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Interpreting the Past: Essays on Human, Primate, and Mammal Evolution in Honor of David Pilbeam.


Interpreting the past; essays on human, primate, and mammal evolution in honor of David Pilbeam.

Ed. by Daniel Lierberman et al.

Brill Academic Publishers


305 pages



American School of Prehistoric Research monograph series


Pilbeams's students, colleagues, collaborators and friends assembled this collection to honor his work, beginning with that involving the Miocene and ending with the present. Topics of the 18 contributions include character choice, phylogenetic signal and postcranial data in estimating hominoid phylogeny, the Napak hominoid and its continuance as Procounsul major, testing models of faunal turnover, the paleoenvironmental context of Siwalik Miocene vertebrate localities, the Siwalik rodent record, new lower primates from the Miocene Siwaliks, Sivapithecus taxonomy and its habitat requirements and extinction, the limits of craniofacial morphology, legends of the East African pluvials, implications of small sample sizes, searching for a new understanding of the hominid origin, the Delta hypothesis, the Kaphthurian (what we know now), morphological v. behavior transitions in the Pleistocene, and energy metabolism and transitions in life histories.

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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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