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The Bipartisan Antitrust Crusade Against Big Tech. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jun 14, 2021 6179
DON'T TRY TO FIX BIG TECH WITH POLITICS. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Editorial Jun 14, 2021 1107
Antitrust Regulators Release New Vertical Merger Guidelines. Sykes, Jay B. Jul 1, 2020 1175
Hunting the Big Five: Twenty-First Century Antitrust in Historical Perspective. langlois, Richard N. Essay Jan 1, 2019 11345
THE MYSTERY OF SECTION 253(b). Gagnier, Matthew Jan 1, 2018 5618
FOREIGN PRICE-FIXING CONSPIRACIES. Leslie, Christopher R. Dec 1, 2017 26331
Two-Sided Credit Card Markets: The Supreme Court Takes Up Novel Antitrust Issue. Smith, Austin D. Nov 1, 2017 1735
Cross-Market Balancing of Competitive Effects: What Is the Law, and What Should It Be? Werden, Gregory J. Sep 22, 2017 14856
Product hopping. Carrier, Michael A. Essay Apr 1, 2017 6163
Challenging the new curse of bigness: most of today's abuses call for antitrust remedies from the Progressive Era--if we just get serious about enforcement. Rahman, K. Sabeel Sep 22, 2016 4946
Present at antitrust's creation: consumer welfare in the Sherman Act's state statutory forerunners. Dameron, Charles S. Feb 1, 2016 17415
Bring back antitrust: despite low inflation and some bargain prices, economic concentration and novel abuses of market power are pervasive in today's economy--harming consumers, workers, and innovators. We need a new antitrust for a new predatory era. Dayen, David Sep 22, 2015 6116
The new private-regulation skepticism: due process, non-delegation, and antitrust challenges. Volokh, Alexander Jun 22, 2014 9519
The new private-regulation skepticism: due process, non-delegation, and antitrust challenges. Volokh, Alexander Jun 22, 2014 22656
Antitrust and the future of nursing: federal competition policy and the scope of practice. Gilman, Daniel J.; Fairman, Julie F. Jan 1, 2014 5437
Antitrust and the future of nursing: federal competition policy and the scope of practice. Gilman, Daniel J.; Fairman, Julie F. Jan 1, 2014 24495
Articulating a modern approach to FCC competition policy. Hundt, Reed E.; Rosston, Gregory L. Dec 1, 2013 14580
Monopoly power in defense of the status quo: a critique of the ABA's role in the regulation of the American legal profession. Clark, Gerard J. Nov 1, 2012 18893
Broadband competition in the Internet ecosystem. Eisenach, Jeffrey A. Report Oct 1, 2012 11506
Concentration in health care markets: chronic problems and better solutions. Richman, Barak D. Report Jun 1, 2012 14847
Net neutrality: wrong remedy, wrong illness. Brennan, Tim Mar 22, 2012 448
Unfit for prime time: why cable television regulations cannot perform Trinko's "antitrust function". Klovers, Keith Dec 1, 2011 15807
Google on FTC: Our Success Led to Scrutiny. Jun 25, 2011 404
Abuse of dominance. Jan 1, 2011 1402
Feds' antitrust efforts may ease ACO formation: the Affordable Care Act promotes accountable care organizations, but legal questions remain. Otto, M. Alexander Dec 1, 2010 830
Extradition (to U.S.). Dec 1, 2009 3269
Target: Google: antitrust run amok. Suderman, Peter Brief article Nov 1, 2009 229
Obama's antitrust agenda: can the new administration overcome the Chicago and Harvard schools' reservations? Crane, Daniel A. Sep 22, 2009 3436
Top US Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday to eliminate a half-century-old antitrust exemption for health insurance and medical malpractice insurance companies amid concerns over rising premiums. Law overview Sep 21, 2009 249
Labor law/antitrust. Jun 1, 2009 294
Would Joint Action on Online Pricing Violate Antitrust Laws? Fitzgerald, Mark; Saba, Jennifer May 29, 2009 504
Documents Confirm No Secret Deal Ended Seattle JOA Conflict. Apr 28, 2008 472
Dawn raids implications: Cristiana Spontoni, partner, and Chiara Galiffa, associate, from Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP, Brussels, review the unprecedented antitrust dawn raids at EU-based pharma companies. Spontoni, Cristiana; Galiffa, Chiara Mar 1, 2008 584
Governance and vertical integration in team sports. Szymanski, Stefan; Ross, Stephen F. Report Oct 1, 2007 7859
DOJ/FTC report on antitrust law enforcement. Aug 1, 2007 2257
Scrap McCarran, Commission urges. Postal, Arthur D. Apr 9, 2007 582
A Kantian critique of antitrust: on morality and microsoft. White, Mark D. Mar 22, 2007 9517
Hearst/MediaNews: Reilly Has No Right to Challenge Anti-Trust Laws. Staff, E&P Brief article Mar 19, 2007 216
Labor unions: a corporatist institution in a competitive world. Wachter, Michael L. Jan 1, 2007 22744
Antitrust issues explained: in NACM Teleconference. Borges, Wanda Nov 1, 2006 847
Antitrust and the supremacy clause. Squire, Richard Oct 1, 2006 27769
There's no "I" in "league": professional sports leagues and the single entity defense. Grow, Nathaniel Oct 1, 2006 13521
Specialists in antitrust law support legislation to reduce Dallas Love Field. Brief article Sep 13, 2006 162
Courts weigh in on class action bans in arbitration. Burtka, Allison Torres Sep 1, 2006 1686
Higher Education: Schools' Use of the Antitrust Exemption Has Not Significantly Affected College Affordability or Likelihood of Student Enrollment to Date. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-06-963. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report Sep 1, 2006 357
Anti-trust implications of independent practice associations. McIntire, Timothy May 1, 2006 2046
The elephant in the courtroom: litigating the premerger fix in Arch Coal and beyond. Ambrogi, Katherine A. Mar 1, 2006 12269
Trinko v. Baxter: the demise of U.S. v. AT&T. Brennan, Timothy J. Dec 22, 2005 10791
The interface of antitrust and regulation: Trinko. Blair, Roger D.; Piette, Christine A. Dec 22, 2005 6842
The truth about Trinko. Rubin, Jonathan L. Dec 22, 2005 5983
Robert H. Jackson at the antitrust division. Pate, R. Hewitt Sep 22, 2005 5539
Economic formalism in antitrust decisionmaking. Shores, David F. Sep 22, 2005 19532
Modernizing U.S. antitrust law: the role of technology and innovation. Hemphill, Thomas A. Apr 1, 2005 3428
Some empirical evidence on the effectiveness of antimerger relief in the United States. Kouliavtsev, Mikhail S. Apr 1, 2005 10470
Litigation support in antitrust situations. Heitger, Lester E.; Crumbley, D. Larry Jan 1, 2005 3229
Conservation cartels: competition policy can conflict with environmental protection. Adler, Jonathan H. Dec 22, 2004 5858
Steering clear of antitrust violations. Canfield, Jill; Constantine, George E. Nov 1, 2004 938
Old man and the sky: the Brazilian antitrust implications for Rupert Murdoch's expansion of the Sky Global satellite network. Drake, Geoffrey Oct 1, 2004 12832
How the "other half" lives: FTC nonmerger antitrust enforcement. Langenfeld, James A. Sep 22, 2004 4561
Federal Trade Commission horizontal restraint cases: an update. Langenfeld, James A.; Silvia, Louis Sep 22, 2004 29040
Singing in the shadows of law: the Three Tenors case. McChesney, Fred S. Sep 22, 2004 7060
Antitrust policy toward agreements that settle patent litigation. Willig, Robert D.; Bigelow, John P. Sep 22, 2004 14447
Section 5 of the FTC act: not all gaps need filling. Kayne, Veronica G. Sep 22, 2004 5463
Antitrust enforcement heightened in Europe: antitrust is alive and well overseas. British court decision could encourage private parties to seek damages. Feirman, Steven; Zeidman, Philip Aug 1, 2004 424
Interaction between trade and competition: why a multilateral approach for the United States? Chang, Seung Wha Jan 1, 2004 16244
Combining horizontal and vertical analysis in antitrust: the American Antitrust Institute's roundtable on the implications of the work of Robert L. Steiner. Gundlach, Gregory T.; Foer, Albert A. Jan 1, 2004 5928
Distribution matters. Marvel, Howard P. Jan 1, 2004 11094
An enforcement perspective on the work of Robert L. Steiner: why retailing and vertical relationships matter. Harbour, Pamela Jones Jan 1, 2004 4706
Steiner's two-stage vision: implications for antitrust analysis. Comanor, William S. Jan 1, 2004 4361
Bullying the monopoly. Piazza, Peter Dec 1, 2003 699
Federalism in antitrust. Hahn, Robert W.; Layne-Farrar, Anne Jun 22, 2003 20281
Can we solve the antitrust problems of globalization by extraterritoriality and cooperation? Sufficiency and legitimacy. Fox, Eleanor M. Jun 22, 2003 8114
Antitrust remedies in the U.S. and EU: advancing a standard of proportionality. Sullivan, E. Thomas Jun 22, 2003 16829
Public choice theory and the international harmonization of antitrust law. Waller, Spencer Weber Jun 22, 2003 3671
Comment: convergence and harmonization of antitrust principles from the bottom - moving from patchwork toward network. Raskind, Leo J. Jun 22, 2003 3307
The price fixer's dilemma: applying game theory to the decision of whether to plead guilty to antitrust crimes. Zane, Phillip C. Mar 22, 2003 11301
Measuring damages in a private plaintiff Robinson-Patman case: applying economics to relieve the pain of J. Truett Payne. Glick, Mark A.; Campbell, Donald A.; Mangum, David G. Mar 22, 2003 13613
Evidence on mergers and acquisitions. Pautler, Paul A. Mar 22, 2003 35476
Umbrella standing: the tradeoff between plaintiff suit and speculative claims. Lave, Jonathan M. Mar 22, 2003 14936
Vertical restraints: the case of multinationals. Zweifel, Peter; Zach, Roger Mar 22, 2003 9067
How MFN clauses used in the health care industry unreasonably restrain trade under the Sherman Act. Wright, Beth Ann Mar 22, 2003 12717
ABA's proposed lawyer definition runs afoul of FTC, justice department. Brownstein, Andrew Mar 1, 2003 505
Media democracy's moment: suddenly, there are widespread discussions about the dangers of monopoly power. (Articles). McChesney, Robert W.; Nichols, John Feb 24, 2003 2041
Divestiture and its implications for innovation and productivity growth in U.S. telecommunications. Datta, Anusua Jan 1, 2003 7793
On the inevitable arbitrariness of market definitions. Markovits, Richard S. Dec 22, 2002 10527
Free riding on hot wheels. Goldberg, Victor P. Dec 22, 2002 5229
A short-run welfare analysis of FTC antitrust oversight of patent litigation settlements under the Hatch-Waxman Act. Higgins, Richard S. Dec 22, 2002 4849
Antitrust policy and hospital mergers: recommendations for a new approach. Capps, Cory S.; Dranove, David; Greenstein, Shane; Satterthwaite, Mark Dec 22, 2002 12747
Competition and deregulation: a review of Irish experience. Massey, Patrick Dec 22, 2002 13727
FDUPTA for civil antitrust: additional conduct, party, and geographic coverage; state actions for consumer restitution. Federbush, David J. Dec 1, 2002 8574
Antitrust in this Internet era: more myths to dispel and realities to understand. (Business Credit Selected Topic). Borges, Wanda Nov 1, 2002 3175
Rupe swoops, Echo droops. (Inside Moves). Amdur, Meredith; McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Oct 14, 2002 332
Pulitzer eliminates local competition. Corrigan, Don Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 392
Bubble capitalism. (Editorials). Editorial Aug 19, 2002 1202
On refusing to deal with rivals. Robinson, Glen O. Jul 1, 2002 29539
Combined ad sales raise antitrust issue. Burleson, Erica Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 477
Transitions in IP and antitrust. Janis, Mark D. Jun 22, 2002 11164
Patent thickets, cross-licensing, and antitrust. Beard, T. Randolph; Kaserman, David L. Jun 22, 2002 7568
Online music: antitrust and copyright perspectives. Harrison, Jeffrey L. Jun 22, 2002 8707
Pro & Con: should physicians be allowed to negotiate collectively with health plans? Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 833
FCC halts satellite merger review. (Odds & Ends). Brief Article May 1, 2002 188
Product market definition in antitrust cases when products are close substitutes or close complements. Huettner, David A. Mar 22, 2002 2931
Can Cleveland Clinic Health System be trusted: whether a proposed merger or acquisition by Cleveland Clinic Health System will substantially impair the competitive health care market in Northeast Ohio resulting in a violation of federal antitrust statutes. Polito, Matthew T. Mar 22, 2002 14671
Solons prefer 2 Birds in Bush. (D.C. Spin). McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 478
Reexamining antitrust: can "anticompetitive" business practices benefit consumers? (Law & Justice). Crews, Wayne Mar 1, 2002 3051
Antitrust and market dominance. Shepherd, George B.; Shepherd, Joanna M.; Shepherd, William G. Dec 22, 2001 13979
A tale of three cities: "diverse and antagonistic" information in situations of local newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership. Pritchard, David Dec 1, 2001 8334
Second order oligopoly problems with international dimensions: sequential mergers, maverick firms and buyer power. Jacobs, Michael S. Sep 22, 2001 11113
Recent development of Japanese antitrust policy regarding intellectual property rights. Arai, Koki Sep 22, 2001 5984
Clinton's brave new business world: the Bush administration must decide whether to continue its predecessor's efforts. (Antitrust). Evans, David S. Sep 22, 2001 5456
Antitrust regulability and the new digital economy: a proposal for integrating "hard" and "soft" regulation. Minda, Gary Sep 22, 2001 25055
Antitrust federalism in the European Union after the modernization initiative. Bergeron, James H. Sep 22, 2001 7615
Understanding Antitrust Policies. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 293
A trusting approach to anitrust: globalization requires international cooperation on competition policies. Shapiro, Andrew J. Sep 1, 2001 1499
Antitrust Risks for Associations Setting Standards for Suppliers. DUNN, ALVIN Aug 1, 2001 981
Rents and their corporate consequences. Roe, Mark J. Jul 1, 2001 13490
An analysis of the government's economic case in U.S. v. Microsoft. Evans, David S.; Nichols, Albert L.; Schmalensee, Richard Jun 22, 2001 30267
How digital economics revises antitrust thinking. McKenzie, Richard B.; Lee, Dwight R. Jun 22, 2001 16078
The role of the essential facilities doctrine. Bergman, Mats A. Jun 22, 2001 10670
An antitrust primer for trade association counsel. King, Kimberly L. May 1, 2001 4377
Trust buster. Castellanos, Camila Mar 1, 2001 1424
Slotting allowances and the emerging antitrust enforcement debate. LaRose, Edward C.; Poff, Patrick J. Nov 1, 2000 4568
The anticompetitive effect of passive investment. Gilo, David Oct 1, 2000 24106
A symposium on the changes in banking, with implications for antitrust. Shull, Bernard; White, Lawrence J Sep 22, 2000 4905
The competitive effects of the collective setting of interchange fees by payment card systems. Chang, Howard H.; Evans, David S. Sep 22, 2000 12965
The third relevant market. Steiner, Robert L. Sep 22, 2000 13515
Comparative competition and the regulation of mergers in the water industry of England and Wales. Weir, Charles M. Sep 22, 2000 7585
Demystifying antitrust state action doctrine. Semeraro, Steven Sep 22, 2000 32464
The biggest news since my last column is certainly the federal court decision to break up the software giant Microsoft. Norris, Donald F. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 462
The per se legality of some naked restraints: a [re]conceptualization of the antitrust analysis of cartelistic organizations. Carstensen, Peter C.; Roth, Bette Jun 22, 2000 30473
"Vertical" excuses for horizontal practices: should there be any per se antitrust rules? Brennan, Timothy J. Jun 22, 2000 7938
Going European: Britain's new competition law. Utton, Michael Jun 22, 2000 7065
The stifling of competition by the antitrust laws: the irony of the health care industry. Powers, John A. Jun 22, 2000 11928
Doctors look to gain bargaining rights. Wilson, Kevin Brief Article May 1, 2000 107
Subsidiarity and the division of jurisdiction in EU merger control. Morgan, Eleanor J. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 13464
Competition law in post-central-planning Bulgaria. Hoekman, Bernard; Djankov, Simeon Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 7234
Copyright and antitrust: the effects of the Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 in foreign markets. Davis, Connie C. Mar 1, 2000 6890
The game of radiopoly: an antitrust perspective of consolidation in the radio industry. Leeper, Sarah Elizabeth Mar 1, 2000 9899
FTC/DOJ Issue Draft Guidelines. Mayberry, Peter Feb 1, 2000 1320
Antitrust in Brief. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 410
The General Motors-Toyota joint venture: a General Motors perspective. Hogan, Mark Dec 22, 1999 7500
A "new" rule of reason from Justice Brandeis' "concentric circles" and other changes in law. Weller, Charles D. Dec 22, 1999 24729
Joint ventures in the European Union and the U.S. Chavez, John Anthony Dec 22, 1999 15416
Antitrust advantages to joint ventures under the National Cooperative Research and Production Act. Dougherty, Veronica M. Dec 22, 1999 28151
Cable Internet unbundling: local leadership in the deployment high speed access. Maher, Marcus Dec 1, 1999 11917
United we stand: the anti-competitive implications of media ownership of athletic teams in Great Britain. Bush, Jonathan E. Nov 1, 1999 29046
Microsoft and Standard Oil: radical lessons for antitrust reform. Boudreaux, Donald J.; Folsom, Burton W. Sep 22, 1999 7405
Remedying the Microsoft monopoly: monopoly law, the rights of buyers, and the enclosure movement in intellectual property. Carstensen, Peter C. Sep 22, 1999 13615
A Microsoft dialog. Panel Discussion Sep 22, 1999 21492
Critique and follow-up: an electronic discussion. Panel Discussion Sep 22, 1999 3102
Antitrust enforcement in high tech industries. Houck, Stephen D. Sep 22, 1999 3141
Microsoft's internet exploration: predatory or competitive? Hazlett, Thomas W. Sep 22, 1999 12887
Symposium on antitrust and intellectual property: federal antitrust agencies and public policy toward antitrust and intellectual property. Khan, B. Zorina Sep 22, 1999 12349
Copyright protection of operating software, copyright misuse, and antitrust. Karjala, Dennis S. Sep 22, 1999 17949
Unilateral refusals to sell or license intellectual property and the antitrust duty to deal. Lao, Marina Sep 22, 1999 14966
The bank merger movement: efficiency, stability and competitive policy concerns. Hanweck, Gerald A.; Shull, Bernard Jun 22, 1999 10758
The local and statewide marketshare advantages of interstate banking firms. Rose, Peter S. Jun 22, 1999 8694
Is the cluster still valid in defining banking markets? Evidence from a new data source. Cyrnak, Anthony W.; Hannan, Timothy H. Jun 22, 1999 5927
What do interest rate data say about the geography of retail banking markets? Heitfield, Erik A. Jun 22, 1999 5020
Modeling entry and barriers to entry: a test of alternative specifications. Burton, Mark L.; Kaserman, David L.; Mayo, John L. Jun 22, 1999 10520
Competition policy in the postconsolidation defense industry. Kovacic, William E. Jun 22, 1999 21904
Airline price wars: competition or predation. Blair, Roger D.; Harrison, Jeffrey L. Jun 22, 1999 10198
Essential facilities. Lipsky, Abbott B., Jr.; Sidak, J. Gregory May 1, 1999 30069
The Bell Doctrine: applications in telecommunications, electricity, and other network industries. Joskow, Paul L.; Noll, Roger G. May 1, 1999 30691
Competitive analysis in banking: appraisal of the methodologies. Cetorelli, Nicola Mar 22, 1999 9020
Monopoly bundling in cyberspace: how many products does Microsoft sell? Meese, Alan J. Mar 22, 1999 19382
Managed care and the questionable relevance of Maricopa. Herndon, Jill Boylston; Lopatka, John E. Mar 22, 1999 21427
Intellectual property and the essential facilities doctrine. Cotter, Thomas F. Mar 22, 1999 14839
The Return of Big Oil. Jan 1, 1999 1056
Antitrust and technological innovation. Hart, David M. Dec 22, 1998 4383
Increasing consolidation in healthcare markets: what are the antitrust policy implications? Haas-Wilson, Deborah; Gaynor, Martin Dec 1, 1998 6436
Antitrust enforcement in the healthcare industry: the expanding scope of state activity. Hellinger, Fred J. Dec 1, 1998 5981
"New" issues in competition policy raised by information technology industries. Sheremata, Willow A. Sep 22, 1998 11159
Antitrust and high-tech industries: the new challenge. Balto, David A.; Pitofsky, Robert Sep 22, 1998 8114
The effects of antitrust and intellectual property law on compatibility and innovation. Farrell, Joseph; Katz, Michael L. Sep 22, 1998 14236
Could Java change everything? The competitive propriety of a proprietary standard. Lemley, Mark A.; McGowan, David Sep 22, 1998 21503
Mystery or magic? the intriguing interface of antitrust law and today's information technologies. Curran, William J., III Sep 22, 1998 6772
The meaning of monopoly: antitrust analysis in high-technology industries. Teece, David J.; Coleman, Mary Sep 22, 1998 17212
Antitrust enforcement in dynamic network industries. Rubinfeld, Daniel L. Sep 22, 1998 8265
A marketing perspective on predatory pricing. Gundlach, Gregory T.; Guiltinan, Joseph P. Sep 22, 1998 10482
Bank merger policy and the new CRA data. Cyrnak, Anthony W. Sep 1, 1998 9790
Innovation markets and automatic transmissions: a shift in the wrong direction? Eiszner, James R. Jun 22, 1998 18566
Competition policy in Switzerland. Neven, Damien; Ungern-Sternberg, Thomas von Jun 22, 1998 16802
Competitor collaboration guidelines - a recommendation. Gellhorn, Ernest; Miller, W. Todd Dec 22, 1997 6821
Antitrust economics as science after Daubert. Weller, Charles D. Dec 22, 1997 19940
Market definition and the analysis of antitrust in banking. Kwast, Myron L.; Starr-McCluer, Martha; Wolken, John D. Dec 22, 1997 5878
Faux predation in markets with imperfect information on product quality. Thomas, Christopher R. Oct 1, 1997 5698
Multiemployer bargaining, antitrust law, and team sports: the contingent choice of a broad exemption. Harper, Michael C. Jul 1, 1997 27959
Technology and coordination: antitrust implications of remote sensing satellites. Brennan, Timothy J.; Macauley, Molly K. Jun 22, 1997 8324
The price effects of bidding consipiracies: evidence from real estate auction 'knockouts.' Kwoka, John E. Jr. Jun 22, 1997 4247
Should "vaporware" be an antitrust concern? Levy, Stephan M. Mar 22, 1997 3522
Comment. Orrison, Alannah Mar 22, 1997 1361
Antitrust decision making and the Supreme Court: perspectives from the Thurgood Marshall papers. Kovacic, William E. Mar 22, 1997 7450
Comment. Gwin, Carl R. Mar 22, 1997 1587
Importing the Merger Guidelines market test in section 2 cases: potential benefits and limitations. Glick, Mark A.; Cameron, Duncan J.; Mangum, David G. Mar 22, 1997 9867
Italian TV reform: antitrust to the rescue. Feb 1, 1997 656
Forming physician network joint ventures. Anderson, Kimberly R. Feb 1, 1997 1472
Avoiding antitrust problems: understanding antitrust laws can be your best protection. Herold, Arthur L. Jan 1, 1997 1288
The Areeda-Turner treatise in antitrust analysis. Hovenkamp, Herbert Dec 22, 1996 9109
Does predatory pricing exist? Economic theory and the courts after Brooke Group. Zerbe, Richard O., Jr.; Mumford, Michael T. Dec 22, 1996 10539
Congress and antitrust exemptions: is statutory antitrust relief necessary for health care reform? Harris, Barry C.; Fenton, Kathryn M. Sep 22, 1996 6310
Epilogue: the issues that divide us. Blumenthal, William Sep 22, 1996 2269
Shared ATM networks - the antitrust dimension. Baker, Donald I. Jun 22, 1996 9030
The relevant product market for bank acquisitions. Greenspan, Michael A.; Colclough, Jacqueline T. Jun 22, 1996 4060
The changing nature of antitrust enforcement in banking's new era. Smith, Brian W.; Ryan, Mark W. Jun 22, 1996 2456
Cheaters, not criminals: antitrust invalidation of statutes outlawing sports agent recruitment of student athletes. Bascuas, Ricardo J. Apr 1, 1996 18601
Antitrust under the watchful eye of a conservative Congress. Owen, Deborah K. Mar 22, 1996 3665
Antitrust policy and the Republican Congress: vertical integration and vertical restraints. Marvel, Howard P. Mar 22, 1996 9094
Concerns raised by recent software-related antitrust cases. Levinson, Robert J. Mar 22, 1996 5923
Hospital mergers and antitrust policy: arguments against a modification of current antitrust law. Magleby, James E. Mar 22, 1996 22630
Commercial bribery and the antitrust laws. Travers, Arthur H. Dec 22, 1995 17484
Overlap and antitrust: fixing prices in a smoke-filled classroom. Shepherd, George B. Dec 22, 1995 8052
Could and would understood: critical elasticities and the merger guidelines. Baumann, Michael G.; Godek, Paul E. Dec 22, 1995 3078
Legislating competition in the Russian Federation: a new challenge for antitrust policy. Devlin, Rose Anne; Perrakis, Stylianos Dec 22, 1995 9065
Framing competition law within an emerging economy: the case of Brazil. Stevens, Dallal Dec 22, 1995 14081
Shared ATM networks - the antitrust dimension. Baker, Donald I. Nov 1, 1995 9280
Tying, banking, and antitrust: it's time for a change. White, Lawrence J Oct 1, 1995 5719
Is the theory behind U.S. v. AT & T applicable today? Brennan, Timothy J. Sep 22, 1995 9431
Accounting for regulation in determining the application of antitrust rules to firms subject to public utility oversight. Kovacic, William E. Sep 22, 1995 5455
Prices, costs, externalities and entrepreneurial capital: lessons from Wisconsin. Gabel, David; Rosenbaum, David I. Sep 22, 1995 9667
Monopolization, social welfare and Overlap. Esposito, Frances Ferguson; Esposito, Louis Jun 22, 1995 6759
Stephen Breyer and modern antitrust: a snug fit. Lopatka, John E. Mar 22, 1995 35301
Antitrust and liberalism. Correia, Edward O. Mar 22, 1995 26060
Justice Breyer and the fault lines of antitrust. Ross, Stephen F. Mar 22, 1995 12496
The ghost of Albrecht: Caribe BMW, Inc. v. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft. Blair, Roger D. Mar 22, 1995 7101
Behavioral remedies in a post-Chicago world: it's time to revise the vertical merger guidelines. Willcox, Thomas C. Mar 22, 1995 9423
Antitrust limits on acquisitions of physician practices - new threshold suggested. Vanderbilt, Tanya Mar 1, 1995 541
Avoiding antitrust liability. Webster, George D. Jan 1, 1995 1398
The relevant market for less-than-truckload freight: deregulation's consequences. Elzinga, Kenneth G. Dec 22, 1994 5606
Keynote Address by Anne K. Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division: antitrust and innovation in a high technology society. Transcript Dec 22, 1994 3510
Remarks of Professor Robert Pitofsky: the future of antitrust. Transcript Dec 22, 1994 2755
Beyond the pale of the Sherman and Clayton Acts: the Federal Trade Commission's "invitation to collude" doctrine as a deterrent to violations of the antitrust laws. Willcox, Thomas C. Sep 22, 1994 9959
Antitrust's "state action" doctrine and the policy of the commerce clause. Spinella, Frank P., Jr. Sep 22, 1994 12309
An analysis of telephone company entry into unregulated markets: the electronic security case. Blackstone, Erwin; Buck, Andrew J.; Hakim, Simon Sep 22, 1994 8135
Privatization and antitrust in Eastern Europe: the importance of entry. Feinberg, Robert M.; Meurs, Mieke Sep 22, 1994 4642
Legal implications of managed care arrangements. Epstein, Daniel M. Sep 1, 1994 2957
No time for deja vu: preserving competition in long-distance service. Roberts, Bert C., Jr. Jun 22, 1994 2758
Anticompetitive practices and the U.K. Competition Act, 1980. Utton, Michael Jun 22, 1994 17791
The resale price maintenance policy dilemma. Fesmire, James M. Apr 1, 1994 2159
Antitrust policy and health care reform. Flynn, John J. Mar 22, 1994 28882
Systems competition and aftermarkets: an economic analysis of Kodak. Shapiro, Carl; Teece, David J. Mar 22, 1994 9144
Revitalizing a structural antitrust policy. Adams, Walter; Brock, James W. Mar 22, 1994 12134
Keiretsu shareholding ties: antitrust issues. Flath, David Jan 1, 1994 4653
Costs and benefits of per se rules in antitrust enforcement. Wood, William C. Dec 22, 1993 3399
Ireland's Competition Act: the first year. Massey, Patrick Dec 22, 1993 8130
Antitrust policy and mergers: the wealth effect of Supreme Court decisions. McWilliams, Abagail; Turk, Thomas A.; Zardkoohi, Asghar Oct 1, 1993 7272
Common law, statute law, and the theory of legislative choice: an inquiry into the goal of the Sherman Act. Kleit, Andrew N. Oct 1, 1993 9393
Anything goes. Barnett, Stephen R. Oct 1, 1993 3473
Advances of the 1992 horizontal merger guidelines in the analysis of competitive effects. Denis, Paul T. Sep 22, 1993 11806
Market delineation under the Merger Guidelines: a tenth anniversary retrospective. Werden, Gregory J. Sep 22, 1993 13796
Entry under the Merger Guidelines 1982-1992. Coate, Malcolm B.; Langenfeld, James Sep 22, 1993 12034
Thirty-one merger policy questions still lingering after the 1992 Guidelines. Blumenthal, William Sep 22, 1993 15244
Making sense of mergers. Scheffman, David T. Sep 22, 1993 8143
Predatory pricing and the meaning of intent. Comanor, William S.; Frech, H.E. Jun 22, 1993 5030
Competition policy in developing countries pursuing structural adjustment. Gray, Clive S.; Davis, Anthony A. Jun 22, 1993 12651
An antitrust guide to brand acquisition. Axinn, Stephen M.; Goldfein, Shepard Jun 22, 1993 1614
Bigness, junk, and bust-ups: end of the fourth merger wave? Hogan, Stephen D.; Huie, Marsha Cope Dec 22, 1992 27236
An economic evaluation of federal antitrust activity in the manufacturing industries: 1980-1985. Preston, Warren P.; Connor, John M. Dec 22, 1992 7384
Economics, the guidelines and the evolution of merger policy. Coate, Malcolm B. Dec 22, 1992 8956
Megamergers in banking and the use of cost efficiency as an antitrust defense. Berger, Allen N.; Humphrey, David B. Sep 22, 1992 16423
Searching for an antitrust beacon in the bank merger fog. Baker, Donald I. Sep 22, 1992 5676
The 1992 agency Horizontal Merger Guidelines and the Department of Justice's approach to bank merger analysis. Guerin-Calvert, Margaret E.; Ordover, Janusz A. Sep 22, 1992 6761
Consolidation of the banking industry and the merger guidelines. Rhoades, Stephen A. Sep 22, 1992 4142
Small business clustering of financial services and the definition of banking markets for antitrust analysis. Elliehausen, Gregory E.; Wolken, John D. Sep 22, 1992 7991
Private interest support for efficiency enhancing antitrust policies. Buchanan, James M.; Lee, Dwight R. Apr 1, 1992 3158
The inner workings of NACM industry credit groups. Parsons, William J. Mar 1, 1992 1443
A new age for insurance regulation. Scales, Claude M., III Jan 1, 1992 2400
Proposals for a new Canadian competition law on conspiracy. Ross, Thomas W. Dec 22, 1991 10280
Canada's new merger enforcement guidelines: a "nuts and bolts" review. Crampton, Paul S. Dec 22, 1991 30712
Per se rules in the antitrust analysis of horizontal restraint. Baker, Jonathan B. Dec 22, 1991 3812
Confronting the brave new world of antitrust federalism. Horn, H. Chester, Jr. Dec 22, 1991 4441
The mission and agenda for state antitrust enforcement. Constantine, Lloyd Transcript Dec 22, 1991 4982
Be careful when it comes to ad rates; attorney advises newspapers on how to avoid antitrust violations. Stein, M.L. Oct 12, 1991 741
Effort to repeal McCarran-Ferguson hailed. Sep 23, 1991 419
Reading their lips: changes in antitrust policy under the Bush administration. Nelson, Philip B. Sep 22, 1991 5549
Excluding competition without monopoly power: the use of tying arrangements to exploit market failure. Slawson, W. David Jun 22, 1991 15364
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