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Interpretation and Restoration Go Hand in Hand: The Restoration of Anchialine Pools at Kekaha Kai State Park, Hawai'i Island. Sedar, Dena May 1, 2017 892
On littoral warfare. Vego, Milan Mar 22, 2015 18555
Holding on to a shifting substrate: plasticity of egg mass tethers and tethering forces in soft sediment for an intertidal gastropod. Castro, Diego A.; Podolsky, Robert D. Report Dec 1, 2012 9347
Estuary report warns of dangers of climate change; SEA LEVELS COULD RISE BY UP TO 30-40CM IN 60 YEARS. Feb 16, 2012 714
Anthropogenically induced changes in the sedimentation processes in the littoral zone of Lake Verevi, South Estonia/Inimtegevusest tulenevad muutused settimisprotsessides Verevi jarve litoraalses osas. Vandel, Egert; Koff, Tiiu Report Sep 1, 2011 5716
Preference versus performance: body temperature of the intertidal snail Chlorostoma funebralis. Tepler, Sarah; Mach, Katharine; Denny, Mark Report Apr 1, 2011 7129
Expanding American lotus and dissolved oxygen concentrations of a shallow lake. Turner, Andrew M.; Cholak, Emily J.; Groner, Maya Report Jul 1, 2010 3388
Fossil footprints could push back origin of first four-limbed animals: tracks challenge thinking on age of sea-to-land transition. Perkins, Sid Jan 30, 2010 709
Biogeography of freshwater ostracodes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Bunbury, Joan; Gajewski, Konrad Report Sep 1, 2009 7280
Dewi is in bream land as Ray has to settle for third spot. Jul 31, 2008 367
Mudcracks, bird's-eye, and anhydrite in intertidal/supratidal late Silurian Kokomo Limestone, Indiana. Kilibarda, Zoran; Doffin, Jason Report Aug 9, 2007 3804
Heat-shock response of the upper intertidal barnacle Balanus glandula: thermal stress and acclimation. Berger, Michael S.; Emlet, Richard B. Report Jun 1, 2007 6846
Locomotory behavior and habitat selection in littoral gastropods on Caribbean limestone shores. Hicks, David W. Jan 1, 2005 9101
LCS program taps international expertise: international know-how proves valuable in the US Navy's shift in focus from blue-water operations to littoral warfare. Rivers, Brendan P.; Fiszer, Michal; Gruszczynski, Jerzy Mar 1, 2004 1369
Best-laid plans: mission-planning systems help coordinate multi-faceted amphibious operations. McKenna, Ted Oct 1, 2003 3276
Stuck in the mud. Dittmann, Sabine Dec 1, 2002 1609
Tidal flushing of ammonium from intertidal salt marsh sediments: the relative importance of adsorbed ammonium. Koop-Jakobsen, Ketil; Giblin, Anne Oct 1, 2002 1018
Respiratory and acid-base physiology of the purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, during air exposure: presence and function of a facultative lung. Burnett, Louis; Terwilliger, Nora; Carroll, Amy; Jorgensen, Darwin; Scholnick, David Aug 1, 2002 6941
2 Life on coastlines with tides. Report Oct 1, 2000 23915
5 Protected areas and biosphere reserves in the littoral zone. Oct 1, 2000 16118
Coexistence of similar species in a space-limited intertidal zone. Dudgeon, Steven R.; Steneck, Robert S.; Davison, Ian R.; Vadas, Robert L. Aug 1, 1999 15035
Complex interactions of fish, snails, and littoral zone periphyton. McCollum, Elizabeth Walker; Crowder, Larry B.; McCollum, S. Andy Sep 1, 1998 10955
Celestial mechanics, sea-level changes, and intertidal ecology. Denny, Mark W.; Paine, Robert T. Apr 1, 1998 2946
Larval transport and population dynamics of intertidal barnacles: a coupled benthic/oceanic model. Alexander, Susan E.; Roughgarden, Jonathan Aug 1, 1996 11934
Variable predation: effects of whelks on a mid-intertidal successional community. Navarette, Sergio A. Aug 1, 1996 13287
A survey of the epilithic intertidal macroalgal flora of Freeport, Texas. Boyd, Tonya M.; Wardle, William J. Feb 1, 1996 3894
Responses of a key intertidal predator to varying recruitment of its prey. Robles, Carlos; Sherwood-Stephens, Robin; Alvarado, Mario Mar 1, 1995 9506
Indirect effects in marine rocky intertidal interaction webs: patterns and importance. Menge, Bruce A. Feb 1, 1995 21851

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