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Interpersonal communication; everyday encounters, 7th ed.


Interpersonal communication; everyday encounters, 7th ed.

Wood, Julia T.

Wadsworth Publishing Co.


366 pages



The goals of this book are to help students communicate effectively, living fuller and richer lives. This comprehensive text covers theories, research, practical skills, attention to trends (social diversity, long-distance relationships, and social media), and opportunities to apply text book learning to life. Specifically, active learning is encouraged through conversational tone, student commentaries, exercises, activities, "continuing the conversation", and review questions designed to actively engage students in reflections and discussions. The twelve chapters include a first look at interpersonal communication, communication and personal identity, perception and communication, the world of worlds, the world beyond words, mindful listening, emotions and communication, foundations of personal relationships, managing conflict, friendships, committed romantic relationships, and communication in families. offers interactive learning tools to compliment the text, which can be purchased with the book or bought online.

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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