, John Lukacs challenges both the right and the left. Patterson, Margot Interview Apr 4, 2008 2037
Dreaming America: forty years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the "Beyond Vietnam" speech, what does it mean for America today? A conversation with historian and scholar Vincent G. Harding. Berger, Rose Marie Interview Apr 1, 2007 2517
The man of many parts: Martin Evans talks to historian, biographer and novelist Peter Ackroyd. Evans, Martin Interview Jan 1, 2007 1938
An interview with James Billington. Interview Mar 22, 2006 2193
Why the crusades still matter: two scholars discuss a historic flashpoint and its relevance today. Cover Story Feb 24, 2006 3243
Supreme Court senility: historian David J. Garrow discusses decrepit judges. Walker, Jesse Interview Jul 1, 2005 1572
Does progress have a future? A conversation with Pierre-Andre Taguieff. Cover Story Dec 22, 2004 1290
The power of place: Hadrian's Wall: Martin Henig, interviewed by Tony Morris, shares a beaker of wine with the Emperor Hadrian. Morris, Tony Interview Jun 1, 2004 1202
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto: Daniel Snowman meets the historian of Columbus, Barcelona, the Millennium, Truth, Civilisations, Food and the Americas. (Cross Current). Snowman, Daniel Interview Jul 1, 2003 2702
A conversation with Peter Groenewegen. Dollery, Brian Interview Jun 22, 2002 20880
Ken Burns on Journalism. Robertson, Lori Interview Sep 1, 2001 953
18th Century Man. Lynch, Michael W. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 550
LISTENING TO THE PAST. Perks, Robert Interview Nov 1, 2000 1629
An Interview with Elizabeth Mason. Polsky, Richard Interview Jun 22, 2000 9189
JOHN KEEGAN. Snowman, Daniel Interview May 1, 2000 2597
An Interview with Samuel Hand: "Reel Life: The Early Years of the OHA/OHR". K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Jun 22, 1999 6876
PETER BURKE. Snowman, Daniel Interview Apr 1, 1999 2071
One for the history books. Kipling, Kay Interview Mar 1, 1999 1388
The Historian interviews apprentice historians. Johnson, Linda Cooke Interview Jan 1, 1999 9101
ERIC HOBSBAWM. Snowman, Daniel Interview Jan 1, 1999 2575
An Interview With Charles T. Morrissey: Part II "Living Independently: The Oral History Career of Charles T. Morrissey". K'Meyer, Tracy E.; Morrissey, Charles T. Interview Jan 1, 1999 7456
Interview with Mary Beth Norton. Adelson, Roger Interview Sep 22, 1997 8460
An interview with Willa K. Baum: a career at the Regional Oral History Office. K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Jun 22, 1997 8339
German Arciniegas: guardian of our distinct history. Ambrus, Steven Interview May 1, 1997 2822
Interview with Roger Adelson. Margheim, Joy Interview Jan 1, 1996 6074
Interview with Walter L. Arnstein. Interview Mar 22, 1995 7956
Interview with Stephen J. Pyne. Adelson, Roger Interview Sep 22, 1994 8098
Interview with Joan Jensen. Adelson, Roger Interview Jan 1, 1994 6465
Interview with John Demos. Adelson, Roger Interview Mar 22, 1993 7951
Interview with Peter Calvocoressi. Adelson, Roger Interview Jan 1, 1993 8587

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