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Kill Thrill: An Interview with Crime Author Emily Schultz. Heacock, Kait Interview Nov 1, 2020 1515
An Ear for Women: Interview with Megan Marshall. Mulcahy, Joanne B. Interview Mar 1, 2019 2787
Rewriting the Caribbean female body: a conversation with Opal Palmer Adisa. Serna Martinez, Elisa Interview Jun 1, 2016 9588
"I discovered my purpose when my son was born". de Voss, Vida Interview Dec 1, 2014 968
'Mommy' blogger/author Janet Frongillo. Callahan, Kathleen Interview Sep 7, 2012 681
How feminism can help your sex life. Van Deven, Mandy Interview Jan 1, 2012 2097
Interview with Janette Turner Hospital. Jorgensen, Cheryl Interview May 1, 2010 5661
Duo keeps 'Huge' opportunity in family. Littleton, Cynthia Interview Feb 15, 2010 993
Stars' 'Wild' night. Morfoot, Addie Interview Oct 19, 2009 191
Over any obstacle: a conversation with Azerbaijani Writer Afaq Masud. Mandaville, Alison Interview Sep 1, 2009 2767
On mothers without citizenship: an interview with Lynn Fujiwara. Thoma, Pamela Interview Jun 1, 2009 8462
Writing from the heart: an interview with Laurie Halse Anderson. Prince, Julie Interview Dec 1, 2008 1368
Constructing the Canadian citizen. Chakraborty, Mridula Nath Interview Sep 22, 2008 2143
Les valeurs, la maniere (values, manner): the poetry, writing and activism of Nicole Brossard. Mays, Mariianne Interview Sep 22, 2008 2376
Graphic scenes in conversation with Mariko Tamaki. Whittal, Zoe Interview Sep 22, 2008 1425
Prairie porch fiction. Ryan, Kerry Interview Sep 22, 2008 829
KI Thompson. Puligandla, Kamala K. Interview Jul 1, 2008 498
An interview with I Can Be author, Christine Sumner. Interview Jul 1, 2008 439
Arianna Huffington: the author and cofounder of the Huffington post talks East vs. West, the art of the dinner party, and taking L.A. seriously. Brentwood Interview Jun 1, 2008 365
Interview with Claire Kilroy. Burke, Mary Interview Sep 22, 2007 6745
Hanne Blank: author. Allen, Elizabeth Interview Sep 1, 2007 476
Ghostwalking: Martin Evans talks to the historian of science Rebecca Stott about her new novel in which she explores unexplained events in the life of Isaac Newton, and considers the interactions between past and present. Evans, Martin Interview Jul 1, 2007 1496
Bar none: Julia Sudbury on why prisons do not cut crime. Cassidy, Sara Interview Jun 22, 2007 2624
To bend but not to bow. Khankoje, Maya Interview Jun 22, 2007 1353
Asia's love for luxury brands; the love that Asian consumers show for brand name luxury goods is well known. Radha Chadha, author of The Cult of the Luxury Brand, shares her views on why the psychology of the Asian consumer differs from that of their western counterparts and what propels them to buy more luxury brands. Ravindran, N. Interview Feb 1, 2007 1914
The Pleasures of polyamory: one-woman wonder Wendy-O-Matik tackles polyamory for us girls. Rice, Charlotte Interview Jan 1, 2007 837
Mona E.: author. Palmigiano, Lauren Interview Jan 1, 2007 374
Staying alive 101: the latest book by transsexual writer Kate Bornstein offers youths creative alternatives to suicide, including sex and drugs. Kennedy, Sarah Interview Dec 5, 2006 422
Little blisters rubbing stories into life: an interview with Helen Hemphill. Lesesne, Teri S. Interview Oct 1, 2006 1303
Literature, art, and a country in crisis: an interview with Aissa Khelladi and Marie Virolle of Algerie Litterature/Action. Toler, Michael Interview Jul 1, 2006 3120
Veil: the veil has long been the subject of much controversy, seen as a symbol of subservience in some quarters, while a sign of autonomy in others. The academic and author of the revolutionary book Veil, now in its third printing, Egyptian-born Fadwa El Guindi talked to Pat McDonnell Twair. Twair, Pat McDonnell Interview Jun 1, 2006 1303
The tax on being female: 23 cents per hour and counting: media critic Jennifer L. Pozner talks with Evelyn Murphy and her collaborator E.J. Graff about their new book Getting Even, the wage gap, the media, and what individuals, employers, and legislators can do to achieve equity at long last. Pozner, Jennifer L. Interview May 1, 2006 2472
My brothel's keeper. Howley, Kerry Interview Feb 1, 2006 457
The bad boy of Baltimore. Interview Feb 1, 2006 815
With God On Their side: how Christian fundamentalists are controlling the Bush White House--and interfering with Americans' lives. Kaplan, Esther Interview Jan 1, 2006 2389
"Language is not an instrument for me but existence": interview with Marlene Streeruwitz. Kraft, Helga Interview Jan 1, 2006 5462
Troublemaker Irshad Manji: reviving Islam's lost tradition of independent thinking. Lo, Malinda Interview Aug 1, 2005 658
A complicated kind of author. Brandt, Di Interview Jun 22, 2005 3082
She's stacked. Bloch, Julia Interview May 1, 2005 242
Seeing red. Llewellyn, Rachel Interview May 1, 2005 403
Honing her craft. Voo, Jocelyn Interview Apr 1, 2005 477
Our cup of Tea. Pepper, Rachel Interview Oct 1, 2004 408
Sarah Jones: don't get too comfortable. Shenk, Joshua Wolf Interview Jul 1, 2004 1217
Exposing the system: an interview with Jane Doe. Mitchell, Penni Interview Jun 22, 2004 2583
A "tale" of two sisters: Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. Berry, Mary Interview Jun 1, 2004 2064
Pocahontas' voice: a conversation with Paula Gunn Allen. Braxton, Joanne M. Interview May 1, 2004 1630
Margaret Atwood: is this the path we want to be on? D'Souza, Irene Cover Story Mar 22, 2004 2573
An interview with Samia Serageldin. Hayward, Maysa Abou-Youssef Interview Jun 1, 2003 2305
An interview with Miriam Cooke. Hayward, Maysa Abou-Youssef Interview Jun 1, 2003 1599
An interview with Fatheya El Asaal. Basiouny, Mohamed Interview Jun 1, 2003 2203
An interview with Salwa Bakr. Taha, Hisham Interview Jun 1, 2003 721
Writing the truth: an interview with Pam Munoz Ryan. (Author Portrait). Lesesne, Teri S. Interview Apr 1, 2003 1724
In conversation with Makeda Silvera. Ruth, Elizabeth Interview Mar 22, 2003 1957
Interview with Marguerite Young. Fuchs, Miriam Interview Mar 22, 2003 2508
Naked history: lesbian historian Lillian Faderman talks about her brave new memoir--and her tantalizing past as a stripper. (books). Marler, Regina Interview Feb 18, 2003 751
Caviar in crisis: luxury food and market failure. (Interview). Saffron, Inga Interview Dec 1, 2002 3260
The anthropological perspective. (Interview). Lewin, Ellen Interview Sep 1, 2002 2783
Can this book change your life? In Journey to the Well, Bishop Vashti McKenzie offers lessons in spiritual transformation. Stanley, Kathryn V. Interview Sep 1, 2002 1761
Minors and sex: reality and denial; Steven Schwartzberg talks with the author of Harmful to Minors. (Interview). Schwartzberg, Steven Interview Jul 1, 2002 3020
A new racism: just when we thought apartheid had been banished for good. Gordimer, Nadine Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 731
From warrior to poet: Maxine Hong Kingston talks to Lori Tsang about her latest book. Interview Jul 1, 2002 2174
Decoding the language: Bharati Mukherjee tells Suzanne Ruta some of the stories behind Desirable Daughters. Ruta, Suzanne Interview Jul 1, 2002 2125
Slipping and sliding. Interview Jul 1, 2002 917
Inside the talking house. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 1054
Bird outside the Cage: an Interview with Yumi Matsuo. Gregory, Sinda; McCaffery, Larry Interview Jun 22, 2002 3377
This Conflict between Illusion and Brutal Reality: an Interview with Yoriko Shono. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda; Kotani, Mari; Tatsumi, Takayuki Interview Jun 22, 2002 3205
Nugi Garimara (Doris Pilkington) interviewed by Christine Watson. Interview May 1, 2002 7820
Violent femme: Nicola Griffith spills the beans about Stay, her new novel starring kick-ass lesbian crime fighter Aud Torvingen. (books). Lehoczky, Etelka Brief Article Apr 16, 2002 536
An interview with Ana Maria Machado. (Children's Literature). Ortolano, Glauco Interview Mar 22, 2002 3166
The case against disorganization: how to arrest this time bandit. (Inbox). Alleyne, Sonia Interview Mar 1, 2002 506
Identity through imagination: an interview with Lilian Faschinger. Kennedy, Ellie Interview Jan 1, 2002 4986
Cynthia rich. (Q & A). Einhart, Nancy Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 443
In the Company of Women: Natalie Manor. McFall, Snowden Brief Article Oct 5, 2001 2201
BOOKSHELF. Interview Oct 1, 2001 1050
Cheering for books: An interview with Cynthia Leitich Smith. Lesesne, Teri Interview Oct 1, 2001 1545
Blonde Ambition: An Interview with Joyce Carol Oates. Johnson, Greg Interview Sep 22, 2001 1842
An E-mail Interview with Thalia Field. Elshtain, Eric P. Interview Sep 22, 2001 4263
An Interview with Naomi Ragen. Weil, Jenny Interview Jul 1, 2001 1707
Going with the flow. Interview Jul 1, 2001 2126
Nuruddin Farrah Interviewed. Wachtel, Eleanor Interview Jun 22, 2001 4631
An interview with Alice Hoffman. Hardy, Charles Interview Jun 22, 2001 13488
City Views. Interview Jun 1, 2001 5473
All in the Mix. RABER, ERIN Interview Jun 1, 2001 2361
JUST STOP IT. POLTER, JULIE Interview Mar 1, 2001 1793
Participant observer. Ullman, Ellen Interview Feb 1, 2001 2601
When stories come alive. Murray, Janet H. Interview Feb 1, 2001 2983
HEY! BABY. Interview Feb 1, 2001 509
LOVING IN THE WAR YEARS. Lehoczky, Etelka Brief Article Jan 30, 2001 555
Creation arises from the chaos of our messy lives. HEFFERN, RICH Interview Dec 8, 2000 1790
Desirada -- A NEW CONCEPTION OF IDENTITY. McCORMICK, ROBERT H. JR. Interview Jun 22, 2000 6693
Blanche Wiesen Cook. DREIFUS, CLAUDIA Interview Jan 1, 2000 3921
Encountering the Other--Beyond Political Correctness: Interview with Barbara Frischmuth. Yesilada, Karin Interview Jan 1, 2000 4630
"My Characters Live Only Insofar as They Speak": Interview with Elfriede Jelinek. Bethman, Brenda L. Interview Jan 1, 2000 4712
SEXUAL HEALING. Pam Huwig Interview Dec 1, 1999 1204
a conversation with ROSMARIE WALDROP. Retallack, Joan Interview Sep 22, 1999 17453
B O O K S F R O M A B R O A D: In a Penal Colony. LARSON, CHARLES R. Interview Jun 1, 1999 1232
A Teller's Tale: Elizabeth McCracken reveals her writing inspirations. RENDELSTEI, JILL E. Interview Apr 1, 1999 2627
Interview with Elizabeth Cox. REAMES, KELLY Interview Mar 22, 1999 5146
Interview with Lee Smith: May 18, 1997. McCord, Charline R. Interview Dec 22, 1998 10112
An interview with Carol Shields. Hollenberg, Donna Krolik Interview Sep 22, 1998 6046
The secret sharer: an interview and profile of Anita Brookner. Guppy, Shusha Interview Jul 1, 1998 2665
Odd lot. Anshaw, Carol Interview Jun 22, 1998 946
An interview with Carla Harryman. Simpson, Megan Interview Dec 22, 1996 7835
Reticence and resistance: a conversation. Interview Jul 1, 1996 3628
Leena Krohn. Landon, Philip Interview Jun 22, 1996 1474
Kirsti Paltto. Landon, Philip Interview Jun 22, 1996 1768
Raija Siekkinen. Landon, Philip Interview Jun 22, 1996 1251
I hope I can teach a little bit: an interview with Bebe Moore Campbell. Satz, Martha Interview Mar 22, 1996 7758
Barbara Kingsolver. Epstein, Robin Interview Feb 1, 1996 6076
No silence: an interview with Maryse Conde. Lewis, Barbara Interview Jun 22, 1995 3968
Eve Bunting: suitable for children? Weiss, Stefanie Interview Apr 1, 1995 788
Carole Maso: an interview. Cooley, Nicole Interview Mar 1, 1995 7473
Interview with Beryl Fletcher. Bergmann, Laurel Interview Oct 1, 1994 5696
An interview with Marilynne Robinson. Schaub, Thomas Interview Jun 22, 1994 7795
The infinite variety of the Puerto Rican reality: an interview with Judith Ortiz Cofer. Ocasio, Rafael Interview Jun 22, 1994 7228
Women and writing in Puerto Rico: an interview with Ana Lydia Vega. Springfield, Consuelo Lopez; Hernandez, Elizabeth Interview Jun 22, 1994 4984
Literature/journalism: the frontier; an interview with Magali Garcia Ramis. Esteves, Carmen C. Interview Jun 22, 1994 3819
An interview with Michelle Cliff. Schwartz, Meryl F. Interview Dec 22, 1993 9048
The Nation years. Dixler, Elsa; Navasky, Victor S. Cover Story Nov 1, 1993 2082
Unshackling the patriarchy: an interview with Lee Smith. Loewenstein, Claudia Interview Sep 22, 1993 8103
An interview with Nadine Gordimer. Jeyifo, Biodun Interview Sep 22, 1993 4118
Dorothy Allison, crossover blues. Boyd, Blanche McCrary Interview Jul 5, 1993 1203
A dialogue with Gail Godwin. Xie, Lihong Interview Mar 22, 1993 7333
A manual of etiquette: an interview with Paulette Jiles. Mills, Elizabeth Interview Mar 22, 1993 9258
An interview with Valerie Martin. Smith, Rob Interview Mar 22, 1993 6296
Haitian literature after Duvalier: an interview with Yanick Lahens. Zimra, Clarisse Interview Jan 1, 1993 8569
An interview with Merle Collins. Wilson, Betty Interview Jan 1, 1993 6734
An interview with Myriam Warner-Vieyra. Mortimer, Mildred Interview Jan 1, 1993 4002
"When the past answers our present": Assia Djebar talks about 'Loin de Medine.' (Francophone and Anglophone Literature: The Women Writers) (Interview) Zimra, Clarisse Interview Jan 1, 1993 8583
Mary, still contrary. Brightman, Carol Interview May 19, 1984 5989

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