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Martin Danek: The Oboe is Still a Great Mystery. Hradeckd, Dita Interview Oct 1, 2019 2027
Sona Jobarteh: Kora is a way of life. Rafiq, Raji Interview Jul 1, 2019 1411
Breaking the Binary: How Grayson harnessed their true identity for EP Head to Head. Beck, Janelle Interview Jun 22, 2019 1028
At the Moment: I'm Probably at the Happiest Phase of My Life An interview with cimbalom player and composer Daniel Skala. Mikyska, Ian Interview Apr 1, 2019 4321
Yoni Z: Next generation of Jewish music and Jewish video clips. Brief article Aug 8, 2018 103
Meeting in the Middle: An Interview with East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) Winner, Meaghan Blanchard. Giddings, Steve Interview Jun 22, 2018 3929
Lyrics of the Land: Buffy Sainte-Marie Gives Voice to Aboriginal Struggles. Muldrew, Fiona; McLeod, Suzanne Interview Jan 1, 2018 1832
Dr. Eckart Altenmuller: Physician--Professor-Flutist Researcher--Author. Berenson, Gail Interview Dec 1, 2017 1704
Champion & Lopresti: music to our ears: two musicians share their long journey to parenthood. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Aug 1, 2017 666
The only way around is through: it's not a breakup album, but Sera Cahoone's new album still delivers heartache and self-discovery. McCartney, Kelly Interview Aug 1, 2017 885
Canada 150 & A Canadian Ethnomusicologist: An interview with Dr. Parmela Attariwala. Leadbeater, Naomi Interview Mar 22, 2017 2335
Virtuosity, comedy and charm. Fellows, Esther Interview Dec 1, 2016 2375
A'tudes & Brews: An Interview with Emily Browne. Rexroat, Carrie Interview May 1, 2016 2984
Megan Nicole. Duff, Chelsea Interview Apr 1, 2016 245
Jimmy Webb. Interview Feb 9, 2016 464
Hallowed ground: an interview with Camp Southern Ground President Rob Parker. Interview Jan 1, 2016 1232
Richard Seda: from autodidact to cornetto master. Snejdarova, Dina Interview Jan 1, 2016 3038
Jaafar talks to Michelle de Vries. Interview Jan 1, 2016 1017
Time out: with time for three. Bennett, Erin K. Interview Dec 1, 2015 2394
Trying to crack the licensing code? Ask Cathy Heller: from gamine to guru. Klug, Lisa Interview Aug 24, 2015 600
Know who you are: the best advice Miranda Lambert ever got was from her mom, and she's applied it to every aspect of her life. Young, Susan Interview Jun 1, 2015 2697
Tommy James. Gaydos, Steven Interview Apr 7, 2015 503
Musician, Heal Thyself: An Interview with Kristy M. Morrell. Upton, Katie Interview Feb 1, 2015 2596
Creating music to carry the narrative: once they get to the essence of a film, these artists can tie it all together with the perfect score. Blair, Iain Interview Dec 11, 2014 666
Masters of Film Arts: Barker & Bernard thrive in tough indie biz. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Sep 23, 2014 720
confidential closet confidential closet. Interview Aug 21, 2014 396
closet confidential. Interview Aug 20, 2014 384
closet confidential. Interview Aug 20, 2014 375
confidential closet confidential closet. Interview Aug 20, 2014 384
Lindsay White Veronica May: still birds of a feather even though they're no longer together. Byrne, Caitlyn Interview Jul 1, 2014 1541
Vojtech jouza: is a musician of multiple interests... Snajdarova, Dina Interview Jul 1, 2014 2424
Petr Cigler scientist & musician. Bakla, Petr Interview Apr 1, 2014 2766
Petr wagner: as a musician, I like the contrast between the roles i find myself in. Havlik Vojtech Interview Apr 1, 2014 2945
Scaramouche role made me feel like a rock god; THE BIG INTERVIEW West End star Lauren Samuels returns to Warwickshire for a homecoming gig. She talks to CATHERINE VONLEDEBUR about her career highlights so far. Interview Jan 31, 2014 1472
Less Than Jake; Quick One With; Music INTERVIEWS, GIG NEWS, COLUMNS. Interview Jan 24, 2014 257
Less Than Jake; Quick One With; INTERVIEWS, GIG NEWS, COLUMNS; Music. Interview Jan 24, 2014 258
September Girls riding on the crest of a wave; The Big Interview Dublin Girls' debut album Cursing The Sea wins critical acclaim throughout the music industry. Interview Jan 17, 2014 1147
Strokes' Hammond ties the knot; INTERVIEWS, GIG NEWS, COLUMNS Music. Interview Dec 27, 2013 146
Alex Ebert, aka Edward Sharpe, gets into Redford's head. Chagollan, Steve Interview Nov 6, 2013 449
The Pavel Haas Quartet's breathtaking new Schubert disc in line for another Gramophone Award. Stehlik, Lubos Interview Oct 1, 2013 2537
Angelic working: in conversation: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge with Jarrett Earnest. Earnest, Jarrett Interview Sep 1, 2013 3365
The fine art of Arthur Satyan. Interview Aug 21, 2013 1027
Tradition and innovation: PEI singer-songwriter Tim Chaisson. O'Donnell, Rory; MacRae, Melissa Interview Jun 22, 2013 2438
Mohsen Namjoo with Shoja Azari. Azari, Shoja Interview Feb 1, 2013 2349
A new wave for Ultravox's Midge Ure. Gamboa, Glenn Interview Feb 1, 2013 362
Just before music: Lonnie Holley's knotty life. Excerpt Feb 1, 2013 1914
Q+A Bono: the musician and activist explains how technology can make the world so much better. Bergstein, Brian Interview Jan 1, 2013 1792
INTERVIEW - "In the last 7 years, in the American media, I've heard 2% of the truth about Pakistan, 100% of the time. Interview Nov 30, 2012 1167
Chocolate crew still believing in miracles; The smooth tones of Hot Chocolate are still soothing fans 42 years after their first hit. Michael Wood talks to a band having just as much fun as they did back in the 70s. Interview Nov 1, 2012 884
Back in his 'homeland' ALAN NICHOL has a round-up of what's happening on the roots music scene, including an interview with Wilko Johnson, who can't wait to return to Tyneside for the North East Guitar Festival. Interview Oct 19, 2012 799
Duets for Abdelrazik. Grihalva, Joey Interview Sep 1, 2012 949
Making meaningful music: she took Namibia by storm when she beat stiff competition to win the Battle of the Bands 2012. Not just your regular musician, Shishani's Vranckx lyrics, melody and voice are a cut above the rest, in quality and in content. Always accommodating, always excited, Shishani had a char with Sheena Magenya about what inspires her music, and why she uses sense instead of sex to sell her music. Vranckx, Shishani Interview Sep 1, 2012 622
Kraftwerk: Ralf Hutter talks about "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" introduction by Michelle Kuo. Kuo, Michelle Interview May 1, 2012 2162
Stone hearts garage sales: musician Angus Stone has a chat with habitat editor Tabatha Fulker on why he can't resist a hand-drawn sign adorned with a few cultured balloons. Fulker, Tabatha Interview Apr 1, 2012 679
5 QUESTIONS FOR... Cu [...]. Interview Mar 27, 2012 432
Gendered performance and performing gender in the DIY punk and hardcore music scene. Griffin, Naomi Essay Mar 15, 2012 7150
I DRAW SLOW; A QUICK ONE WITH. Interview Feb 17, 2012 339
Long Beach music scene: Eugene & The 1914. Moore, Greggory Interview Dec 22, 2011 854
Mark McGuire: moves on. Hockley-Smith, Sam Interview Dec 1, 2011 512
Lunice: footloose. Drake, David Interview Dec 1, 2011 509
20 questions. Interview Nov 1, 2011 835
Tangled up in law: the jurisprudence of Bob Dylan. Perlin, Michael L. Oct 1, 2011 17281
Musical, rhetorical, and visual material in the work of Feldman. Ozment, Kurt Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 6750
Metheny mood: an interview with vibrant, versatile and prolific guitarist Pat Metheny. Bekheet, Diaa Interview Jul 29, 2011 859
Long beach music scene: Jenny Stockdale. Moore, Greggory Interview Jun 22, 2011 920
A well-'Red' rock star: Hagar rises from steel town roots to business mogul, bestselling author. Gaydos, Steven Interview Apr 4, 2011 1028
Long Beach music scene: Chris Schlarb. Moore, Greggory Interview Mar 22, 2011 983
Sara Hickman: The TT Interview. Interview Feb 17, 2011 1125
Plucky Move. Gelfand, Alexander Interview Oct 28, 2010 1072
Long Beach music scene. Moore, Gregory Interview Sep 22, 2010 994
H2Blow. Gelfand, Alexander Interview Jun 24, 2010 1060
Digging into the deep: singer-songwriter Sara Quin discusses her musical and political influences, and muses about what the future might hold for Tegan and Sara. Lazowski, Anna Interview Jun 22, 2010 1389
"We are defending our culture": an interview with Samir Joubran. Interview Mar 30, 2010 1052
Diego Obregon: innovation and tradition flow from Colombia to queens. Hamilton, Gabrielle; Sturm, Naomi Interview Mar 22, 2010 1830
Back on message: Gil Scott-Heron retools for a new generation. Light, Alan Interview Mar 1, 2010 1686
The lion in exile: Thomas Mapfumo has been the most popular entertainer in Zimbabwe for the best part of 40 years. He has also been a fearless critic of the country's rulers, earning the sobriquet "Lion of Zimbabwe". Stephen Williams interviewed him for New African. Williams, Stephen Interview Jan 1, 2010 1115
Rock my world: The Pack A.D. Filipenko, Cindy Interview Jan 1, 2010 852
Q+A. Hernandez, Briana Interview Nov 1, 2009 442
Brothers in Music: Shlomo and Eitan Katz. Interview Oct 16, 2009 82
Power music, electric revival: submerged so deep in the music he made it his namesake, Dam-Funk has seen the other side and wants to bring you there. Delerhem, Felipe Interview Oct 1, 2009 2825
Marooned: the secret punk history of Ridgewood High. Hockley-Smith, Sam Interview Sep 1, 2009 495
The president's role in cultivating positive town-gown relations: college presidents should strive to engage their colleges and communities to develop a college town atmosphere and economy. Weill, Lawrence V. Report Jul 1, 2009 3846
On the road with Tegan & Sara. Walters-Beck, Melany Interview Jul 1, 2009 1695
Living lesbian legend: Janis Ian reflects on a lifetime in music. Steinfeld, David Interview Jul 1, 2009 759
Dolorata. Lary, Nina Interview May 1, 2009 297
David Byrne: David Byrne is many things--prickly pop musician, erudite artist, creative sponge, reticent scenester, wordly curator, icon--but mostly a sturdy example of how to live past enclosures. We explore his many paths as well as a few new artists following in his footsteps. Interview May 1, 2009 4368
Eyeing the creatures: an exploration of mirth as a personal function of art/Oe vir die kreature: 'n verkenning van pret as 'n persoonlike funksie van kuns. Botha, J.R. Essay Apr 1, 2009 9023
Coming together: the messy and fated journey of Girls. Arnold, Daniel Interview Mar 1, 2009 453
Mutt culture: Beirut's Zach condon went to Mexico a boy and came back a band. Schnipper, Matthew Interview Mar 1, 2009 2248
The new dynamic: with fellow UK innovators and her own prodicious talent, Little Boots finds the brilliance in pop. Bennett, Kim Taylor Cover story Jan 1, 2009 2026
Almost everything will be revealed: Blank Dogs is not a mystery, a legend, a recluse, or an elaborate Brooklyn secret, but no last names please. Rachel, T. Cole Interview Jan 1, 2009 1935
Do you think I'm a nasty girl? With super sexuality and deep swagger, R&B BFFs Electrik Red bust heads ... and give hugs. Shepherd, Julianne Escobedo Interview Jan 1, 2009 1752
Everything is possible: when No Age decided to question what it means to be a punk band now, they found out that the answers are infinite. Ducker, Eric Interview Dec 1, 2008 3023
Angie Mattson. Ponti, Aimsel L. Interview Nov 1, 2008 611
Manuel Castaneda, III. Interview Oct 1, 2008 278
Ill: Gang Gang Dance's Lizzi Bougatsos speaks on Saint Dymphna. Hugo, Mario Interview Oct 1, 2008 405
Knit wit: Chris Taylor has his needles on the record. Hansen, Erin Interview Sep 1, 2008 625
Ebony Bones is all exclamation points. Bennett, Kim Taylor Interview Jul 1, 2008 401
GP: beat construction: el movimiento: Jorge Ledezma's electric garden. Bruno, Angela Interview Jul 1, 2008 459
About to rock: The Jonas Bros open up on love, life and their biggest year yet. Arkoff, Vicki Interview Jun 1, 2008 1444
Dame Evelyn Glennie: percussion's "first" lady. Fellows, Esther Interview Jun 1, 2008 2673
A different take the Black Ghosts reflect on the remix. Interview May 1, 2008 533
Deconstructing Islamization in Pakistan: Sabiha Sumar wages feminist cinematic jihad through a documentary lens. Imran, Rahat Interview May 1, 2008 21071
Moby. Voss, Brandon Interview Apr 22, 2008 1025
Jaheim: one man's odyssey. Henderson, Shirley Interview Apr 1, 2008 499
Sales record: Vancouver singer-songwriter vocal on world change. Filipenko, Cindy Interview Mar 22, 2008 846
Sweet Melissa: The Advocate's favorite cover girl talks about the next stage of her evolution. Dowd, Rachel Interview Jan 15, 2008 1590
Kristi Martel: singer-songwriter. Roca, Jaime Interview Jun 1, 2007 595
Jeff Tweedy: Wilco, beautiful not stoned. Light, Alan Interview May 1, 2007 1210
Mekole Wells: singer, Survivor. Kreitzer, Sonia Interview Apr 1, 2007 460
Jonathan Andrews. Interview Sep 1, 2006 426
One sax-y CPA. Rosen, Cheryl Interview Jul 1, 2006 220
Big gay following: the Dixie Chicks. Kort, Michele Interview Jun 20, 2006 510
It's peachy for Keene: musician's musician Tommy Keene releases a new CD of irresistible pop. And as a bonus, he comes out. Reighley, Kurt B. Interview May 9, 2006 522
The outside man: once wary of musical theatre, recording artist Duncan Sheik is doing his part to expand the form. Estvanik, Nicole Interview May 1, 2006 3482
Nick Carter. Hensley, Dennis Interview Nov 22, 2005 452
Taking Root: Green and Root prove that couples who play together stay together. Rodgerson, Gillian Interview Aug 1, 2005 372
5 questions for: Omarion. Interview Jul 1, 2005 415
Top ten: reasons we love Jenna Mattison. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Jun 1, 2005 619
Worth the wait. Liederman, Katie Interview May 1, 2005 423
Shooting star. Westbrook, Renee Interview Apr 1, 2005 405
Top ten: reasons we love Petty Booka. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Apr 1, 2005 511
Fly her to the moon: what's art got to do with NASA? Laurie Anderson listens to the cosmic pulse. Gener, Randy Interview Mar 1, 2005 3726
Nadjiwan has a new beginning with Begin. Young, George Interview Mar 1, 2005 706
Sing it out. Bloch, Julia Interview Feb 1, 2005 341
The look of love: folk rocker Laura Love almost didn't live past puberty. But thanks to some divine intervention, she's released nine albums, raised a toddler with her partner of 10 years and written a tell-all about growing up with a mentally ill mom. Lee, Colleen Interview Feb 1, 2005 713
On the road again. Wright, Andy Interview Feb 1, 2005 366
Top ten: reasons Pamela Means rocks. Voo, Jocelyn Interview Feb 1, 2005 494
Soft and crunchy: Drew Daniel of Matmos plays around with punk in his side project, the Soft Pink Truth. Reighley, Kurt B. Interview Feb 1, 2005 275
Woman down under. Corday, Jennifer Interview Dec 1, 2004 362
Prince reclaims his throne. Norment, Lynn Interview Sep 1, 2004 1808
Lovely Little Things. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Aug 1, 2004 364
Artist profile--Felipe Rose. Bates, Gene; Bates, Teri Interview Jul 1, 2004 809
Rachel de Azevedo Coleman: signing for the times. Roberts, Julie Interview Aug 1, 2003 610
Seth speaks: comic, writer, and accompanist to Broadway divas, Seth Rudetsky talks about his journey from high school "fag boy" to star of his own one-man show. (theater). Drake, David Interview May 13, 2003 357
Glassjaw. Vitello, Sally Interview Apr 1, 2003 489
Today's British invaders carrying only `Pop' guns. (Eurotrack). Gaydos, Steven Interview Oct 14, 2002 688
The melvins. Velasco, Alan Interview Jul 1, 2002 1467
Cub Country: "rednecks in their trucks trying to kill me". Epstein, Joseph Interview Jul 1, 2002 715
Filthy Thieving Bastards. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 874
The stitches. Beardo, El Interview Jun 1, 2002 1421
Super chunk. Interview Jun 1, 2002 931
The hives. Interview Jun 1, 2002 851
Moby's mission: with a new CD ready to go, the king of pop electronica continues to defy both musical and sexual labels. But he has no problem taking sides when it comes to gay rights and Eminem. Wadewitz, Mikel Brief Article May 14, 2002 964
Interview with Jaroslav Stastny. Interview May 1, 2002 1551
Five Deez. Kelsch, Martine Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 776
Flogging Molly. Lundry, Wez Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 905
Exhumed. Pino, Joe Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 853
Citizen Fish. Carswell, Sean Interview Feb 1, 2002 1741
Zen Guerrilla. Lundry, Wez Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 699
Prophet of sound. (In Conversation). Kyle, Laura Interview Dec 1, 2001 627
Dar to be different; with her new live album out, Dar Williams explains being a straight woman who gets the lesbian psyche. (music). Tucker, Karen Iris Interview Nov 6, 2001 880
The God whisperer: it's about truth. And listening. An interview with musician David Wilcox. Moiso, Aimee Interview Nov 1, 2001 1491
Toys That Kill. Harris, Andy Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 907
AMERICAN STEEL. Appelgren, Christopher Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 773
Built to Spill. Schmitty Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 1138
Atom and his Package. Retodd Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 798
West End Boys. Pope, Carole Interview Jul 17, 2001 1995
Off the shelf. Coble, Margaret Interview Mar 13, 2001 545
Free to be Sara Lee. Kort, Michele Brief Article Nov 21, 2000 573
Mary, quite contrary. Tucker, Karen Iris Interview Nov 7, 2000 603
Puff Daddy: the man, the music, the controversy. Chappell, Kevin Cover Story Apr 1, 1998 1814
The inner voices of simple things: a conversation with Paul Lansky. Perry, Jeffrey Interview Jun 22, 1996 8897
An interview with John Adams. Jemian, Rebecca; De Zeeuw, Anne Marie Interview Jun 22, 1996 5513
Two interviews with Kenneth Gaburo. Zurbrugg, Nicholas Interview Jan 1, 1995 8156
Manu Dibango. Santoro, Gene Interview Oct 24, 1994 2377

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