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Interpersonal Criminology: Revisiting Interpersonal Crimes and Victimization.


Interpersonal Criminology: Revisiting Interpersonal Crimes and Victimization

Edited by K. Jaishankar

CRC Press


270 pages




International contributors highlight current work in criminology and victimology in this collection of peer-reviewed papers from the second international conference of the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV), held in January 2013 in India. Section 1 presents work on interpersonal crimes against women; while there are two chapters on cases in India, this section also contains cases from Australia, Nigeria, and Serbia. Section 2 deals with interpersonal crimes against children and youth, with material on restorative justice, virtue education, and underage commercial sex in Singapore. Section 3 addresses culture conflict and victimization of groups, looking at topics such as policing domestic violence in South Africa and IndiaAEs sex trafficking. Section 4 examines interpersonal cybercrimes, such as Internet scams, teen sexting, and cyber bullying, in Nigeria and Singapore. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Oct 1, 2016
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