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Moving pictures In films about a suffering world, we can know God through depictions of authentic humanity. Interview Nov 1, 2021 2766
Ted Henken on How Internet Access Is Changing Cuba. Gillespie, Nick Interview Oct 22, 2021 678
This Week: Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto: Dean Designate of the Clinton School of Public Service. Interview Oct 11, 2021 514
Advancing digital pathology and informatics. Wilson, Linda Interview Oct 1, 2021 773
John Cho Senior Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Interview Jul 1, 2021 222
Why OAU will celebrate 60 people at its 60th anniversary -Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, VC. Interview Jun 5, 2021 2231
Chasing a Giant. Martin, Jonathan E. Interview May 1, 2021 1537
How agriculture can end insecurity in Nigeria - Opara, Chairman CSS Global Integrated Farms. Interview May 1, 2021 2294
CONVERSATIONS. Interview Apr 1, 2021 793
A CONVERSATION WITH DR. CHARLIE E. MCADOO II. Mcadoo, Charlie E. Interview Apr 1, 2021 796
HOW TO THINK LIKE A FUTURIST. Barone, Giuseppe Interview Apr 1, 2021 912
PANDEMIC STRESS... ON THE SUPPLY CHAIN: "In terms of... reaction time and... safety stock... you could never forecast for what we experienced last spring.". Gayman, Deann Interview Mar 1, 2021 1577
'Everything will be anglicized without Amar Ekushey Book Fair'. Interview Feb 21, 2021 950
New book dispels myths about Pregnancy Help Movement. Interview Feb 1, 2021 1106
Egypt maintains poverty growth at 1.7% over past 5 years: Social Solidarity Ministry Adviser. Tamer Farhat Interview Dec 29, 2020 1080
'God is waiting for us': As COVID-19 propels us towards a different kind of Christmas, this Advent could be a time for considering God's expectations for Christians and the church, says Newfoundland priest and theological studies professor Robert Cooke. Townsend, Matthew Interview Dec 1, 2020 1775
Amy McGovern: Professor, University of Oklahoma, and Weather and Forecasting editor. Interview Dec 1, 2020 263
An Interview with Sam Ortiz: The Ortiz PVAT. Interview Dec 1, 2020 5352
What North Will Not Accept About 2023 Presidency -Prof Mahuta, UDU Don And Kebbi Dev Foundation Chairman. Interview Nov 21, 2020 1642
WCM-Q Grand Rounds series a big draw amid pandemic woes. Interview Nov 9, 2020 447
Over 4,000 attend WCM-Q webinars. Interview Nov 8, 2020 449
CAMBRIDGE BLUE AND WHITE. Moore, Susan Interview Nov 1, 2020 2571
Dr. Viviana Astudillo-Clavijo talks with ChildArt's Managing Editor, Amy Enke. Enke, Amy Interview Oct 1, 2020 658
Prof. Ambeth Ocampo on Rizal and fake news. Interview Sep 17, 2020 743
A Conversation with Rob Kapilow, Part 2. Holmes, Leslie Interview Sep 1, 2020 4699
The state of the economy according to Prof. Monsod. Interview Aug 25, 2020 738
Personal Accountability in Chaos: AN INTERVIEW WITH JAMES HOLLIS, PhD. Kiesling, Stephen Interview Jul 1, 2020 2860
The Origins of the Jewish Calendar: for centuries, the Jewish calendar has unified the Jewish people. The dates of Jewish holidays have set common temporal landmarks for Jews, wherever they may live. But before the development of the calendar we know today, sectarian debates and geographical separations created calendrical disputes that deeply divided Jewish communities. Moment's Lilly Gelman talks about Jewish time with Sarit Kattan Gribetz, an assistant professor of theology at Fordham University and author of the forthcoming book Time and Difference in Rabbinic Judaism. Gelman, Lilly Interview Jun 22, 2020 819
Skin changes in COVID-19 patients: What we know and don't know. Upper, Graeme M. Interview Jun 1, 2020 2685
Erecting Barriers to Coronavirus: "You wouldn't board an airplane that didn't have regular maintenance, but many buildings don't get an annual checkup.". Walsh, Colleen Interview May 1, 2020 1895
Dogs of our lives: The love that Jennifer Finney Boylan's dogs taught her is more than mere puppy love. It's that healing, sustaining love that gets us through life's letdowns and losses. Wakeman, Jessica Interview May 1, 2020 809
'There are more business graduates than there are jobs, and we need to take the gig economy more seriously'. Interview Mar 12, 2020 1246
Together, baby; forever, baby: Pregnancy is a cooperative venture between mother and baby, medical discoveries show. Interview Feb 1, 2020 1873
I'll Have The Usual. Moritz, Gwen Interview Jan 13, 2020 750
An Interview with Yasunori Honda, Professor Emeritus. Arnold, Wayne E. Interview Jan 1, 2020 4342
Self-publishing demands more of an author. Interview Oct 26, 2019 1125
James J. Buffer, Jr. Buffer, James J., Jr.; Moye, Johnny J. Interview Oct 1, 2019 2476
Practicing Urban Media Studies: An Interview With Will Straw. Tosoni, Simone; Ridell, Seija Interview Oct 1, 2019 7807
DOC HOLLYWOOD? How celebrities shape our views about health. Interview Oct 1, 2019 1223
The Lowdown: Reimagining Research to Recognize Emerging Insurance Industry Trends. Pamela Simpson Interview Sep 19, 2019 2812
Bangladesh should stay alert. Interview Sep 18, 2019 1147
Bangladesh should stay alert. Interview Sep 17, 2019 1146
Cryotherapy procedure an alternative to root canal. Interview Jun 24, 2019 619
Changing Conceptions of Writing: An Interview with Elizabeth Wardle. Olejnik, Mandy Interview Jun 22, 2019 2192
Assessing the Field of WPA with Edward M. White: An Interview with an Influential Scholar in WPA. Snyder, Sarah Elizabeth Interview Jun 22, 2019 2228
Celebrating the Contributions of Doug Hesse. Ubbesen, Molly Interview Jun 22, 2019 2233
Meet Martha. Martha, Meet Interview Jun 1, 2019 238
Art Historian Explores African Diaspora, Intersections. Jones, LaMont Interview Apr 18, 2019 841
Brain, Mind, Soul and Mirror Neurons: Professor Marco Iacoboni talks with ChildArt. Interview Apr 1, 2019 741
Art, Empathy, and Medicine: Dr. Michael Flanagan talks to ChildArt. Interview Apr 1, 2019 1119
Gaming with Empathy: Dr. Karen Schrier talks with ChildArt. Interview Apr 1, 2019 741
Fixing PG&E: shareholder burden or collective responsibility? Interview Mar 25, 2019 1059
Shaping a Legacy Through History. Pennamon, Tiffany Interview Mar 21, 2019 1278
Pablo Avila: Empowering Professors in the Classroom. Levitan, Monica Interview Mar 7, 2019 751
The Grandparents' Diet: It's healthy for you ... and their future. Liebman, Bonnie Interview Mar 1, 2019 2535
Puncturing dreams of drones: Unmanned aerial vehicles have been touted as a "leapfrog" solution to Africa's poor infrastructure. A researcher who studies them offers a dose of realism. Kakaes, Konstantin Interview Mar 1, 2019 750
She's Not Just Digging for Digging's Sake. Stewart, Pearl Interview Feb 7, 2019 786
Venezuela and the setbacks of the Latin American Left: What does it all mean? Freeman, Alan Interview Jan 1, 2019 3513
Contemporary Perspectives on the Countertenor: Interviews with Kai Wessel, Corinna Herr, Arnold Jacobshagen, and Matthias Echternach. Reetz, Jerod Interview Nov 1, 2018 7117
5 Questions with Tal Ben-Shahar. Kelmenson, Kalia Interview Nov 1, 2018 509
WE DON'T NEED SOCCER MOMSOR DADS, OR COACHES. Skenazy, Lenore Interview Oct 1, 2018 710
What Are Teens Doing on Social Media and Exactly What Does It Have to Do with the Library? An Interview with Denise Agosto, Ph.D., Drexel University College of Computing and Informatics. Hill, Rebecca A. Interview Oct 1, 2018 2762
Scholar Helps Students See Relevance of Black History. Wood, Sarah Sep 20, 2018 842
HIGH ANXIETY: Are Smartphones Upping the Angst Ante? Cheever, Nancy Sep 1, 2018 1715
Overcoming Challenges, Scholar is Making a Difference. Wood, Sarah Interview Aug 23, 2018 787
Returning Home to Make a Difference. Wood, Sarah Interview Aug 9, 2018 788
Fred Bartlit, Steven Droullard, and Dr. Marni Boppart, authors of Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging. Messick, Garry Interview Aug 1, 2018 1685
Religion, body and health: an interview with Thomas Csordas. Toniol, Rodrigo; Matsue, Regina; Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes Entrevista Jul 1, 2018 3198
Academy, Institutional Theory and Organizational Research. Tsujiguchi, Fernanda Yumi Interview Jul 1, 2018 3657
A Harlem Daughter Gives Back. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jun 28, 2018 860
A Scholar Without Borders. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jun 14, 2018 850
A minute with ... Professor Wilkins: The academic and Intuitive Colorimeter designer talks to OT about visual stress. Wilkins, Arnold Interview Jun 1, 2018 431
The New Approaches in William Faulkner Study: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Rieger. Mengyu, Li Interview Jun 1, 2018 4474
Optical supercomputing: Dr Keren Bergman, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University discusses her ISC keynote on the development of silicon photonics for HPC. Interview Jun 1, 2018 1370
Industry Insider: Susan O'Malley. Interview Jun 1, 2018 1290
The Dark Side of the Anti-Trafficking Movement. Elfman, Lois Interview May 3, 2018 806
A conversation with ZGF Architects' Paddy Tillett. Interview Apr 13, 2018 1128
Presidential election was not competitive, but still slap on face of conspiracies: Salama. Interview Apr 12, 2018 1346
Rejecting Stereotypes. Stewart, Pearl Interview Apr 5, 2018 789
What a difference a district can make: An interview with Meredith Honig: While they're often overlooked in education policy debates, district central office staff can play critical roles in improving schools and ensuring student success. Heller, Rafael Interview Apr 1, 2018 4044
What do we gain from liquid biopsy tests in lung cancer? We asked Michael Apostolis, MD. Interview Apr 1, 2018 680
Arts Rights Justice: protecting and promoting artistic freedom - an interview with Daniel Gad. Vickery, Jonathan Interview Apr 1, 2018 3199
Interrogating the World With Students. Levitan, Monica Interview Mar 22, 2018 820
For North Korea, there needs to be retreat, not freeze: Satoru Mori. Interview Mar 21, 2018 2155
They will impeach him ... Trump's days are numbered: John Roemer. Interview Mar 21, 2018 2194
N21.73trn debt: Economist cautions FG on external borrowings. Interview Mar 19, 2018 541
A Pioneer in the Literary World of Black Panther. Pennamon, Tiffany Interview Mar 8, 2018 719
Perchance to Dream: The hunt for a good night's sleep. Vitiello, Michael V. Interview Mar 1, 2018 2047
Black Studies and the Democratization of American Higher Education: An Interview with Charles P. Henry. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Mar 1, 2018 2431
Welcome. White, John Interview Mar 1, 2018 306
Interview: Peter Frankopan on Globalization, Technology & 'The Silk Road'. Interview Feb 11, 2018 2206
'You have a theological voice': Researcher takes her study to Africa to engage sisters in conversation about their lives. Lidman, Melanie Interview Feb 9, 2018 1903
DEDOVA PLAYS RAVEL. Litzelman, James Interview Feb 1, 2018 2610
QBA works for benefit of the private sector: Chairman. Interview Jan 15, 2018 752
Bible-readers can be both 'lovers' and 'brawlers'. Folkins, Tali Interview Jan 1, 2018 917
12 QUESTIONS TO... Interview Jan 1, 2018 1671
William H. L. Dorsey: An Interview and Lesson in Deliberate Protracted Activism. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Jan 1, 2018 5682
An Interview with Stacey M. Holloway. Houston, Kerr Interview Jan 1, 2018 1869
Killing Poetry: An Interview with Javon L. Johnson. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Dec 1, 2017 1987
How to End Human Stupidity. Gillespie, Nick Interview Nov 17, 2017 639
Need to Know Your Clients Better? Try Playing a Game. Interview Nov 8, 2017 1395
A strange backstory lies behind a Dahl novel. Interview Oct 14, 2017 1248
REMEMBERING ANDREW GORDON. Nakjavani, Erik Interview Sep 22, 2017 733
Cultivating a critical eye. Pennamon, Tiffany Interview Sep 7, 2017 777
NU-Q holds session on sports media law and ethics. Interview Sep 6, 2017 765
Q&A with David Kitchen: human health at risk from extreme weather caused by climate change: impacts of extreme weather on environmental, public health. Haskins, Julia Interview Sep 1, 2017 1411
An expert focusing on hispanic serving institutions. Levitan, Monica Interview Aug 24, 2017 823
The people side of breakthrough innovation: an interview with Gina O'Connor: Gina O'Connor talks with Jim Euchner about the people needed to power effective breakthrough innovation inside established companies. Euchner, Jim Interview Jul 1, 2017 5465
An interview with Jan Plamper: on the history of emotions. Interview Jun 22, 2017 3856
Politics on campus: a Q&A with Amy Binder. Interview Jun 22, 2017 1787
Ethical literary criticism and ethical narratology: an interview with Prof. Wolfgang G. Muller. Tian, Zhang Interview Jun 1, 2017 2700
12 Fragen an... 12 questions to... Bergh, Jeroen van den Interview May 1, 2017 1717
Dr. David Hayes-Bautista: the prophet of Latino Health. Jordan, Judi Interview May 1, 2017 2399
Expanding beyond the ivory tower. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Apr 20, 2017 869
Corporal punishment: Harmful for Black children. Elfman, Lois Interview Apr 20, 2017 841
Stacking the deck? How industry funding can influence science and create confusion. Interview Mar 1, 2017 2156
12 Fragen an... 12 questions to... ... Klaus Hasselmann. Biography Mar 1, 2017 1750
Voices for a New Vernacular: A Forum on Digital Storytelling: interview with Veena Raman. Raman, Veena; Lashley, Mark C.; Creech, Brian Interview Mar 1, 2017 2589
Interview with Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Interview Feb 28, 2017 3570
Colman McCarthy makes sure students learn peace. Roberts, Tom Interview Jan 27, 2017 3223
Success in cybersecurity. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Interview Jan 26, 2017 719
Aging gracefully. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Interview Jan 26, 2017 730
Indigenous artist. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 26, 2017 733
Goings up. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 26, 2017 735
Repairing education inequities. Gray, Katti Interview Jan 26, 2017 654
Empowering teen parents. Morris, Catherine Interview Jan 26, 2017 742
Stimulating the mind. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 26, 2017 707
Managing healthcare costs and value. Frigo, Mark L. Interview Jan 1, 2017 4606
Award winner focuses on the design and manufacturing interface. Nelson, Rick Interview Jan 1, 2017 761
American University Prof. Blasts Administration for Unequal and Unfair Treatment of Black Community. Interview Nov 5, 2016 2106
Interview with Meijun Qian, Associate Professor at the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics at the College of Business and Economics of the Australian National University. Interview Oct 31, 2016 2382
12 questions to .../12 fragen an ... Martin, Lisa L. Interview Oct 1, 2016 1674
ARNOLD WASSERMAN & PETER SCUPELLI. Interview Oct 1, 2016 1592
Public Opinion Shifting Focus on Black Community in US Again. Interview Sep 28, 2016 1435
Innovating with crowds: an interview with Karim Lakhani: Karim Lakhani talks with Jim Euchner about using communities and contests to access the power of crowds for innovation. Euchner, Jim Interview Sep 1, 2016 5700
AMS@EGU (Part 2 of 3). Interview Sep 1, 2016 714
Spokesvultures for ecological awareness: an interview with Timothy Morton. McIntyre, Caitlin; Medoro, Dana Interview Sep 1, 2016 6394
Compassionate chemistry. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Aug 25, 2016 759
A scholar's soundtrack. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Aug 11, 2016 878
Complex, quirky, and profound. Interview Aug 1, 2016 3046
AMS@EGU (Part 1 of 3). Kuglitsch, Monique Interview Aug 1, 2016 1088
Somos familia. Interview Jul 1, 2016 3572
In first person: Anne-Marie Slaughter: the high cost of not making room for care. Papiano, James Interview Jun 22, 2016 2680
Sinophone studies and beyond: an interview with Shu-mei Shih. Shan, Te-hsing Interview Jun 22, 2016 14835
Best of both worlds. Morris, Catherine Interview Jun 16, 2016 799
Is the Earth an Optical Medium? An Interview with Chris Russill. Maddalena, Kate; Russill, Chris Interview Jun 1, 2016 8485
Cinema/Cybernetics/Visuality: A Conversation with Orit Halpern. Lohmeyer, Eddie; Halpern, Orit Interview Jun 1, 2016 6403
12 questions to .../12 fragen an ... Interview May 1, 2016 1763
To cut back on carbon-based fuels, get heavy on the metal. Interview May 1, 2016 556
Hallowed Alaoluwa a precocious intellect. Williams, Stephen Interview May 1, 2016 657
From Radio Pakistan to Karachi University. Interview Apr 30, 2016 1494
AIIMS will have a 460 Bed most modern Digestive Diseases Center. Interview Apr 30, 2016 2926
Science and HR: A Conversation with Professor Denise M. Rousseau. Creelman, David Interview Mar 22, 2016 2874
Will machines eliminate us? Interview Mar 1, 2016 960
Reclaiming conversation. Interview Mar 1, 2016 1708
The biggest mystery. Interview Mar 1, 2016 2709
Faith and basketball. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Feb 11, 2016 884
Teaching excellence: optometrist, senior lecturer at Cardiff University and AOP Awards Lecturer of the Year 2015, Dr Katharine Evans, shares her journey from biochemistry undergraduate into academia. Evans, Katharine Interview Feb 1, 2016 605
Balancing act: Professor Mary-Antoinette Smith believes that working for justice means finding a way to balance the professional, personal, and spiritual. Smith, Mary-Antoinette Interview Feb 1, 2016 3212
Changing the face of science. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Interview Jan 28, 2016 694
Learning the language of confidence. Scribner, Amy Interview Jan 1, 2016 1040
Fostering creativity at camp and in life: an interview with Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD. Interview Jan 1, 2016 1111
Interview with Duane Paxson. Joiner, Dorothy Interview Jan 1, 2016 2565
Straight as an arrow. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Nov 19, 2015 694
Interview: Prof. Austin Stack from Ireland - Management of Hyperuricemia and Gout: Gout patients can continue taking Low Dose Aspirin therapy to get protection from cardiac diseases. Interview Nov 15, 2015 1011
Bad Catholics. Interview Nov 1, 2015 3232
STandI are potential drivers of a knowledge-based economy: Prof Dr Anwar Gilani. Interview Sep 6, 2015 1827
From the electronic frontier to the anthropocene: a conversation with Fred Turner. Turner, Fred; Jandric, Petar Interview Sep 1, 2015 7738
'A wonderful calling': portraits of the brotherhood. Salgado, Soli Interview Aug 28, 2015 1203
The risks of change: Paula Jarzabkowski's research into the world of reinsurance warns of problems that can emerge when risk becomes a commodity and risk-bearers lose contact with perils. Green, Meg Interview Aug 1, 2015 1957
Dr Ghafoor: Ambitious for academia-industry linkage nurturing. Interview Jul 19, 2015 1332
The people's poet. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Jul 16, 2015 874
Lecturer of the Year. Interview Jun 27, 2015 1360
The Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GA-SIG) of The International Game Developer's Association (IGDA). Ira, Vanessa Interview Jun 1, 2015 1521
Genius proportions. Morris, Catherine Interview May 21, 2015 801
Harmon plays key role in new state-of-the-art department home. Woolley, Dana Interview May 1, 2015 704
MIT Forum for supply chain innovation launches manufacturing innovation consortium. Brief article May 1, 2015 261
Radiation curable coatings. Interview Apr 1, 2015 1447
Legendary courses: five great professors school us on their craft and their can't-miss classes. Berkowitz, Kenny Interview Mar 22, 2015 2141
Actors in forced migration: an interview with Kelly Greenhill. Interview Mar 22, 2015 2083
Eighty thousand entry points: an interview with Antje Missbach. Interview Mar 22, 2015 2842
Imperative as a river: interview with Heidi Estrem. Rose, Shirley K. Interview Mar 22, 2015 4325
Modern: 60 Seconds with... Interview Mar 1, 2015 682
Let them eat junk: meet the fast-food-gulping, cola-guzzling, organics-hating Cornell prof who wants to trick you into eating better. Butler, Kiera Interview Mar 1, 2015 4117
'Blackademic' activist. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Feb 26, 2015 907
Why teach theology? Interview Feb 1, 2015 3501
The science of savoring. Onderko, Patty Interview Feb 1, 2015 1099
Professionalism only way to make progress: Dr. BS Chowdhry. Dawach, Murtaza; Waqas, Abi Interview Jan 25, 2015 1379
Smart cities will take many forms. Interview Jan 1, 2015 1004
Media ecology and teaching Chinese as a second language (TCSL). Tseng, Chin-chin; Sheen, Natalie Interview Jan 1, 2015 1432
With privilege, consciousness. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Jan 1, 2015 822
Educational activist. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 1, 2015 694
Border specialist. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 1, 2015 736
Addiction expert. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Jan 1, 2015 789
Rising STEM star. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 1, 2015 704
Continental colonization. Cooper, Kenneth J. Interview Jan 1, 2015 613
Exploring gender and diversity. Morris, Catherine Interview Jan 1, 2015 702
Just like magic. Cooper, Kenneth J. Interview Jan 1, 2015 702
Black male mentor. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 1, 2015 844
An interview with Derek Larson. Stephens, Rachel Interview Jan 1, 2015 1394
'Some kind of gradualism': curran says papacy should admit some of its teachings are wrong. Fox, Thomas C. Interview Nov 21, 2014 2500
Help and heal. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Nov 6, 2014 828
A lifetime calling: Dr. Betty J. Overton-Adkins' love of education has taken her across the country, to many institutions and schools. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Nov 6, 2014 1428
Azibo interviews Dr. Kumea Shorter-Gooden on shifting and the Sisterella Complex. Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya Interview Oct 15, 2014 1277
Azibo interviews Michael Tillotson, Ph.D on theological misorientation. Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya Interview Oct 15, 2014 1425
Genetic engineering worth debating. Ellis, Lauren Interview Sep 22, 2014 1290
Global talent management for the 21st century a conversation with Peter Cappelli and Ram Charan. Steckler, Steve Interview Sep 1, 2014 2960
Pro player turns prof. Sturdivant, Christina Interview Jul 3, 2014 800
A professor's broad perspective. Kissalita, William Interview Jul 1, 2014 1125
Get fitter faster with interval training. Liebman, Bonnie Interview Jul 1, 2014 793
Advice on using DAAs for patients with HCV/HIV coinfection: an interview with Douglas T. Dieterich, MD. Interview Jun 22, 2014 1556
The jazz teacher. Sturdivant, Christina Interview May 22, 2014 764
Psych Prof advocates. Stewart, Pearl Interview May 8, 2014 736
New book describes the origins of the Asian 'Model Minority' in the U.S. Hu, Helen Interview May 8, 2014 767
Thomas Klug. Interview May 1, 2014 975
To believe, or not to believe: Yale professor examines the quest to uncover Shakespeare's beliefs. Blaney, Retta Interview Apr 11, 2014 759
Why sanctions may not work. Interview Apr 1, 2014 558
An interview with Shelley Carson: creativity and it's relatives. Shaughnessy, Michael F. Interview Apr 1, 2014 3232
Spotlight on Head Start Dental Hygiene Liaisons. Howerton, Whitney Interview Mar 1, 2014 1641
Advice to early-career professionals with Russ Schumacher. Schumacher, Russ Interview Mar 1, 2014 1660
When do i get my robocop? power before superpowers: a new remake of the sci-fi classic robocop imagines a future where humanity and machinery merge, to awesome result. is it a realistic vision? somewhat, neuroscientist charles higgins tells us. Tucker, Patrick Interview Mar 1, 2014 1537
Ethics and the entrepreneur: Pitt professor Paul Harper is one of a handful of academicians of color nationwide stressing ethics and values as an integral part of their teaching of entrepreneurship. Stuart, Reginald Interview Jan 30, 2014 1156
HIV activist: Jillian Lucas Baker's early experiences with a strong family background and mentors at Penn helped her develop an interest in public health, eventually leading to her groundbreaking work in HIV/AIDS. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 2, 2014 849
Native narrative: William J. Bauer Jr.'s Wailacki and Concow background has inspired his work to preserve California Indian history. Stewart, Pearl Interview Jan 2, 2014 653
Destined for more: growing up in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood helped inform Bridgette M. Brawner's research on HIV/AIDS. Hawkins, B. Denise Interview Jan 2, 2014 750
Brit lit and race: with the publication of his forthcoming book in April, the university of new Hampshire prof is bringing the "theological account of race and racialization" in early modern England to a wider audience. Roach, Ronald Interview Jan 2, 2014 703
Uncovering 'impostership': Arkansas native T. Elon Dancy II focuses on the experiences of underrepresented college students, finding inspiration from his own life journey. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 2, 2014 849
Willing to lead: Soribel Genao's upbringing in a lower-income Latino community inspires her to be part of a conversation about education and diversity. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Interview Jan 2, 2014 866
From Mexico to advanced math: Mexican transplant Eduardo Gonzalez's work at UMass Boston is attracting major federal grant dollars. Cooper, Kenneth J. Interview Jan 2, 2014 695
Balancing the scales: moved by sit-ins and the work of Thurgood Marshall, Wendy Greene has risen to prominence as a professor of law at Samford and sought-after speaker nationally. Roach, Ronald Interview Jan 2, 2014 835
In plain language: immigrating to the U.S. at eight, Anna Dina L. Joaquin rose from the bottom of her high school class to the heights of linguistics scholarship. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Interview Jan 2, 2014 664
Making an impression: Korean American Lee, inspired by growing up in racially tense '90s LA and with help from famous mentors like Henry Louis Gates Jr., is making a splash in the academy as an African-American scholar. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 2, 2014 781
Professorial pursuits: Felecia McInnis Nave is not only a chemical engineering professor and university administrator, she is also a vocal advocate for women and African-Americans in STEM. Hawkins, B. Denise Interview Jan 2, 2014 726
Success through giving: an interview with Adam Grant. Interview Jan 1, 2014 1813
Shape memory in printed form. Brown, Alan S. Interview Jan 1, 2014 553
An interview with Corinne Hoisington: teacher and technology expert. Interview Jan 1, 2014 1188
Professor of forestry Dr. James Kielbaso. Interview Jan 1, 2014 312
Changing education from the grassroots up. Goral, Tim Interview Dec 1, 2013 1520
The politic of culture: an interview with Dr. Toby S. Jenkins. Hill, Rebecca A. Interview Dec 1, 2013 2119
Scottish Independence Q&A: Top Prof Reveals What Scots and English Really Think of Each Other. Interview Nov 23, 2013 884
Thought leader: Dr. Kwame Anthony Appiah has championed Black studies programs at numerous elite institutions. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Nov 7, 2013 1237
Neil Gross delves into why academicians lie left of center. Hu, Helen Interview Nov 7, 2013 795
Emerging leader: meeting students where they are. Patterson, Greg Interview Nov 1, 2013 539
Cross-cultural champion. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Interview Oct 10, 2013 733
From Westerville, Ohio to Kamchatka: life after STS. Interview Oct 5, 2013 371
Whither 24-hour news channels in digital age? Web-savvy audiences could grow to forsake televised reports. Clarke, Steve Interview Oct 1, 2013 568
Dr. Happiness is in: a legendary scientist defines the path to true contentment. Onderko, Patty Interview Oct 1, 2013 1183
Dr. Floyd W. Banks: from social activism to reflections in retirement. Interview Oct 1, 2013 1232
Interview. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Interview Oct 1, 2013 3767
The relentless attack on teachers: Andrew Hartman interviews Mark Naison. Interview Oct 1, 2013 3368
Catching them while they are young: OT speaks to Professor David Thomson about his new screening programme for children which he hopes will be introduced nationwide. Interview Sep 20, 2013 1845
Snowden makes us a part of the story. Zintel, Ed Interview Sep 1, 2013 535
An interview with Jerry W. Ward, Jr. Zuyou, Wang Interview Aug 1, 2013 4800
The prayers of mothers in poverty. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Interview Jul 5, 2013 1182
Transforming human consciousness: James Nickoloff gets beyond simplistic portrayals of liberation theology. Manson, Jamie L. Interview Jul 5, 2013 1715
Thad Starner. Interview Jul 1, 2013 790
Bioartificial tracheobronchial transplantation. Interview with Paolo Macchiarini. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 140
Interview with Robert Wistrich: A millennium of British antisemitism. Gerstenfeld, Manfred Interview Jun 1, 2013 809
Reverse innovation: a new pathway for growth: the global marketplace is turning upside down as innovation and growth are stemming from all parts of the world and many unexpected places. What can companies do to succeed in this environment? Frigo, Mark L. Interview May 1, 2013 1644
Knowledge at the forefront of development: within the African Development Bank (AfDB) is a department known as the African Development Institute (ADI), which works to build capacity and knowledge for the bank, its Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and development partners. Professor Victor Murinde, as the head of the Institute, explained to Stephen Williams just how important this work is. Williams, Stephen Interview May 1, 2013 1161
Prof Dr Akram Shaikh: Man behind the task to digitize information resources at PASTIC. Interview Apr 14, 2013 1929
Progressing into optometry: dispensing optician and pre-registration optometrist Manoj Bector shares his experience on the University of Bradford's career progression BSc in Optometry course. Bector, Manoj Interview Apr 5, 2013 769
The question of interface. Salemy, Mohammad Interview Mar 22, 2013 8345
The Bottom-Line Benefits of Hope; Hope may seem like a soft concept, but it has hard-edged implications for businesses and their performance. Interview Mar 5, 2013 822
'Building alternatives to the colonial relationship'. Ball, David P. Interview Mar 1, 2013 1187
Coming home to roost. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Interview Jan 3, 2013 614
Teaching with technology: Dr. Shaundra B. Daily works to improve education with technology. Roach, Ronald Interview Jan 3, 2013 725
Fun with physics: Dr. Gerardo Dominguez's work explores natural phenomena. Townsend, Beatrice Interview Jan 3, 2013 771
Heavy metal: Dr. Andrea Maria Hodge is a leader in the field of metal and material engineering research. Gaither, Steven J. Interview Jan 3, 2013 632
Champion of change: Dr. Flavia Perea explores issues of equity and health disparities. Davis, Kimberly Interview Jan 3, 2013 673
Scoring high: Dr. Rodney Priestley exemplifies the rigor of research in the Ivy Leagues. Lesesne, Cherise Interview Jan 3, 2013 663
Looking up: Dr. Adia Harvey Wingfield follows examples of her parents; explores race, class and gender issues. Hawkins, B. Denise Interview Jan 3, 2013 771
The secret life of fat, with Michele La Merrill. Broadcast transcript Jan 1, 2013 1620
The new era of publishing? Williams Cole checks in again with John B. Thompson. Cole, Williams Interview Jan 1, 2013 1423
Testing the virtual patient: OT's Nikki Withers speaks with the brains behind the 'virtual patient'--a unique learning tool currently being used at Aston University. Interview Dec 14, 2012 1359
Postcards from Switzerland and Holland. Gerstenfeld, Manfred Interview Dec 1, 2012 2249
The black campus movement: an interview with Ibram H. Rogers. Carroll, Karanja Keita Interview Dec 1, 2012 3611
Popular diets: EN gives you the skinny. Palmer, Sharon Interview Dec 1, 2012 893
Dr. Edmund W. Gordon battles to eradicate achievement gap. Ramsey, Donovan X. Interview Nov 8, 2012 865
Rooting through the past: Harvard professor helps people understand their roots through genealogy. Dodson, Angela P. Interview Nov 8, 2012 1662
Scholars explore religion's role in environmental movement. Roewe, Brian Interview Nov 8, 2012 990
Exploring links between arsenic and diabetes, with Ana Navas-Acien. Ahearn, Ashley Interview Nov 1, 2012 1797
PDK connection: organizational news about PDK International. Patterson, Greg Interview Oct 1, 2012 863
The balanced scorecard: 20 years and counting. Frigo, Mark L. Interview Oct 1, 2012 2921
Discipline born of struggle: African American and African studies at Ohio State University. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Oct 1, 2012 6106
Dialogue in pan African studies: interviewing emeritus professor David Covin. Zulu, Itibari M. Interview Oct 1, 2012 2317
Reflections of a woman who works quietly and loudly for the race: a conversation with Dr. Shirley Nash Weber. Merritt, Anta Anthony Interview Oct 1, 2012 5582
Forest ecologist Jerry F. Franklin. Franklin, Jerry F. Interview Sep 22, 2012 420
Interview with Dan Walden. Berger, Alan L. Interview Sep 22, 2012 5851
'We won in our effort to preserve the Constitution': legal scholar Randy Barnett on why the Supreme Court ObamaCare decision isn't as bad as you think. Root, Damon Interview Sep 18, 2012 3714
Europe's Jews: The Extreme Right Joins the Islamists. Interview Sep 5, 2012 102
Michigan State Scholar examines Muslim view of salvation. Dodson, Angela R. Interview Jul 19, 2012 893
Q&A: Norman Finkelstein. Samuels, David Interview Jun 11, 2012 1319
Jane Austen Fan Amy Elizabeth Smith Takes Famous Author To Latin America In 'All Roads Lead To Austen'. Interview Jun 8, 2012 1131

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