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Interphase Partners With Leading Vendors to Demonstrate Next-Generation Telecommunication Solutions at Networld+Interop 2000.

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NetWorld Interop 2000


-- Interphase Controllers Provide Versatile Connectivity for

High Availability Telecommunication Servers --

Interphase Corporation (Nasdaq:INPH), an international supplier of enterprise networking technologies, today announced that it is partnering with Force Computers (NYSE:SLR), Motorola Computer Group (NYSE:MOT), and Ziatech Corporation to demonstrate a wide range of next-generation telecommunication solutions at the Networld+Interop 2000 tradeshow in Las Vegas this week.

Several product demonstrations illustrate the power and versatility of the new line of Interphase controllers for use in third-generation wireless communications, high-speed Broadband Internet access and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) applications.

"The Embedded Telecommunications segment offers an extremely high growth market opportunity and is a key initiative for Interphase," said Roger Woolley, Interphase Senior Director of Global Marketing. "Our demonstrations at Networld+Interop show how equipment providers and integrators can cost-effectively build reliable telecommunication systems to deliver enhanced services such as cellular telephony, wireless Internet access, broadband Internet access and call number portability."

Featured in the demonstrations are the communication controllers that Interphase announced last month in support of its initiative to penetrate this rapidly growing next-generation broadband telecommunications server market. The new products include:

-- 4535 Multiprotocol T1/E1 PMC Communications Controller - a

high-performance mezzanine controller equipped with 2

high-speed T1/E1 links for ATM, Frame Relay and SS7 protocol

communications in support of wireless and Internet access


-- 4534 Quad-port Serial PMC Communications Controller - a

high-performance mezzanine controller that provides 4

high-speed serial I/O lines for X.25, Frame Relay and SS7

protocol communications in support of Advanced Intelligent

Network (AIN) and leased-line connectivity applications.

-- 4531 ATM over T3/E3 PMC Communications Controller - a

high-performance mezzanine controller supporting

high-bandwidth ATM communications over T3/E3 communications

links in for Internet access applications.

High Speed ATM for Internet Access

Frustrated with slow Web content delivery and lengthy file downloads, many users are seeking faster broadband access to the Internet. Rapidly growing alternatives include cable-modem service through the same wire that delivers cable TV programming or high-speed DSL access through regular telephone lines. Both require ATM as the interconnecting service.

Teamed with Ziatech at Networld+Interop, Interphase is demonstrating its 4575 ATM Over OC-3 Communications Controller in an Internet access application utilizing the Ziatech ZT5083 High Availability CompactPCI(R) system. The display illustrates how developers and service providers can utilize this product combination for several ATM access network applications including Access Concentrators, DSLAMs, ATM gateways, and Element Management Systems.

Building the Next Generation of Wireless

The wireless telecommunications industry is rapidly changing. Subscribers are demanding enhanced wireless services, and it is anticipated that there will be more than a billion wireless Internet users worldwide by 2003. Network operators and service providers are seeking flexible and cost-effective solutions to help them meet these demands.

At Networld+Interop, Interphase has teamed with Motorola Computer Group to demonstrate how the Motorola CPX2000 CompactPCI system and the 4535 Communications Controller enables multiprotocol T1/E1 communications for third-generation mobile Internet networks. With support for multiple protocols, the Motorola/Interphase solution offers developers an excellent architecture on which to develop new wireless applications with fast-time-to-market, especially for Base Station Controllers, Base Transmission Stations, Interworking Functions and Home Location Registers.

Making the Advanced Intelligent Network More Intelligent

Today's familiar telephony features -- such as caller ID, call waiting and 800/888 numbers -- are value-added services made possible by the Advanced Intelligent Network. The usage of these existing services is proliferating and subscribers, placing a tremendous burden on the existing capacity within the Intelligent Network, are rapidly adopting new services such as call number portability.

Interphase is partnering with Force Computers to demonstrate how the Force Centellis CompactPCI telecommunications server populated with Interphase 4535 and 4534 controllers can deliver intelligent I/O for AIN applications requiring T1/E1 and synchronous communications. This powerful combination gives service providers with cost and time-to-market advantages when deploying next-generation telecommunication systems such as Element Management Systems, Intelligent Peripherals and Service Creation Points within the Advanced Intelligent Network.

Interphase is located in Booth No. 933 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About Interphase Corporation

Interphase Corporation (Nasdaq:INPH), a leader in Fibre Channel and next-generation telecommunications technology, designs and delivers high performance connectivity adapters for computer and telecommunication networks. The company's Host Bus Adapter products connect computer and telecommunication servers to storage area networks (SAN), wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) utilizing Fibre Channel, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (or ATM), SS7, Frame Relay and ISDN technologies. Headquartered in Dallas, with offices in Austin, Paris, London, and Bangkok, Interphase 1999 revenues were $73.5 million. Clients include Hewlett Packard, IBM, Compaq/Tandem, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Lockheed Martin, Nokia and Raytheon. Additional information about Interphase and its products is available through the company's web site at

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Date:May 9, 2000
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