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Internet-Campaign for a Universal Language.

La Fungo Aims to Teach 10 Million People Esperanto

EMMEN, The Netherlands, January 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dutch event-agency La Fungo has launched a worldwide campaign on the Internet in order to teach 10 million people Esperanto. According to the initiators this universal language does not deserve to be ignored, as it is the easiest and most practical language that people can communicate with.

The problem is that almost no-one speaks the language, therefore people see no reason to learn it. To change this pattern, La Fungo launched the new website Visitors are asked to fill in an E-card to promise they will learn Esperanto if 10 million other people promise to do the same. The website contains links to free Esperanto courses.

The idea for Monda Civitano (global citizen in Esperanto) came from the original inventor of Esperanto, Dr. Zamenhoff, who recognized the elementary problem stated above.

According to La Fungo the English leading role will decrease when English speaking countries lose their dominant economic and political position to Asia. When using English, native speakers will always have an advantage over people with another mother tongue, who are inclined to see it as an intrusion of their own language.

Esperanto is designed as an alternative universal language besides people's native language. It has simple grammatical rules and almost no exceptions. One can easily form or create new words. Therefore people do not need to acquire a large vocabulary.

"For some Esperanto has a tedious soft-sector image. People connect it with all kinds of idealism. We look at it in a practical sense. It is just a very useful language," R. Veenema of La Fungo says. "It is easier to learn than English or any other language. Plus it is not a native language. Sometimes I wonder why Esperanto isn't a universal language yet. Why do people have to make things so complicated?"

He claims a growing Esperanto-speaking population can become of commercial interest to broadcasting stations and newspapers. Even a Eurovision song contest in Esperanto is a possibility. In his view Esperanto will become a success when it becomes more commercially attractive. To promote this campaign Monda Civitano will sell bracelets.

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Date:Jan 31, 2008
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