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SOARING WITH HER OWN WINGS: Em Baker on Marriage, Movie-making and I Am No Bird. Schenkel, Hanna Interview Oct 1, 2019 2683
Out of the Trenches: KRIV STENDERS ON DANGER CLOSE: THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN AND REVISITING HISTORY. Pfeiffer, Oliver Interview Oct 1, 2019 2164
Baby Mama Degrades Women -Ogeh Cynthia, Filmmaker. Interview Sep 7, 2019 1348
Breaching Bounds: THE CONFRONTING BODY IN MIRANDA NATION'S UNDERTOW. Flux, Elizabeth Interview May 1, 2019 2070
HOME ON THE ROCKS: Blue Lucine on Displacement and The Eviction. Crittenden, Jasmine Interview May 1, 2019 2435
Queering Emily Dickinson: Behind the scenes of new feature film Wild Nights with Emily. Brownworth, Victoria A. Interview Mar 22, 2019 1020
Paint and Suffering: THE DELICATE ART OF ACUTE MISFORTUNE. Flux, Elizabeth Interview Jan 1, 2019 2240
On Song: NAVIGATING THE PAST IN BEN HACKWORTH'S CELESTE. Russell, Stephen A. Interview Jan 1, 2019 2195
Redemption, Restoration, Reclamation: BENJAMIN GILMOUR ON JIRGA. Ward, Sarah Interview Jan 1, 2019 2233
Exec O&A. Interview Nov 19, 2018 469
Telling Relatable Film Stories: A Dialogue with Peter Sedufia. Mogami, Gaamangwe Joy Interview Nov 1, 2018 2919
'Footprints of Panafricanism': An Interview with Filmmaker Shirikiana Aina. Kai, Nubia Interview Nov 1, 2018 2084
Adam Shankman: The Hollywood producer confesses that he's still envious of dancers. Feller, Alison Interview Oct 1, 2018 528
HOME MOVIES. Artavia, David Oct 1, 2018 823
Georges Chamchoum: Asian World Film Festival has become a monster. Interview Sep 14, 2018 4120
French Filmmaker: Children Filmfest Brilliant Opportunity to Discover Iran. Interview Sep 5, 2018 482
Indian Filmmaker: Iranian Cinema Producers Use Techniques in Realistic Manner. Interview Sep 4, 2018 468
FUTURE OF FILM. Almanza, Lorenzo Interview Sep 1, 2018 1036
Ezra Hurwitz: The dancer-turned-filmmaker shares how he makes dance go viral. Stahl, Jennifer Interview Aug 1, 2018 453
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Nancy Schwartzman. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Jul 18, 2018 192
RILEY'S COUP: How an Oakland rapper made a film about race and class and rapacious capitalism that millions will pay to see. Mechanic, Michael Interview Jul 1, 2018 1847
'You are judged only by the films you make.'. Interview Jun 30, 2018 969
A Conversation with Lee Unkrich, the Oscar-Winning Director of 'Coco'. Century, Douglas Interview Apr 24, 2018 112
Musical Chairs: PERSPECTIVE AND 'HEAVY' HUMOUR IN BEN ELTON'S THREE SUMMERS. Flux, Elizabeth Interview Mar 22, 2018 1983
The "Where's Daddy?" Interview of Rel Dowdell with Kam Williams. Williams, Kam Interview Mar 1, 2018 1573
FREAKS & GEEKS. Artavia, David Interview Feb 1, 2018 874
SCI-FI ON A SHOESTRING: Che Baker and Sarah Mason on Blue World Order. Pfeiffer, Oliver Interview Jan 1, 2018 2005
ON FILM: A CONVERSATION WITH MICHAEL MAILER. Sipiora, Phillip Interview Sep 22, 2017 9750
HER BRILLIANT CAREER: Gillian Armstrong on the Australian Screen Then and Now. Donald, Ella Interview Sep 22, 2017 3022
The Tree Whisperer: A\J talks to world renowned author, medical chemist, botanist and now filmmaker--Diana Beresford-Kroeger. Gerber, Leah Interview Sep 22, 2017 891
What would Marsha P. Johnson do? Director David France and producer Sara Ramirez discuss why the story of an LGBT pioneer's loss matters now. Reynolds, Daniel Interview Aug 1, 2017 694
Jessica Brillhart. Interview Mar 1, 2017 1101
Scorsese cites Pinoy Jesuit priest's reaction to 'Silence'. Interview Jan 20, 2017 1189
Michael Kirk: documentarian, "Frontline". Saraiya, Sonia Interview Jan 17, 2017 593
An old master shows some now restraint: as the world changes, so does Almodovar. Lang, Brent Interview Dec 14, 2016 785
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Filmmaker Andres Levin. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Dec 2, 2016 296
Marvels ever-expanding Universe Kevin Feige aims to keep the comic-book imprint on a roll at the cineplex. Lang, Brent Interview Nov 22, 2016 1068
Movie masters in the making: young filmmakers on success. Bird, Dylan Interview Oct 1, 2016 2621
A chat with the 'Lion' King: director Garth Davis' highly anticipated debut is an awards-season front-runner. Lang, Brent Interview Sep 6, 2016 612
George Miller: 'a director in many ways is like a football coach.'. Gray, Tim Interview Aug 9, 2016 455
Douglas Trumbull. Gray, Tim Interview Jul 26, 2016 621
Breaking silence on Cambodia's trauma. Lam, Andrew Interview Jul 15, 2016 1035
Finding gags that make viewers sweat: comedies dare viewers to laugh while pondering serious issues. Rizzo, Carita Interview Jun 14, 2016 543
Soulful master of disaster: he's wreaked more destruction than a thousand hurricanes, but beneath the mayhem, Roland Emmerich aims to bring people together. Prudom, Laura Interview Jun 14, 2016 1494
Mark Rylance: "I'm not so Anonymous anymore'. Barraclough, Leo Interview May 10, 2016 350
Reign men. Birnbaum, Debra Interview Apr 19, 2016 3027
'It is other people's money--you can't force them to give it to you': Terence Davies. Lang, Brent Interview Apr 12, 2016 362
'I didn't realize that my brand was bromance'. Wagmeister, Elizabeth Brief article Apr 5, 2016 305
Raccontare la crisi: il cinema di Roberto Minervini. Fioretti, Daniele Interview Mar 22, 2016 3056
Shrink rap news: an interview with film director Paul Dalio. Miller, Dinah Interview Mar 1, 2016 1104
In the casting room: the team-builders behind television's biggest hits share their secrets for building a cohesive group. Young, Susan Interview Mar 1, 2016 3101
On a morality of filming: a conversation between Rithy Panh & Deirdre Boyle. Boyle, Deirdre Interview Jan 1, 2016 5105
'My life is a work week'. Littleton, Cynthia Interview Dec 29, 2015 300
A harsh frontier: after battling extreme temperatures and spiraling costs, Alejandro G. Inarritu and Leonardo DiCaprio hope their existential period piece can survive in a business dominated by comic-book franchices. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Dec 15, 2015 2754
Natalie Portman 'lucky to be born in Israel'. Interview Dec 7, 2015 255
John Waters: the Pope of Trash on the Christmas tree that fell on his grandmother. Musto, Michael Interview Dec 1, 2015 1195
Harvey Weinstein & Co. feeling the heat. Lang, Brent; Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Nov 24, 2015 1014
George Miller talks 'Fury Road' crew. Cray, Tim Interview Nov 17, 2015 584
Still speaking truth to power: honorary Oscar recipient spike lee chooses his battles, but keeps up the good fight. Barker, Andrew Interview Nov 10, 2015 575
May 6, 1970: "Hemdale into pix as 'Melody' rolls". Barraclough, Leo Interview Oct 13, 2015 467
THE AMERICAN ANTONIONI Political essayist / satirist / journalist and filmmaker Noel Parmentel Jr. on his friendship with Norman Mailer. Bozung, Justin Interview Sep 22, 2015 2557
Channeling anger on the Mekong River: Jamie Dagg's psychological thriller unfolds in a harsh environment. Lacey, Liam Interview Sep 8, 2015 573
Cameron Bailey. Gaydos, Steve Interview Sep 8, 2015 432
Filmmaker, writer creates bond with cloistered nuns. Evans, Elizabeth Eisenstadt Interview Aug 28, 2015 1026
Barbera opens Venetian finds: Lido lineup lands some major movies but puts the focus on smaller gems. Vivarelli, Nick Interview Aug 24, 2015 665
Israel-based helmer spotlights: gay Palestine: Jake Witzenfeld's documentary 'Oriented' showcases a new generation that turns politics on its head. Kamin, Debra Interview Aug 24, 2015 775
Agnieszka Holland: May 12,1976. Gaydos, Steven Interview Aug 24, 2015 453
Flying in a Maelstrom: relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh lives on the edge, but with creditors circling and money short, this landing might not be pretty. Rainey, James; Lang, Brent Interview Jul 28, 2015 3815
Robert Rodriguez. Kelley, Seth Interview Jul 28, 2015 457
The Ethiopian Highlands come to the French Riviera. McKenzie, Alecia D. Interview Jul 1, 2015 1914
Nina Jacobson: diversity in all areas needs to be addressed on the bigscreen: 'Hunger Games' producer Nina Jacobson is a vocal supporter of gay rights and an advocate for greater diversity in the entertainment industry. Lang, Brent Interview Jun 29, 2015 382
Question time: a conversation with the Spierig brothers about predestination. Hoskin, Dave Interview Jun 22, 2015 2521
Behind closed doors: Josh Lawson on The Little Death. Pfeiffer, Oliver Interview Jun 22, 2015 1917
Breaking through the wall: China's 3Dreams. Crittenden, Jasmine Interview Jun 22, 2015 2341
Wild web series: the journey to Wastelander Panda. Collins, A.R. Interview Jun 22, 2015 1862
Stranger than fiction: Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling created a sensation with The Jinx,' and see television as the future of storytelling. Birnbaum, Debra Interview Jun 9, 2015 863
Pete Docter. Flores, Terry Interview Jun 9, 2015 485
Roger Corman. Gaydos, Steven Interview May 26, 2015 382
Mad George: the Australian director returns with renewed 'Fury' to the character that put him on the map 36 years ago. Foundas, Scott Interview May 12, 2015 1939
Call them crazy: the new comedy/horror film Crazy Bitches from director Jane Clark is sure to leave you in stitches. Tedesco, Lisa Interview May 1, 2015 1236
Arturo Puglia & Isabella Cocuzza: Italian duo use their own cash to take risks on pics with global possibilities. Vivarelli, Nick Brief article Apr 21, 2015 303
'It was important to finish this movie and honor Paul's legacy': James Wan. Riley, Jenelle Interview Mar 24, 2015 262
The comedy of life: making Manny Lewis. Bosanquet, Tim Interview Mar 22, 2015 1914
Panahi says Iran movie officer ignores own words. Interview Feb 27, 2015 713
'The drone-killing program is frightening.'. Lang, Brent Interview Feb 12, 2015 361
Walter Mirisch: February 27, 1947, "The Fail Guy" review. Gaydos, Steven Interview Feb 2, 2015 460
'I came in to find the water the color of Limeade': Kevin Macdonald. Riley, Jenelle Interview Jan 28, 2015 256
Married to the job: Showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas have learned to rely on each other as they run ABCs 'Resurrection' and 'Marvel's Agent Carter'. Birnbaum, Debra Interview Jan 20, 2015 1199
Will creatives face limits to expression? Johnson, Ted; Lang, Brent Interview Jan 14, 2015 821
We are all mutants now. Oppenheimer, Tracy Interview Jan 1, 2015 618
Silent generation on screen: after 40 years in the closet, filmmaker Pam Walton takes a deep breath. Kendall, Gillian Interview Jan 1, 2015 1028
A 35mm resurgence--just in time or too late?: Interviews with Dennis Hauck and John Hawkes. Chumo, Peter N., II Interview Jan 1, 2015 5393
An interview with Jamie Babbit. Dixon, Wheeler Winston Interview Jan 1, 2015 5877
Skeletons in the Nation's Cupboard Warwick Thornton on being an Aboriginal artist. Redwood, Thomas Interview Dec 22, 2014 2206
The Journey Forward: Peter Jackson's new quest begins as his 16-year, six-picture middle-earth Odyssey ends. Lang, Brent; Gran, Tim Interview Dec 16, 2014 2928
Frederick Wiseman's Cosmic Joke: A Conversation With the Elder Statesman of Documentary Film. Sigler, Jeremy Interview Dec 15, 2014 280
Don Mischer: still going strong: award-winning producer-director thrives on live events and now has his eyes on the 'prize'. Blair, Iain Interview Dec 9, 2014 1054
Home Entertainment & Digital Hall of Fame inductee: Brett Ratner: prolific filmmaker has longstanding ties to homevid biz. Arnold, Thomas K. Interview Dec 9, 2014 441
'Wild Tales' spun from outcry of frustration. de la Fuente, Anna Marie Interview Dec 4, 2014 523
Nothing but the truth. Chang, Justin Interview Dec 2, 2014 1803
Roger Donaldson: June 25, 1975: 'I learned there's not much point going to Hollywood unless there's someone in Hollywood saying "please come" and by that I mean someone who actually means it.'. Gaydos, Steven Interview Nov 20, 2014 437
Mike Myers on 'the Chernobyl of Fame': Shep Gordon portrait 'Supermensch' was a personal passion project for the comic. Gaydos, Steven Interview Nov 11, 2014 791
Cristina Ibarra. Anchondo, Carlos Interview Oct 1, 2014 561
'I don't believe I should filter the violence': Antoine Fuqua. Lang, Brent Brief article Sep 30, 2014 250
Beyond the crypt: Donna McRae on art and the academy. Helms, Michael Interview Sep 22, 2014 1892
Romancing the crowd: Katrina Fleming and Grace Julia on crowdfunding. Frost, Zenobia Interview Sep 22, 2014 1985
Taking flight. Foundas, Scott Interview Aug 28, 2014 1902
'I thought, "I know I really can do this with actors"': R.J. cutler. McNary, Dave Brief article Aug 19, 2014 248
'This last decade, there have been some crazy storms': Steven Quale. Cheney, Alexandra Brief article Aug 5, 2014 223
Turning the page: how Daniel Radcliffe killed Harry Potter. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Jul 29, 2014 1817
The maestro and 'me': Bertolucci talks about his latest film and riffs on 3D plans. Vivarelli, Nick Interview Jul 16, 2014 707
Mel Brooks. Birnbaum, Debra Interview Jul 16, 2014 452
About a boy: director Richard Linklater on making a film whose actors age in real time. Mechanic, Michael Interview Jul 1, 2014 1706
Turning on reality: an interview with Alex Munt. Synnott, Ashleigh Interview Jun 22, 2014 2014
'Amazing' journey: partners at work and in life, Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri take us behind the scenes. Bloomenthal, Andrew Interview Jun 16, 2014 1081
STUDENT INTERVIEWS. Interview Jun 1, 2014 1098
'I always cry over "Hoosiers"'. McNary, Dave Interview May 13, 2014 231
Ana Lily Amirpour. Interview May 1, 2014 1010
Up close, it's personal: Jeff and Sue Turner take a sharper, deeper, wider look at Wild Canada. Kimantas, Janet Interview May 1, 2014 2500
'There were times when we got into sticky situations'. Lowry, Brian Brief article Apr 15, 2014 208
Viva Alfonso! Serrano, Alex Brief article Mar 11, 2014 104
Creative clash. Ebiri, Bilge Interview Mar 1, 2014 315
Multi-talented and empowered: femme Indie Spirk nominees make movies on their own terms. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Feb 25, 2014 1504
Alexander Payne: 'Nebraska' director talks up black-and-white film and the city of Omaha, and reveals what all the best actors know. Gray, Tim Interview Feb 11, 2014 674
Steve Coogan: the man behind 'Philomena' talks about his religious upbringing and learning to embrace things like simple kindness. Interview Feb 4, 2014 578
The long road: how director Diego Luna got Cesar Chavez his day in film. Jordan, Judi Interview Feb 1, 2014 3071
Magical thinking: one of many members of a very famous family, Francesca Gregorini, the lesbian filmmaker behind The Truth About Emanuel, is ready for the spotlight. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Feb 1, 2014 1471
A peek inside 'Before' the book is closed: the trio behind the acclaimed low-budget trilogy make the planned seem spontaneous. Riley, Jenelle Interview Jan 28, 2014 702
Knight takes flight with life on the edge. Debruge, Peter Interview Jan 28, 2014 701
Alfonso Cuaron. Gray, Tim Interview Jan 28, 2014 651
Helmer Helicopters to higher ground: Shelton plays with a bigger budget for her Sundance pic 'Laggies'. Barker, Andrew Interview Jan 15, 2014 766
The family bond: Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have bulk the franchise started by their father more than 50 years ago into a creative and box office gold mine. McNary, Dave Interview Jan 15, 2014 2473
Lucien Castaing-Taylor. Edward, Olivia Interview Jan 1, 2014 961
New Line has a hobbit of overcoming adversity: Toby Emmerich stays ahead of the game with jolts from Jackson coupled with an eclectic mix of pics. McNary, Dave Interview Dec 10, 2013 964
Day dream believer: Ben Stiller is one of Hollywood's most bankable comic actors, but 'Walter Mitty' could give him the cachet he craves as a serious director if auds embrace his movie. Setoodeh, Ramin; McNary, Dave Interview Dec 3, 2013 2681
How Paul Greengrass found himself: honoree labored toward authentic style. Lodge, Guy Interview Dec 3, 2013 530
Is Oscar just a weighting game? Actors who have gone to physical extremes for their roles have wowed their peers-- and endangered their health. Chagollan, Steve Interview Nov 26, 2013 811
The man who never sleeps: Frank Darabont welcomes the challenge of building TNT's 'Mob City' even as he harbors the hurt of his previous showrunning experience. Marechal, A.J. Interview Nov 26, 2013 1913
Nation needs producers, not pity: award-winning helmer says Afghanistan is brimming with talent, but its film industry needs support and structure. Frater, Patrick Interview Nov 12, 2013 560
Helmer takes on a 'side' job: Bill Condon strives for a dose of realism in his Broadway-targeted reworking of an abstract cult tuner. Cox, Gordon Interview Nov 5, 2013 469
Dreambridge works in the trenches. Goldstein, Gregg Interview Nov 5, 2013 252
Ben Rivers and Ben Russell. Rakes, Rachael; Goldsmith, Leo Interview Nov 1, 2013 1821
RomCom King Curtis loses love of directing: 'love, actually' helmer says life has changed and it's about time he moves on--but he'll keep writing. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Oct 29, 2013 622
Nerve with verve. Interview Oct 29, 2013 1220
Don't call people you don't like: to Jerry Weintraub, leading means loving what you do and never running from risks. Gaydos, Steven Interview Oct 22, 2013 708
Merzak Allottache: Variety's Middle East filmmaker of the year. Weissberg, Jay Interview Oct 15, 2013 548
Hamptons shines Fiennes spotlight: 'The Invisible Woman' helmer shares what he learned behind the camera. Blair, Iain Interview Oct 8, 2013 602
For two women, an amazing alliance: Nicole Holofcener and Catherine Keener have established a working partnership that never stops giving. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Oct 1, 2013 797
A new laboratory for film writing. Interview Sep 19, 2013 827
Dominique & Laurie: Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, co-directors of the highly-anticipated lesbian film Margarita, dish on falling in love and telling our stories. Shatto, Rachel Interview Sep 1, 2013 738
A tryst with Tristan. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 149
In conversation: Lynne Sachs with Karen Rester. Rester, Karen Interview Sep 1, 2013 2015
Indie directors surprise with sunny outlook: Duplass brothers make it work with film and TV projects, regardless of size. Debruge, Peter Interview Aug 22, 2013 1210
Emmerich bellies up to Acabar: helmer takes stake in reboot of exotic Hollywood eatery. Saperstein, Pat Interview Aug 12, 2013 487
Margarethe Von Trotta with Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker. Smulewicz-Zucker, Gregory Interview Jul 1, 2013 1742
The lens of Alanis Obomsawin. Hubbard, Tasha; Deerchild, Rosanna Interview Jun 22, 2013 1986
The idea factory. Littleton, Cynthia Interview Jun 18, 2013 3408
He honestly laughs you: The Heat director Paul Feig finds emotional truth in funny fare. McNary, Dave Interview Jun 12, 2013 1426
Fashion steals Bling spotlight: Brands cozy up to Coppola's youth-targeted pic about scenesters ripping off celebs. Friedlander, Whitney Interview Jun 11, 2013 688
Tyro helmer travels far with low-budget 'Loot'. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Mar 18, 2013 355
Former stuntman dives into creative pool. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Mar 4, 2013 573
Lone-wolf helmer sees advantages in collaboration. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Feb 11, 2013 624
Mugabe: Villain or Hero? Agyemang, Roy Interview Feb 1, 2013 1995
Pasolini's body: Cathy Lee Crane with Leo Goldsmith & Rachael Rakes. Goldsmith, Leo; Rakes, Rachael Interview Feb 1, 2013 2070
Finding comedy in chaos: nineteen years after his Sundance debut, helmer sharpens his edge. Verini, Bob Interview Jan 7, 2013 659
Kathryn Bigelow: talks about Zero Dark Thirty, 2012 introduction by Amy Taubin. Taubin, Amy Interview Jan 1, 2013 1890
"Truth is not about what the majority believes": Documentary filmmaker and author Errol Morris on how we are all error-generating machines. Morris, Errol Interview Jan 1, 2013 989
Director Haneke's one from the heart: 'Amour' marks departure for talent known for dystopian world view. Debruge, Peter Interview Dec 10, 2012 427
Addicted to a rural lifestyle; HANNAH KEMMETT talks to a French film director about how her rural farming upbringing has inspired her to create a film on a North East farming family's life. Interview Nov 27, 2012 1797
The Bay after. Corn, David Interview Nov 1, 2012 480
Filmmaker turns camera on US nuns: documentary chronicles their transformation into world citizens. Schlumpf, Heidi Interview Oct 25, 2012 1126
Variety honoree mixes genres. Weissberg, Jay Interview Oct 8, 2012 544
Volumes and pressures: Deborah Stratman with Aily Nash. Nash, Aily Interview Sep 1, 2012 2842
Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Press Appearances Roundup. Interview Aug 15, 2012 1094
'Forever' director Krieger really wants to write. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Jul 23, 2012 440
Lynching Charlie Lynch. Manning, Alex Interview Jul 8, 2012 647
Mark And Jay Duplass Talk 'Do-Deca-Pentathlon,' Mumblecore And Their Working Relationship. Interview Jul 6, 2012 1331
Death for sale: Faouzi Bensaidi, the award-winning Moroccan director of Death for Sale, talked to Alexander Macbeth. Macbeth, Alexander Interview Jul 1, 2012 1006
Women's work girls make films. Interview Jul 1, 2012 828
Interview: Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco. Miller, Cynthia J. Interview Jun 22, 2012 9401
Shorts at the Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria. Frank, Alison Interview Jun 22, 2012 2504
'Rock' producers are on a roll: dialogue: Adam Shankman & Jennifer Gibgot. Interview Jun 18, 2012 959
'Into The Twilight Haze' Documentary Seeks To Uncover The Mystery Of 'Twilight' Mania. Interview Jun 16, 2012 1162
Cannes Film Festival 2012: Interview With 'Beyond the Walls' Director David Lambert. Interview May 22, 2012 961
Chinese helmer Lu finds voice of a Generation. Coonan, Clifford Interview Mar 26, 2012 392
Writing Footnote. Merkin, Daphne Interview Feb 9, 2012 841
Three Lies. Samuels, David Interview Jan 25, 2012 1314
Adam Garnet Jones. Interview Jan 1, 2012 628
Nine questions for Woody Allen: an interview. Royal, Derek Parker Interview Jan 1, 2012 1324
The hybrid approach: an interview with the filmmaker Branwen Okpako. Fenner, Angelica Interview Jan 1, 2012 9187
Igniting minds: a conversation with Josh Fox, writer and director of the Emmy award-winning Gasland. Tuhus, Melinda Interview Nov 1, 2011 1234
Fremaux helps forge new fest frontiers. Chang, Justin Interview Oct 24, 2011 1350
'Railway' took slow track. Dawtrey, Adam Interview Oct 24, 2011 796
'Killer' connection bonds pair. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Aug 29, 2011 618
Global ambitions boosted by U.S. ops. Hernandez, Greg Interview Aug 29, 2011 540
A lido love for provocateur: iconoclastic filmmaker dedicates his career to confronting polite society. Vivarelli, Nick Interview Aug 29, 2011 632
One-on-one with Norwegian Wood' director Anh Hung Tran. Interview Aug 8, 2011 1276
First-time helmer is well-grounded. Kaufman, Anthony Interview Aug 1, 2011 606
The incredible journey: a new documentary explores not only the origins of the universe--but our place in it, too. Blomberg, Lindsey Interview Jul 1, 2011 841
Jury president Istvan Szabo: filmmaker favors fare that challenges perceptions. Tizard, Will Interview Jun 27, 2011 679
Return to Rockaway. Butnick, Stephanie Interview Jun 21, 2011 467
Writer-director edited script to match budget. Dawtrey, Adam Interview May 9, 2011 667
What's your story? A good tale can engage and inspire your audience. And the best stories, says Peter Guber, begin and end with heart. Casey, Erin Interview May 1, 2011 1124
Savvy helmers get into H'w'd flow. Bart, Peter Interview Apr 25, 2011 758
Drowning academic freedom. Wheeler, Jacob Interview Mar 22, 2011 687
Doing it his 'Way'. McNary, Dave Interview Mar 21, 2011 393
Xiaolu Guo: beyond boundaries in Chinese cinema. Gani, Martin Interview Mar 1, 2011 1725
Story 'stalker' turns to drama: 'Hours' producer tenacious. Clarke, Steve Interview Feb 28, 2011 699
Teenage Wasteland. Butnick, Stephanie Interview Feb 17, 2011 717
Local film maker inspired in Toronto. Grebinski, Leisha Interview Feb 1, 2011 497
Helmer reveals a different Lebanon. Quilty, Jim Interview Nov 29, 2010 527
Launch pad for Helmer. Holdsworth, Nick Interview Nov 8, 2010 393
Duo 'crazy' to helm again? Kaufman, Anthony Interview Nov 8, 2010 593
Endgame takes midrange shot. McNary, Dave Interview Oct 25, 2010 773
Frontier Blues. Dalby, Alexa Interview Oct 1, 2010 1277
Tracey Deer: filmmaker explores identity crossroads. Ziniuk, Tara-Michelle Interview Sep 22, 2010 921
Entrevista a Joel Zito Araujo. Machado Lima, Sumaya Interview Sep 22, 2010 4098
A very Kurdish dilemma. Interview Aug 1, 2010 925
Gay WSU grad impresses critics with War Stories. Davis, Matt Interview Aug 1, 2010 973
Prexy takes the helm. Tizard, Will Interview Jul 26, 2010 509
U.K. Achievement in Film Award: GK Films topper King takes calculated risks that lead to big onscreen payoffs. Garrett, Diane Interview Jun 14, 2010 573
'Hurt' unlocks new film territories for Voltage. Kaufman, Anthony Interview May 10, 2010 591
Helmer mixes melting-pot roots, singular style. Anderson, John Interview Apr 26, 2010 735
Driven, helmer bears nation's film hopes. Hahn, Kate Interview Apr 12, 2010 692
A Very Long Engagement. Schenden, Laurie K. Interview Apr 1, 2010 456
Ringleader of the Tequila Gang Bertha Navarro: Bertha Navarro isn't known for doing things the Hollywood way. It's suited her well. The internationally renowned producer and friend and business partner of Guillermo del Toro is still running the show on her own terms. Jordan, Judi Interview Apr 1, 2010 1955
Persistence of vision: Raqs media collective and the reminiscences of Kumar Shahani. Interview Mar 1, 2010 3185
The big three questions. Brief article Feb 10, 2010 231
Three-reel circus: Filmmaker Terry Gilliam. Mechanic, Michael Interview Jan 1, 2010 1218
Trouble with a capital T: filmmaker Courtney Trouble and the new queer porn scene. Selke, Lori Interview Jan 1, 2010 1385
Representations of the migrant domestic worker in Hoda Barakat's Harith al-miya and Danielle Arbid's Maarek Hob. Dyer, Rebecca Essay Jan 1, 2010 12515
Storaro with Longoni on Caravaggio (cont'd). Gentry, Ric Interview Jan 1, 2010 4066
A gathering storm: the writer and director Stephen Poliakoff talks to Charlotte Crow about how his view of the recent past has informed his new film, Glorious 39, a historical thriller. Crow, Charlotte Interview Dec 1, 2009 1425
Michelle Lawler. Yee, Frances Interview Dec 1, 2009 434
Like father: the Safdie brothers bring (a version of) their youth to life in Daddy Longlegs. Shepherd, Julianne Escobedo Interview Dec 1, 2009 416
These precious things: Monster's Ball producer Lee Daniels mines the shadows for cinematic gems in his second directorial effort, and even Oprah Winfrey is a fan. Kennedy, Lisa Interview Nov 1, 2009 1332
Growing old gracefully. Messman-Rucker, Ariel Interview Nov 1, 2009 390
The state we're in: B. Ruby Rich on queer cinema today. Esther, John Interview Nov 1, 2009 659
Helmer ahead of his 'time': an architect of observational silences, the top Palestinian talent opens up about his influences. Jaafar, Ali Interview Oct 5, 2009 773
Maidstone: a sign of our times. Steiner, Griselda Interview Sep 22, 2009 1729
Cristina Comencini: scrittrice, scenografa e regista. Intervista. Laviosa, Flavia Interview Sep 22, 2009 7367
Into the light: the warm wisdom of Francis Ford Coppola. Schnipper, Matthew Interview Jul 1, 2009 823
The dialogical documentary: Jennifer fox on finding a new film language in flying: confessions of a Free Woman (2007). Fenner, Angelica Interview Jun 22, 2009 7801
Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan. Beebe, Rachel Interview May 1, 2009 616
Behind the greens: filmmaker Josh Tickell. Krogstad, Astrid M. Interview Apr 24, 2009 496
Trip's a treat without guild. McNary, Dave Interview Mar 23, 2009 225
National Parks: the film: Ken Burns focuses his tens on America's best idea. Interview Mar 22, 2009 2484
The Joey Travolta film camp experience. Barber, Karra Interview Mar 1, 2009 1088
Behind the greens: filmmaker Josh Tickell: 5 questions of environmental leaders. Krogstad, Astrid M. Interview Mar 1, 2009 504
Femme fatale: this lesbian feminist pornographer has us all tied up. Trouble, Courtney Interview Jan 1, 2009 1129
The Films of Abbas Kiarostami: Framing the Burdens of Contemporary Muslim Identities. Mitha, Farouk Interview Jan 1, 2009 2894
Rebellion against evil: Zwick's 'Defiance' chronicles tale of Jewish resistance. Idelson, Karen Interview Dec 22, 2008 481
The couple that directs together ... With a television show in development, a documentary nearly wrapped, and their feature film Lake City--starring Sissy Spacek--released this November, Hunter Hill and Perry Moore are building a media empire. Scholibo, Corey Interview Dec 2, 2008 765
The hardest job in show business: documentarian John Roecker gives voice to the stories, stars, and scandalous secrets of the gay skin trade. Voss, Brandon Interview Nov 18, 2008 630
Director P.O.V.: top-flight British actors and crew give Scherfig 'An Education'. Dawtrey, Adam Interview Oct 20, 2008 432
Cornered. Patterson, Margot Interview Oct 17, 2008 645
Josephine Decker. Interview Sep 1, 2008 600
Chronicling life as a Latino: Phillip Rodriguez: documentary filmmaker. Miller, Corina Interview Sep 1, 2008 936
Dangerous liaisons: Brit documaker finds outlet with yank nets. Schreiber, Dominic Interview Jul 28, 2008 482
Woodie the King Maker: a conversation with Woodie King, Jr. Wilson, Ted Interview Jun 22, 2008 16858
Deconstructing Islamization in Pakistan: Sabiha Sumar wages feminist cinematic jihad through a documentary lens. Imran, Rahat Interview May 1, 2008 21071
Gallic regional humor is comic director's cup of 'Ch'tis'. Hopewell, John Interview Mar 24, 2008 506
Film tells survival story of the Kwaxkwaka'wakw people. Burke, Marie Interview Mar 1, 2008 619
Back talk with Tim Story. Hughes, Alan Interview Mar 1, 2008 479
A conversation with Danny Glover & Joslyn Barnes. Davidson, Jeanette R. Carlisle Cover story Mar 1, 2008 3886
In search of Michael Wood. Parkes, Imoge; Barrett, Nicholas Interview Feb 1, 2008 1495
Grace under fire. Butler, Kiera Interview Nov 1, 2007 351
Viewing war through women's eyes: an interview with Roshini Thinakaran. Johnson, Michelle Interview Nov 1, 2007 1535
Camera shakes, auds rattled, he rolls: Greengrass brings his tenacious approach to mainstream filmgoers. Debruge, Peter Interview Oct 15, 2007 858
N. Ireland pics inform future work: exploration of conflict shaped style, sensibility. Grey, Tobias Interview Oct 15, 2007 743
The many mysteries of the human heart. Interview Oct 1, 2007 1517
In the market of films: a conversation with Garin Nugroho: Garin Nugroho is undoubtedly Indonesia's leading director, with films such as Love Is a slice of Bread (1991), Letter to an Angel (1994), Leaf on a Pillow(1998) and Bird-Man Tale (2002) enjoying major success in international film festivals. Kurnia, Novi Interview Oct 1, 2007 2973
Alain Tanner. Armitage, Tom Interview Sep 24, 2007 248
The story of Abeer: filmmakers respond to human rights violation of girls. Lye, Daya Interview Sep 22, 2007 1190
'Sun' rises over China. Coonan, Clifford Interview Sep 3, 2007 644
Testing your patience: Scott MacDonald talks with James Benning. MacDonald, Scott Interview Sep 1, 2007 6647
Here and now: the president of Linton Media says we still have a long road ahead of us. van Hecke, Lizette Interview Sep 1, 2007 913
Sharkwater. Interview Jun 22, 2007 516
Their brothers keepers: Bra Boys: Bra Boys is a feature-length documentary about an infamous Sydney surfing brotherhood. It has become the highest grossing non-IMAX cinema-release Australian documentary. Bruce Andrews explored the filmmakers' journey. Andrews, Bruce Interview Jun 1, 2007 3458
Prodigal Mendes on homeward 'March'. Dawtrey, Adam Interview Apr 16, 2007 667
An angel behind the camera, filming Angels in the Dust: an interview with activist filmmaker Louise Hogarth. Huber-Warring, Tonya Interview Mar 22, 2007 2914
A portrait of Nathan Young IV--. Pettigrew, Dawn Karima Interview Mar 1, 2007 706
1000 words: Tony Conrad talks about "Yellow Movies," 1972-73. Joseph, Branden W. Interview Mar 1, 2007 1165
1000 words: Miranda July talks about Things We Don't Understand and Definitely Are Not Going to Talk About, 2006. Mar, Alex Interview Feb 1, 2007 1224
Joyce Draganosky: writer and director. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Interview Jan 1, 2007 400
God and the red carpet: how does faith in Jesus enter the (moving) picture for Hollywood writer-producer David McFadzean? Massey, Bob Interview Nov 1, 2006 1650
Pic doesn't miss a trick. Horowitz, Lisa D. Brief article Oct 23, 2006 139
"Children's" show and tell. Maxwell, Erin Brief article Oct 9, 2006 162
One on one with Spike Lee. Interview Sep 7, 2006 438
J.D. Disalvatore. Marcus, Lydia Interview Aug 29, 2006 290
'Pirates 2': whatever floats your bloat. Bart, Peter Interview Jul 17, 2006 549
Helmer tackles politics. Meza, Ed Interview Jun 19, 2006 585
Say Peter: Peter Paige courted controversy as unapologetically queeny Emmett on Queer as Folk. His directorial debut, Say Uncle, doesn't play it safe either. Ehrenstein, David Interview Jun 6, 2006 1018
Taylor's next turns include 'Burns'. Marcus, Lawrence Interview Jun 5, 2006 326
Return of an Oscar-laden fave son. Peters, Jenny Interview Jun 5, 2006 718
Out of the shadows: Shadowboxer puts out producer Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball) in the director's chair. Giltz, Michael Interview May 23, 2006 458
'Darko' vision of near future: after experiencing post-Sundance funk, Richard Kelly rebounds with 'Southland. LaPorte, Nicole Interview May 15, 2006 518
Isabelle Mergault. Nesselson, Lisa Interview May 15, 2006 258
From ballet icon to screen gooddes. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 117

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