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Interphase announces the availability of seven new ATM adapters; the company unveils the broadest family of ATM adapter products supporting leading PC and workstation platforms.

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 1995--Interphase Corp. (NASDAQ/NMS:INPH) Monday announced that it has added seven new 155 Mbps ATM adapter cards to its extensive ATM product family, bringing the total available ATM offerings to 29 products.

Interphase's most recent ATM products expand connectivity to a wide variety of systems, including Microsoft Windows NT (Intel and PowerPC), Novell NetWare, Silicon Graphics Indy and Indigo, and HP 9000 series 700 platforms. With the addition of these latest products, Interphase unveils the broadest family of ATM adapter cards available in the industry today.

``This latest announcement is another example of Interphase's commitment to supply customers with a wide variety of affordable ATM products with standard-based compatibility,'' said Edward T. Sullivan, ATM technical director at Interphase. ``Interphase supports all of the popular platforms, offering users a wide variety of choices that meet interoperability requirements needed for enterprise deployment of ATM.''

Sullivan explained that ATM customers typically have a variety of platforms to support with different busses, operating systems and switches. ``Interphase is simplifying the ATM networking demands of our customers by providing adapters that support every system and switch in their network,'' Sullivan continued. ``And currently, Interphase is the only company that can make that statement.''

The company introduced four ATM EISA adapter cards designed for Microsoft Windows NT and Novell NetWare servers and clients, HP 9000 series 700 workstations and Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 workstations.

The 4815 EISA ATM adapter cards include:

o 100 Mbps TAXI multimode fiber,

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET UTP Cat 5 copper,

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET multimode fiber, and

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET single mode fiber.

The adapters are full-size, single-slot EISA bus ATM adapters that support HP-UX 10.0, NetWare ODI, IRIX 5.3 and Windows NT 3.5, and complies fully to the EISA bus specification. The adapter includes a hardware SAR and custom bus DMA ASICs, as well as 512K of on-board packet RAM for optimum performance.

A modular media interface is also included for easy field-upgrades to different physical media. Pricing starts at $1,195 and the 4815 adapter cards will be available in March.

The company also introduced three GIO ATM adapter cards designed for Silicon Graphics Indy and Indigo workstations.

The 4915 GIO ATM cards include:

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET UTP Cat 5 copper,

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET multimode fiber, and

o 155 Mbps OC-3 SONET single mode fiber.

The 4915 is a single wide, single-slot GIO bus ATM adapter that supports IRIX 5.3, and is compatible with the most popular and cost- effective SGI workstations. The adapters include a hardware SAR and custom bus DMA ASICs for optimum performance. Pricing for the 4915 adapter cards starts at $1,295 and availability is scheduled for April.

The Interphase ATM product family consists of 29 varieties of ATM adapter cards that support Microsoft Windows (Intel and PowerPC), Apple Power Macintosh, Sun Microsystems SPARC, Hewlett- Packard 9000, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics and Motorola platforms. The company's adapters implement the PMC, SBus, EISA, GIO, HP-PB, VME and PCI system bus standards.

A mix of single and multimode fiber, copper, various buffer sizes, and 100 Mb and 155 Mbps data rates are available options on various cards. Interphase ATM adapters support both ATM Forum LAN Emulation and RFC1577, making these products the only adapters on the market to offer support for both of the standard legacy LAN migration architectures.

In addition, all adapters are managed through Interphase's innovative CellView network management software, which allows customers to easily install, configure and test Interphase ATM adapters. Prices start at $650.

CellView Network Management software provides a graphical user interface on MOTIF, MS-Windows and MacOS and places diagnostic and performance data at the network manager's fingertips. Easy-to-use scripts configure the adapters and provide network managers with a step-by-step installation that takes only minutes.

``Support for the installed base of system platforms is critical to the future acceptance of ATM technology at the desktop,'' said Stephane Albert, product line marketing manager for Bay Networks. ``Users must connect a variety of systems from a number of vendors, all using different bus types and operating systems. By offering such a large variety of choices, Interphase is removing a major barrier to ATM acceptance in the marketplace.''

Albert continued, ``In addition, Interphase's aggressive pricing will help bring ATM to the masses.''

Interphase, based in Dallas, is a leading supplier of desktop and server I/O products for high speed networks. The company has pioneered performance adapter processing in client/server environments for more than 20 years, leading the industry in SCSI, FDDI and ATM technologies.

Interphase sells to OEMs, distributors, systems integrators and value-added resellers through a worldwide sales and service network. -0-

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Date:Mar 6, 1995
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