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Two excellent titles take spirituality into the modern age with hard-hitting topics certain to reach younger Christians. Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson's THE HIP-HOP CHURCH: CONNECTING WITH THE MOVEMENT SHAPING OUR CULTURE (0830833293) provides an important survey which advocates reaching spiritual souls through their own language--the music of hiphop. From understanding hiphop culture to bringing it into the church, any involved in a church and seeking to involve urban youth must have THE HIP-HOP CHURCH: it's an inspirational survey of how to reach out in an alternative manner. Craig A. Evans' FABRICATING JESUS: HOW MODERN SCHOLARS DISTORT THE GOSPELS (0830833158) examines New Testament writings and why the majority of scholars do not and should not accept a range of claims, from Jesus' involvement with Mary Magdalene to his possible connections with Gnostics. Chapters probe 'alien contexts', 'diminished deeds', and more in a study essential for any modern scholar of New Testament teachings.
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Publication:The Bookwatch
Date:May 1, 2007
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